1. Zeozzz

    Not looking for battles in Skirmish and Captain

    If you select both modes it says that the approximate waiting time is 1 second, but if you select one of them, it shows 3 hours 14 minutes and 08 seconds. At the same time you can sit for half an hour and still the game does not find it. This bug or no one at all do not play these modes? Tried...
  2. BronzeY

    Resolved 12 Players can't login after Captain Clan Match crash

    Summary: 12 players now all can’t login after Captain mode crash. Last night (~9:40 AEST) we queued up a ‘clan match’ on East Asia (OC captain servers when? :wink: and the game bugged out when the game started. We all quit out & now all 12 of us can’t login to multiplayer. How to Reproduce: play...
  3. NIN3

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Hey everyone! We have been hard at work to bring you some cool new content and balance changes with the upcoming patch 1.7.2.! All this is coming with 3 scenes for battle, one new scene for captain and 3 more for skirmish. Additionally there have been hundreds of adjustments to weapon and class...
  4. Sat_DeliAslan

    Daily / Weekly / Monthly Tasks

    Hey, Now we have a loot system and customization units, first of all thanks. I suggest a task sequence that allows you to use this loot system more actively, to gain more loot for new people more easily, to spend 2 hours after work and to earn more loot while having a good time with friends etc...
  5. Are archery captain perks bugged?

    So I've hired a high archery companion with a couple of archery captain perks. I set her as a captain of my archer squad but her perks don't seem to show up, only the infantry ones do. here is a picture of the bonuses in battle tactics screen and the picture of her actual perks below. Is this...
  6. Zarthas

    Intra-Unit Missile Wounding Should Not Take Place

    The game's AI is not designed to avoid hitting allies at all costs. The vast majority of the time it is just not a consideration, as it is not possible for friendlies to shoot each other in Single Player. AI Troops within the same unit should not be able to shoot each other at least at very...
  7. nereid

    Resolved [1.7.1] Cannot remove myself as Captain

    Before the fight in an army and during the new unit positioning phase you can click on the rectangle to join a unit group as a captain but it seems that you cannot remove yourself from the position anymore. Clicking on the square now filled with your picture does not do anything.
  8. Zarthas

    Axe-Throwing AI Oddness

    The AI has some strange behaviors when trying to use Throwing Axes. The way Throwing Axes work after the recent rework, they are sort of a shotgun weapon. They are a snap-throw weapon, because there is no reason to steady your aim as the accuracy cone never tightens. They also have a strange...
  9. Andreypride

    Do the simulations take into account captain's bonuses?

    Do the simulations take into account captain's bonuses? There are a few questions. 1.Do the captain's bonuses work in the simulation when fighting AI vs AI? 2. If the bonuses work, what formation will the AI choose in the simulation? The first one, or does it depend on the gear? 3. If the...
  10. Resolved Multiplayer Captain Is Broken.

    ATTENTION MY FELLOW CAPTAINS OF BANNERLORD I'm sure many of you may recognize me from in game, so please bump or at least read this post. I made an account here just for this. The state of multiplayer at the moment is ridiculous. There have been multiple threads going over how queue times are...
  11. Lornloth00

    Access Battle Order Screen at anytime for Set Up

    Since we can't set unit divisions in the party screen till some sort of solution is found, how about letting the player go into a battle scene in the middle of map to change battle orders and captains? Maybe its just a set of hot key(s) or a button that activates this but this would be another...
  12. Henricóptero

    Resolved Captain thumbnails not appearing on the Order of Screen Battle

    Summary: The faces of the captains are not appearing on the OoB screen How to Reproduce: Assign captains to formations Scene Name (if related): I only noticed this on a siege defence on Veron Castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: GTX 980 ti GPU Driver Version...
  13. Alradon

    Captain perks for the player character in 1.7.0

    Since the new beta update 1.7.0, you can manually assign your companions as captains of formations. Now you can also assign yourself as a captain of a formation in your own party. To my knowledge, captain perks only worked for companions assigned as formation captains and the player character if...
  14. [AG] Heir of Aenarion

    Sergeants are bugged in Captain

    Sergeants are bugged in Captain Mode. Sometimes they load in with some men holding two shields while some have none; sometimes they load in with none having any weapons. Obviously the latter is worse, please fix TW.
  15. Companion Party Leader: Assign Division and Captain Duty

    When assigning a companion to lead their own party, we have no control over their division (e.g. infantry, archer, cavalry, horse archer). It's particularly game breaking when forming an army. I keep my companions in their own division so I can decide when they join the fray. It's absolutely...
  16. CaNpoG

    Major flaws of MP (mostly in a Captain perspective)

    I really want to like this game. It has potential, as long as TW is willing to actually do something with it. Here are some (quite a lot of) things that honestly need to be worked on in order for this to be enjoyable. The class system: I actually don't mind the class system. It has its merits...
  17. Unicorn Military Academy

    Unicorn Military Academy

    Unicorn Military Academy [UNC] 独角兽军事学院 -about us- Our Swords Are Wielded Only For The Rightful Empress major in captain mode We come from China??
  18. Super Jew

    Rambo should always be a part of captain to an extent

    Recently rambo has been a hot topic of discussion. This is due to players who have been playing captain mode for a year or more getting beaten by DM and APE in Captain's League Season 2. In the current state of the game there is options to beating a team that is ramboing but many of the team...
  19. Spyware

    A simple solution to add strategic depth to Captain Mode?

    It is known that people prefer to "add" features to a problem in order to solve it, and rarely do we realize that sometimes taking away stuff is the better option at times. I think I see the same thing with Captain Mode's addition of capture points. Personally, I think it would be better if we...
  20. Super Jew

    Each Faction Should Have Its Own Playstyle

    This is issue is more pertaining to captain though I think this would also be nice for skirmish. At the beginning of early access each faction felt unique. Empire had pilas that were game changers and menavilions that were noticeably better if they were in a open area. Vlandia had crossbows...
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