Suggestion: Captain battle and Skirmish gamemodes to be best of three instead of first to three points

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Currently in the multiplayer beta, to win a match a team must win three rounds. This means that even matches can be up to five rounds long. This is a problem because individual rounds can be very long, especially in captain mode, leading to matches that last almost an hour. I think this game would be much more enjoyable if the matches were best of three rounds, as in first team to get win two rounds will win the match, and a maximum of three rounds will be played.


I've won come-backs from 0-2 to 3-2, I like how it is now. Though I'm someone who has a lot of free time when I sit down to play


I think best of 3 is too short, you barely have to change to turn things around. I never paid attention to the total time matches take but I guess, in case it's too long, I would prefer too have shorter rounds (by decreasing the time it takes for morale to lower for example) instead.
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