1. In Progress Beta 1.4.1 new version new game breaking bug, Formation Glitch in battles

    This is my first thread so I'll be including all my bug findings up to this date. Frankly I wasn't going to bother and register an account and post some bugs that others probably have done so 100 times already but this recent problem has really gotten on my nerves and the game is officially...
  2. Unsolved Perks won't save in Beta 1.4

    Perks upgrades/changes won't save in Beta 1.4 on player or companions. I make changes and then come back to the menu only to have to make changes again.
  3. boran1108

    1.4.0 direk çökme hatası.

    1.4.0 betasını yükledikten sonra sefere tıklıyorum direk çöküyor oyun sebebini bilen var mı arkadaşlar? Şimdiden teşekkürler.
  4. Solved [1.4.0 beta] CTD on attempt to load game or start new campaign

    Game crashes immediately on trying either one. Single player not playable at all. Specs: 1080, i9 9900, 32gb, NVMe SSD. You guys are probably aware, but just in case.
  5. 1.3 beta bug: newly turned ally keeps confronting me for fight

    After turning a chasing enemy using Charm, he continues to chase me, talking as if he would fight me, but also calling "my liege", essentially stopping all progress. I just want to continue my game. Is there a temporary fix I can apply on the dev console?
  6. Unsolved Crash during map navigation

    Hey guys, I've put the game on today after playing last night and now it crashes after around 10 seconds of map travel time. If I can get in to a battle it works fine. Has anyone been experiencing this? I have tried running the game in safe mode and tried loading alternative saves...
  7. Unsolved Save failed

    "Save failed - Save file cannot create" bug. Happens: Random, persists when happening. happens on every type of save file (save as, save, quick save, auto save) occurred over 3 different new starts !, have reinstalled game, even re-installed windows so windows is fresh and not the issue...
  8. Not sure of where to report this bug

    Playing on the current Beta version (e1.2.0) When sending followers out to do missions they do not return. Happened in 2 different games now, this current game has resulted in 2 followers being showing as holding after completing the mission. It tells me where they are but you cannot physically...
  9. Solved Crash after moving on campaign map I can't insert the link so I post it directly. My game worked perfectly, but I walked on the campaign map and it crashed without doing anything. I controlled the data on steam but everything is alright. I'm playing on the newest beta version. Can anybody help me or got...
  10. RahroUth

    Unsolved [SOLVED]crash after pressing play after the latest 1.2.0 hotfix

    Beta 1.2.0 was working fine but after the hotfix i can no longer start the game. After I press play i only get a white screen. Disabling my mods didnt help. GTX 1650, i5 9300H, 8gb RAM Windows 10 Pro(i think) 64bit Edit: Validating the files on steam fixed the issue. For some reason 1.62 GB...
  11. Possible autoresolve bug in 1.2.0

    Autoresolving fights with looters now results in dead troops, not just wounded ones. This is a fine change, especially since the chance of dead troops to looters seems to be significantly reduced by high tactics and medicine skills (have not tested which skill matters more). I have however...
  12. [Beta e1.2.0] Auto-Resolve needs a hotfix ASAP!

    Auto-resolving a battle with looters results in abnormal losses. Example, 13 looters KILLED 10 T1, 3 T2, and one T4 unit. [My band was 50 strong]. Since this game has no decent way of leveling up troops [like barracks/training] other than farming looters/bandits, can TaleWorlds please hotfix...
  13. Kimborn

    Unsolved [Beta 1.2] Autoresolve Issue Looters now kill troops

    Autoresolve with Looters now kills your men even high tier units. if this aint a bug it's not listed in the Change log. and doesnt incentivize people to autoresolve.and thus Tactics aint usefull anymore.
  14. Jarl Malcolm

    🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    Oi folks, Updated 15/05/2020 for e1.3.0 + Beta 1.4.1 Hotfixed I wanted to make this thread to try to funnel the feedback over the Alpha - Beta - Main Branch. I propose trying the make a list of the most striking features introduced to the game by the Alpha - Beta process and keep updated which...
  15. Cri11e

    When will Perks function?

    I was wondering when perks will be fixed, are they working as intended in the current beta branch?
  16. Beta-branch naming

    Hi, I really appreciate the hard work and constant effort put forth by the developers who have been very fast in releasing new versions. But I am having a hard time understanding the different naming schemes for the branches. In the e1.1.0 Release Notes it was mentioned that there will be the...
  17. TheHangover

    3 Gündür Güncelleme Gelmedi

    3 gündür güncelleme ya da bir ses gelmedi. Sanırım heyecanlandıracak bir şeyler geliyor. Ama dürüst olmak gerekirse küçük bir patch gelirse bir tık üzülürüm 3 gün az bir süre değil.Zaten oyunun eksikleri kendisinden büyük oyunun %50si var önümüzde oynatıyor mu oynatıyor ama hiç içerik yok...
  18. Implement the beta in a way that would make it playable using GeForce Now.

    I think the title describes the suggestion pretty clearly. The new beta update is quite a massive overhaul of the game and as a player using a crappy laptop and GeForce Now, I would greatly appreciate if we would be able to test future beta releases as they come out, rather then only when they...
  19. Luminouscales

    Need More Info Game crashes upon accepting Army of Poachers quest

    Summary: Closing the dialogue of accepting an Army of Poachers quest causes the game to crash. The same quest for a different village was already in progress. How to Reproduce: Simply accept the quest whilst already having one in progress. Myself, I was able to reproduce it reliably three times...
  20. Unsolved To Taleworlds: A request for an official console

    Dear Taleworld dev team, As a freelance gamedev, experienced beta/alpha tester and Mount and Blade enthusiast I would first like to give you an example: Taleworlds releases a patch to something that happens late-game, like "City owner's troop recruitment decreased by 20%". It is my...