skirmish mode

  1. New perk "Arrows Hater"

    Concept example, add armor : -> 20% reduction in damage received by a piercing projectile (does not affect javelins or throwing spears) -> The projectile has a 10% chance of ricochet (this destroy has the impact without causing any damage to the character) Skirmish only stats balanced but...
  2. Matt The Lord

    NA East Skirmish Community Discord Server

    If you are looking to play semi organized skirmish matches in the NA East Region this is your place. Instead of solo queue-ing for matches, you can join this server and play semi organized 6 v 6 Skirmish with voice chat in our discord. We play most nights around 8 or 9, be sure to introduce...
  3. Need More Info EU Skirmish servers are laggy

    High packet loss kills all the fun
  4. ChristopherR

    Multiplayer Sound Glitch (DISTURBING)

    So me and a few got queued up into a skirmish match which is rare in and of itself, but to our surprise we hear this. Siege. We are on East NA Skirmish and we hear catapults being launched, bombs going off, whenever we stab something it sounds like we are poking the target or shooting it with a...
  5. Resolved 3v3 bug

    Sometimes server cannot be fully filled, even if people are queuing.
  6. MelonTrees

    SKIRMISH MODE: Throwing spears should be one use only or moved to heavy inf.

    (Changes for Skirmish Mode Only) I understand what Tale Worlds was going for with the skirmishing classes but at this point it is just throwing weapon abuse. Everyone agrees that the game would be more enjoyable with better inf fights. Throwing spears kill the potential for any inf fight...
  7. Matt The Lord

    Resolved Game lost even though we killed the entire enemy team

    So my team lost the round even though we killed the entire enemy team. This was because we had less moral at end of timer, but we had the flag. Is this intentional? I am talking about skirmish btw.
  8. Captain Mode Neglect / Patches That Apply To All Game Modes, Major Issue

    Captain and Skirmish play very very differently, which is why making a patch primarily for skirmish balancing breaks captain mode, and why patches just for captain mode balancing breaks skirmish. I have seen this go both ways since launch. The recent hard nerf to throwables and archers really...
  9. Beeflip

    Skirmish Mode Compilation Video

    Hello fellow masochists, Sad Jak made a video with some of my clips from mostly skirmish mode, check it out. (Best NA is still sidepleb)
  10. ScipioTheGreat

    In Progress Xuana not present in Skirmish Map Pool

    Ever since the Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 09/06/20), the Xuana map no longer appears for Skirmish games on the NA server. I'm under the impression that this isn't intended, since the patch notes only state that barrier issues were resolved with the map, not completely pulling it from MP. If there is...
  11. Matchmaking for Skirmish Mode is a Mess

    The way the teams are balanced in skirmishes is so bad that I haven't had a close game in three weeks, It's either been a 3-0 win or a 3-0 loss. This is driving away newer players from skirmish. How are the teams actually picked at the moment? Seems like a roll of the dice. Wouldn't it make much...
  12. Sir John Murder

    Unit cap for Skirmish and Captain mode

    These game modes really need to have a cap on the amount of the same unit that can be used at the same time. Now about a third of my games end up just being a spam of the same unit, which is not at all fun or fair. So for captain why not have a max of one of each cavalry unit, and a max of two...
  13. [BoM] Bastards of Men [NA]

    [BoM] Bastards of Men [NA]

    ABOUT US Bastards of men is a Multiplayer clan for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Formed from a experienced group of Napoleonic wars players, friends and people who wanted to win games as a cohesive unit. Formed on April 9th 2020. Our members are new and...
  14. AlessandroDiV

    6v6 (Skirmish) against DM

    DETAILS Format: Best of 3 maps Patch: latest - currently 1.1.0 __________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Resolved Cannot find a match in multiplayer in any game mode when in group.

    My 3 friends and I just waited 45 minutes and could not find a match when searching for captain, skirmish, and siege simultaneously. We tried many things (which we didn't expect to work but just did for the heck of it) such as switching up who is hosting, restarting the game, selecting only one...
  16. Resolved Skirmish Load Times are Awful

    Doesn't matter if I'm in a party of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, load times for Skirmish average 5-10 minutes and sometimes more. Please fix the load times. It should be filling next available based on queue. This is the most frustrating aspect of multiplayer skirmish. Thanks, T
  17. ImpossibleD

    Skirmish wait times

    Hi Guys, I have been playing a lot of skirmish recently, it is a good game mode. However, I have also been waiting for what feels like 5 mins for every match. Would you be able to take a look at what is causing the long wait times? I can see other people also searching for skirmishes, so it...
  18. Aescon

    Resolved [Skirmish Mode Poll] Punishment for leaving games

    Making a poll here: Countless times I've had teammates leave after losing 1 or 2 rounds making it nearly impossible for my team to secure a victory. Is there a way to implement a punishment system for leaving games? Or at least give a larger gold cap or even a gold bonus to a team that is...
  19. Cattowin


    İlk başlarda pek olmuyordu ama betaya daha fazla kişi almaya başladıkları zaman nerdeyse her oyun 1 afk olmaya başladı 1 adam eksik başlayınca skirmishte puan captain modede daha fazla adam veriyor ama afk olunca sorun yaşıyoruz oyun bile kaybedilebiliyor çünkü bize birşeyde verilmiyor bunun...
  20. mamluke6645

    Suggestion: Captain battle and Skirmish gamemodes to be best of three instead of first to three points

    Currently in the multiplayer beta, to win a match a team must win three rounds. This means that even matches can be up to five rounds long. This is a problem because individual rounds can be very long, especially in captain mode, leading to matches that last almost an hour. I think this game...
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