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  1. marcusuno

    Resolved Khuzait Rabble unit perk "conscript" in Captain mode is bugged

    Summary: If you are Khuzait and pick the Rabble unit in Captain mode with the perk called "conscript" instead of 5% damage reduction it will give you 50% damage reduction. You need literally 1 minute to fix this, here let me help you: <Effect type="DamageTaken" value="-0.5" /> should be...
  2. Bullero


    It's really funny how matchmaking is still useless even after "Full release" It's just constant draw in captain mode if commands are not full after warmup. Why TW trying to kill matchmaking of captain mode, it was alive and really fun untill ability with friends in one team was disabled, and...
  3. Isaac Komnenos

    Transparency on fixing the issues

    I haven't gotten a captain match in over a week on the EU servers this is getting silly now, any chance of some transparency from the dev team in regards to the plethora of issues this game is mired by? any kind of roadmap that we can get or a roadmap for the roadmap?
  4. UsainVanRudisha

    Oceania Servers

    This post is on behalf of the OCE community, and other neglected communities. The purpose of this post is to receive a definitive answer from the devs as to why the OCE region (among others) continues to be neglected; we have no captain mode, no skirmish, and no battle mode. We have no...
  5. Sat_DeliAslan

    Captain Mode - Suggest For Rambo

    As you know, captain tournaments did not continue due to the rambo style experienced in Captain Tournament 3, and many captain clans and players switched to skirmish. However, since the mission of captain mode is to manage units in line with this, a solution must come. After discussions on this...
  6. Sat_DeliAslan

    Daily / Weekly / Monthly Tasks

    Hey, Now we have a loot system and customization units, first of all thanks. I suggest a task sequence that allows you to use this loot system more actively, to gain more loot for new people more easily, to spend 2 hours after work and to earn more loot while having a good time with friends etc...
  7. ParzivaI

    Problem with the loot?

    Is there a problem with the loot received after winning a match? I won two matches and despite getting 400+/- xp on both I only got 4 and 3 loot from it.
  8. [AG] Heir of Aenarion

    NA Captain Completed NA Captain Draft Tournament #2

    NA Captain Draft Tournament #2 It's been a long time since we last had a captain mode competition of any kind, and longer still since the first draft tournament. I propose that it's time to fix that, with the 2nd NA Captain Draft Tournament. I'll outline the rules and how to register below...
  9. Resolved Multiplayer Captain Is Broken.

    ATTENTION MY FELLOW CAPTAINS OF BANNERLORD I'm sure many of you may recognize me from in game, so please bump or at least read this post. I made an account here just for this. The state of multiplayer at the moment is ridiculous. There have been multiple threads going over how queue times are...
  10. Tiedemannj

    Superior bow is superior

    The archer, archer militia and steppe bow can all choose between a faster bow, a more accurate bow and the superior bow. The problem is that the superior bow is, as the name implies, strictly superior. It's faster than the fast bow and more accurate than the accurate bow. The only thing you give...
  11. The Sign of 33

    In Progress [1.6.4] Pathfinding bug on Captain mode when troops are on "follow me" command

    When on "follow me" command, troops often stop moving for long periods of time.
  12. Resolved Retracted - fixed

    Retracted - fixed
  13. Bannerlord Captain Tournament

    Bannerlord Captain Tournament

    Tournament aimed to keep the community engaged in the captain mode, the objective is to make a shorter but more frequent series of tournaments
  14. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Improvements that multiplayer needs

    Hello. 1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter. Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team. The pause can...
  15. Olaf The Cruel


    There is no doubt, the rambo meta is bad and has to be addressed. But what do you think TW should do to fight this tactic ? Please, cast your vote as objectively as possible. Be faithful to the overall gameplay and balance. TW will probably turn many parameters, but you only have one vote, so we...
  16. Ling*

    Captain Mode needs your help!

    Hello everyone, For those of you who don't know me, I am Ling, co-founder of Captains League and a dedicated member of the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord community. Like many of you, I have spent countless hours enjoying this game over the last year both online and offline and I count myself...
  17. Suggestions for Captain Mode

    Hey guys, longtime fan and vet of the series, absolutely love you all for making my dream games (yes plural due to infinite moddability) come true. I have a small request that I was hoping one of your team could maybe bring up in discussions about the next MP patches in the works. I'm personally...
  18. Congrats TW - you killed your own game

    You completely destroyed captains mode by catering to skirmish - and your skirmish mode is walmart's version of mordhau/chivalry, and at this point everyone is leaving that too. Captains mode was completely unique to you, you can't play it anywhere else. You gave your own creation absolutely no...
  19. Congrats TW - you killed your own game

    You completely ****ed captains mode by catering to skirmish - and your skirmish mode is walmart's version of mordhau/chivalry, and at this point everyone is leaving that too. Captains mode was completely unique to you, you can't play it anywhere else. You gave your own creation absolutely no...
  20. CaNpoG

    Major flaws of MP (mostly in a Captain perspective)

    I really want to like this game. It has potential, as long as TW is willing to actually do something with it. Here are some (quite a lot of) things that honestly need to be worked on in order for this to be enjoyable. The class system: I actually don't mind the class system. It has its merits...
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