1. [AG] Heir of Aenarion

    Sergeants are bugged in Captain

    Sergeants are bugged in Captain Mode. Sometimes they load in with some men holding two shields while some have none; sometimes they load in with none having any weapons. Obviously the latter is worse, please fix TW.
  2. Companion Party Leader: Assign Division and Captain Duty

    When assigning a companion to lead their own party, we have no control over their division (e.g. infantry, archer, cavalry, horse archer). It's particularly game breaking when forming an army. I keep my companions in their own division so I can decide when they join the fray. It's absolutely...
  3. CaNpoG

    Major flaws of MP (mostly in a Captain perspective)

    I really want to like this game. It has potential, as long as TW is willing to actually do something with it. Here are some (quite a lot of) things that honestly need to be worked on in order for this to be enjoyable. The class system: I actually don't mind the class system. It has its merits...
  4. Unicorn Military Academy

    Unicorn Military Academy

    Unicorn Military Academy [UNC] 独角兽军事学院 -about us- Our Swords Are Wielded Only For The Rightful Empress major in captain mode We come from China🇨🇳
  5. Super Jew

    Rambo should always be a part of captain to an extent

    Recently rambo has been a hot topic of discussion. This is due to players who have been playing captain mode for a year or more getting beaten by DM and APE in Captain's League Season 2. In the current state of the game there is options to beating a team that is ramboing but many of the team...
  6. Spyware

    A simple solution to add strategic depth to Captain Mode?

    It is known that people prefer to "add" features to a problem in order to solve it, and rarely do we realize that sometimes taking away stuff is the better option at times. I think I see the same thing with Captain Mode's addition of capture points. Personally, I think it would be better if we...
  7. Super Jew

    Each Faction Should Have Its Own Playstyle

    This is issue is more pertaining to captain though I think this would also be nice for skirmish. At the beginning of early access each faction felt unique. Empire had pilas that were game changers and menavilions that were noticeably better if they were in a open area. Vlandia had crossbows...
  8. Super Jew

    Resolved [Captain] Unit command text replication

    I've noticed a glitch that causes the unit type to be duplicated when giving a command sometimes. I don't know exactly how to replicate the glitch. It is not always the same number of duplicates. This glitch doesn't seem to effect gameplay. Here is an example:
  9. Super Jew

    AI Improvements List for Captain

    As we all know, the AI mechanics needs much improving. So here are my recommendations to the developers: Shield Infantry Level of need: Medium Circle formation sometimes rotates when there are multiple players attacking from multiple angles. The formation should be static. A group based on the...
  10. JarlRobert

    Multiplayer crashes after last update

    Right now captain mode is unplayable, it crashes every game. This is after the last patch on 10/3-2021. And also some sound bug is back causing ear cancer. Devs need to see this.
  11. Lluid

    Is there a way to make captains behave like enemy lords, saying safe ?

    I noticed that enemy lords are pretty good at staying alive : they are on their horse behind the infantry and often "hide" in their infantry line when we try to focus them. This behaviour makes sense. Instead, the heroes we assign to formations to be captains are pretty bad at staying alive. If...
  12. CaNpoG

    Captain: "Unit morale", a solution to make the mode about commanding your squad.

    I added this as a sidenote to a comment in a thread on the issue of rambo cav. This thread right here I've always been a bit bothered by captain mode having this "meta" that forces to play in a really unfun way which really doesn't fit the point of the mode. By "unfun" ways to play, I mean...
  13. Ling*

    INT Captain Completed Captain's League Season 2

    Welcome Warriors of Calradia! After hosting several captain mode tournaments and events over the last year, we are proud to finally announce Season 2 of Captain's League. Most of what we do will be done on our official Discord, but we also have our Taleworlds forum group that we plan on keeping...
  14. Super Jew

    [Captain's League] Discord

    If you would like to join the Captain's League discord where most of what we do is, click here.
  15. buby

    Captain mode feedback - Face direction/Face enemy

    Hello, I don't usually write feedback but this is something that has been bogging me since the last two updates of Bannerlord. Outside of small bugs for the formations that will be surely fixed with time, I noticed what seems a voluntary design change that impacts negatively the amount of...
  16. Super Jew

    Formations in Captain mode in relations to speed

    This is how the formations speeds should be in relation to each other from slowest to quickest: Shield Infantry 7. Square- This formation involves the units being tightly together and turned in different directions. 6. Circle- This formation also involves the units to be turned into...
  17. Sh1mbo

    In Progress Captain battle, units adopting square formation instead of skern

    i found this bug twice, in the island of deriad and in the dessert village(not jawwali) for some reason when i choose my units to adopt the skern formation they choose the square formations, it happened to me the first time with sturgia, after the match i validate my files in steam but later i...
  18. TheWesterlander

    Clans should be banned on Captain Mode

    I'm the voice of the unorganised people in Captain Mode. Imagine two teams. One side is full of strangers and moving around cluelessly and other side is a clan, talking in a voice chat on Discord and fully organised. Which side is supposed to win? OF COURSE THE CLAN. Otherwise how would they...
  19. Squirrel_of_Chaos

    Multiplayer Captain Battle new patch 1.5.5 problem

    I am a great fan of captain battle multiplayer and play only this mod. Since the news patch 1.5.5, I am very dissapointed, my men walk instead of run, sheildwall are now not fun to use, they change control keys to commande your troops.. they change too much thing and the game is now not fun...
  20. Drakulya#4485

    Valahi, dați goană la Curtea Domnescă! (Clan M&B:Bannerlord)

    Valahi, dați goană la Curtea Domnescă unde șade Măria Sa, înscăunatul Vlad Voievod Țăpeș, numet dupe tac-so: Drakulya - adecă Drăculea! Atențiune la toți viteajii carea iaște cu scaun la cap că de-te Vodă de vestire ca la Curtea Sa să vie aceștia carea se simte străluciți la capilară și...
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