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Hey there,

I am currently undertaking a Family Feud quest, running the latest patches and everything of course, and in the quest I am up to the part when I go talk to the wronged party in an attempt to make things right.
I have the murderer in my party already, I go to the village specified, talk to the person requested... and nothing, there is no dialogue option to continue the quest or discuss the issue with him, the only options are "I have a quick question" which goes no where and "i must be leaving" (or words to these effects).
I have previously done a family feud quest without issue on patch 1.0.0 (the first day it came out), but now I have run into this issue. Any ideas on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally I have a couple of feature requests/suggestions for future patches, that I figured I would leave here while im already posting.
1. It'd be super handy if we could click on a caravan or other moving party and click follow. Primarily for the quests where we escort a merchant caravan, as when you are faster than them it gets rather frustrating having to walk to them, then having the game pause, so press space bar, wait for them to get a bit further then catch up then pause, press space etc. or alternatively clicking from side to side of them constantly. Either way it is tiresome. Just being able to say "follow" or "guard" and have my party keep pace with them would be hugely helpful.

2. It would be nice if there was either a icon down the bottom left with the others, or an entry in the esc menu, or at the very least a pop up alerting players that pressing N will open one of, if not the most useful feature to support their play, the encyclopedia.

3. I love the being able to click on peoples portraits at the top to talk to them, saves lots of time. However I am not a fan of then being teleported into the city to stand in front of them and chat, mainly due to the loading screen. Would it be possible to just have a chat window appear? I dont see the need to be transported into the city and have to sit through a loading screen, just to say here are your sheep, gimme my gold!

4. Some of the things are not explained at all, such has clan positions and how they effect things, what the "I'd like to start a caravan" dialogue option actually means, or how you get more companion slots, granted you can discover these things for yourself by going through the more info section of the skills, choosing that option in speech and simply by raising the level of your clan you will spot that the companion slots have gone up. But I feel like these are the kind of things that should have been explained in the tutorial. Currently the tutorial is simply a combat tutorial NOT a game tutorial, and since it is a game with a lot of features it would be good to be given a bit of a run down of those features in the tutorial.

These are my only notes on the game so far, and despite these I am still having a great amount fun.
So thank you :smile:
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