Devs: "Needs Help with Brigands" quest badly needs rework

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Then you have to also drop off items so you don't get herding issues .. in other words a complete MESS ! In reality , you would assign this mission to a sub-commander, which you have to do here - assign to companion.
How is it a complete mess to drop off some troops, gear and horse to make a smaller party to clear the quest? If it's such a hassle for you, then don't do the quest. It's much easier for some people to complain about the game in forums than to actually play the game.
The problem is that now we have a quest "Clear bandit hideout" with 2000 gold payoff, "Gang Leader's Associates Captured by Bounty Hunters", which is absolutely same as the first one, and now "Help with brigands" quest, which is now basically yet another "Clear bandit lair" quest, but with LESSER payoff than the first two...

Three absolutely same quests...
The actual payoff, is to not have those quests sitting in one of you town/villages give you penalties on the settlement stats. If you can handle the penalties, then just ignore the quests.
Yet, the entire game is practically counter to you running a small party, from the moment you start the game.
With how garrisons work, there's no 'stationing' troops there since you're eating into the garrison growth/cap itself doing so (no separate group).
There's no 'middle' size enemies, it's your looters right to your 80+ AI enemies to your 500+ armies. It's missing that 'deserters' we had in WB, no group of 50+ taiga bandits, good luck chasing those Khuzait ones, and sea raiders/desert bandits also are only in specific 'spawn' areas; there's a huge swath of the map where there's none.
The only middle pack are caravans, but it's like attacking civilians.
It would be nice to see larger groups of bandits, beside just looters. But, they don't act like soldiers, they just run in and attack even if they are vastly outnumbered. Maybe at a certain number of bandits, they get 'organized' and AI uses soldier mechanics.
Generally I ignore the 'Needs help with brigands' quests and just go find the hideout. Once I've cleared the hideout the quests tend to disappear. In my lands I also usually have my parties rolling around in 'defensive' mode and they tend to mop up any straggler bands of looters or bandits.

Alternatively I assign a companion to go deal with it. I do that with most village quests, because it's a handy way to send off some troops to allow me to recruit more - which I can then 'donate' to various parties, garrisons or other lords if I want to build up my influence. Clearing up bandits is not really a 'Big Boss' job, it's fine when you are starting but later it is really for the minions.
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