1. ChristopherR

    Scoreboard Suggestion

    Currently, score is based solely on damage. While I don't entirely disagree with this system, I do feel that there are more accurate ways of showing who is performing best, and how to properly rank players based on their contribution to their team in Skirmish. First we need to understand what...
  2. Need More Info EU Skirmish servers are laggy

    High packet loss kills all the fun
  3. Kripaz

    Resolved Skirmish crash when players joining

    Summary: Game crashes when players are joining to skirmish match. It doesn't crash when the server is full, but it specifically crashes when people start to join. Some say it might be related to some specific unidentified skin, but that's just an estimation. How to Reproduce: Join skirmish...
  4. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Improvements that multiplayer needs

    Hello. 1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter. Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team. The pause can...
  5. Danny5

    Skirmish troops selection when dead

    Just what the title says. When you die and you lost your lives, just a small suggestion on allowing us to pre select our troop when we die for the next round. So in that way, we can take our time in choosing, instead of feeling rushed, as I do. Lol
  6. berryy

    Short knockout tournament after BEAST?

    Hello everyone, After seeing Aeronwen's suggestion of having a short KO tournament after BEAST, I have reach out to limited amount of people about having a short 16 team single elimination tournament. Happily general feedback were positive towards it. This poll only aims to understand the...
  7. Resolved New 2v2 mode

    I don't want to be rude, but are you guys even testing the new patch before releasing it? After all 2 people from each side have joined the game, the game starts and no one else can join it.
  8. Dark 🦁

    [RØ] Restitutor Orbis

    𝓘𝓷𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓶𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼 Restitutor Orbis est une équipe purement compétitive spécialisé dans le mod skirmish. Elle participe aux compétitions skirmish comme BEAST et participe à des matches régulièrements. Les membres doivent obligatoirement parler français. Nous recrutons tout joueur intéressé par la...
  9. Ikea Knight

    EU Skirmish In-progress NEW BEAST#5 Sign up thread

    Beast#4 with all it ups and downs has finally ended! And we can fianlly start the sign up for Beast #5.We have reduced the length and we will add fast progression to our tournament. I am really hoping that our new ideas improve everbodys experience and I am looking forward to see you all return...
  10. Vick Tide

    Bannerlord Skirmish Plays - Vick Tide Volume 3

    Hello, Hope you enjoy! Final Round ( FULL ) of a match I had last week on NA East. Great servers to play on, if you can get a game... Cheers!
  11. Einarcf

    Ideal amount of players in competitive skirmish/battle

    I don't know the future of the game. Whether or not the "single life game mode", aka battle, will come. And in that case, if it will replace skirmish as the favored game mode for competitive. Thus, I placed both battle and skirmish in the title of the thread, just to be sure. Changing the size...
  12. Pacemaker

    The worst balancing issue in skirmish? Shock Infantry.

    So, after observing a training match yesterday (or rather, the debut of GGs), I've come to understand something that should have been apparent to me after the last BEAST final. The most unbalanced aspect between factions right now is, without a shred of a doubt, the shock infantry. And by that...
  13. Argonia

    Ban skirmish troll pls

    Bann the troll Zbyszko Z Bogdańca pls. Yesterday and today he just drop his weapon then run away and hide until end of round. He do it every round in every skirmish match. He already reported many times by different players, but still trolling. Matches with this kind of trolls absolutely...
  14. CeyXiong


    Eskiden böyle bir sorun yoktu (3-4 ay falan önce düzeldi) . Sadece oyuna ilk kez girdiğimde yakınımda herhangi birisi damage yediğinde anlık olarak görünmez olup karakterler geri geliyordu. Şimdi ise bildiğiniz bütün round boyunca görünmez oluyor karakterim. Sadece benim değil takımımdan veyahut...
  15. CeyXiong

    Echerion Yükleme Ekranındaki Debug

    İlk geldiğinde de vardı bu durum halen varmış. Biraz absürt duruyor sanki orada FPS göstergesi falan değil mi :D . Bir sonraki patch'te düzeltilse sorun olmaz diye düşünüyorum zira zor bir şey değil onları oradan kaldırmak.
  16. hoonii

    Need More Info You have been kicked by anti-cheat.

    This happened a lot of times now, especially in Destiny pickups where I am needed to play. Game stutters at the first round, little freezes and ping spikes and then game completely freezes on the same round and I get kicked from the skirmish match for the reason "You have been kicked from the...
  17. hoonii

    You have been kicked by anti-cheat.

    This keeps happening even and even more. Game stutters and freezes non-stop in the first round of skirmish and then completely freezes and the game kicks me. Anyone else having this issue?
  18. European Nations League

    European Nations League

    Skirmish Tournament After the success of the BEAST tournaments We would like to bring a new dimension to Bannerlord's competitiveness. That's why we finally present to you ENL #1. A competition between nations that will take place every year in November for a period of 3 to 5 weeks. This...
  19. Dark 🦁

    EU Skirmish Completed European Nations League

    Skirmish Tournament After the success of the BEAST tournaments We would like to bring a new dimension to Bannerlord's competitiveness. That's why we finally present to you ENL #1. A competition between nations that will take place every year in November for a period of 6 weeks. This...
  20. TheGioManDude

    In Multiplayer Skirmish Unit Selection Screen, Player Names Should Appear On top of Units

    In skirmish mode, while picking your unit, you can see the different units that are seleced in your team. You can see how many archers, cavalry and infantry your team will have. I think it should also feature the names of players who picked that specific unit. In Warband, I used to be able to...
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