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The last part of a 3-battle historical event chain, the legendary Battle of Solferino will be fought on 11 March at 21:00 CET!

The battles order is as follows:
The battle of Eylau (1807) - 7 January
The battle at Lodi (1796) - 12 February
The legendary battle at Solferino (1859) - 11 March

The battles will be fought on new, shiny custom maps, with custom skins, new scripts and modified weapons. Real life tactics and maneuvers will be recreated during each battle!

The battle at Eylau was fought in a snowstorm, and involved one of the largest cavalry charges in history.


The clash at Lodi involved a suicidal charge over a bridge and was young Napoleon's gateway into Austria.


The battle of Solferino was fought in the crisp Mediterranean sun of Lombardy, involved 250.000 men, and was instrumental in the unification of Italy.


Join us every month on NW_Public_Events server and participate in one of these legendary battles that changed the tide of history!
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Battle of Eylau has just ended with a French loss! The next battle will be at Lodi on February 11 - see you there!


Reminder that the completely public reenactment of Battle of Lodi is next week - 11 February - at 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET on the NW_Public_Events server


Due to the need for additional time to complete preparations, we have decided to move the event forward by one day. We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you will still be able to attend on the new date!

New date for the Lodi Event - 12th February, 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET


Join us on the NW_Public_Events server next Saturday at 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET for a thrilling reenactment of the Battle of Solferino! Fight among legendary units such as the Sardinian Bersaglieri and the French Zouaves, and prove your worth!

In this event, you will receive bolt action rifles instead of muskets. To use bolts, just hold left mouse button after reloading if you do not it will take more time to reload. Keep in mind, these do lower damage and burn through ammo fast, so you will have to conserve your ammo and make it count!
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