1. Skeepr

    Bello Civili - Public Event Weekend

    This weekend we are doing our Events on Bello Civili, this is a mod that turns Classic Warband into the Roman Civil War! The mod can be found here: Both Events will be at 8pm BST on this Saturday and...
  2. Emil

    Battle of Waterloo

    The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in Belgium, part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands at the time. Re-enactment will take place on the server.
  3. Emil

    Achievement Applications

    Name (Your in-game alias): Requested achievement (Name of the requested achievement. Find them here): Vouches (Players on the server, on the Discord or on the Forums whom could confirm your actions): Reason(s) (Shortly describe why you fulfill the requirements): Visual evidence (Provide...
  4. Emil


    Server Achievements RibbonNameRequirementsRecipients Distinguished Service Surgeon's Ribbon Anti-Cavalry Ribbon Wounded's Ribbon Survivor's Ribbon Sapper's Ribbon Orchestral Award Clutch Award Captain's Award Flanking Expert Battlefield...
  5. Emil

    Bannerlord Gamemodes

    These game modes are written with the premise that Bannerlord will feature the same basic dedicated server functions and configs as Warband in terms of unit limits, map change and one life mode, with the addition of modded scripts (beacons, individual banners, overhauls, advanced admin tools...
  6. Emil

    Server Etiquette

    Fair Chat Guidelines Read the role play rules as the admins announce them in the admin chat. Do not spam the chat with similar or unnecessary messages. English only. Keep other languages to a minimum, or via external chat programs. Always try to use proper capitalization, spelling and sentence...
  7. Emil

    JB Gamemodes

    JailArena (JArena) The guards and prisoners spawn facing each other. Both teams stay in their spawn areas. The Warden (acting as a referee) takes his position. He calls one or more fighters from either team to join the arena. They fight. Each team should have an equal number of fighters. After...
  8. Emil

    NARC Gamemodes

    Kingdoms Players have to group up into factions and claim one of the bases on the map. After some time those fractions may declare wars against others or make some diplomatic moves. The goal is to defeat other kingdoms and rule the land. Frontiers You need to settle this wild land. Like in...
  9. Emil

    NRP Gamemodes

    Battle Random nation versus random nation. Infantry follow their officers and cavalry follow their general. It's not allowed to kill surrenders. Line up in front of them and wait for the fire command from an admin or officer. Surrenders must announce it, drop their weapons and keep their hands...
  10. Emil

    Admin Applications

    Name (Your username, or in-game alias): Steam (Eg, Server (Server(s) you're applying to become a part of. NRP, JB or NARC): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Previous...
  11. Emil

    Player/Admin Complaints

    Victim (In-game name of the victim, whether it be you or someone else): Server (On which of our servers did the incident occur? NRP, JB, NARC, Discord): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Suspect (The in-game...
  12. Emil

    Unban Requests

    Name (Your in-game name at the time): GUID (The string of numbers which is automatically sent in the in-game welcome message. Put 0 if you don't receive it): Date (When did you get banned?): Server (Which of our servers did you get banned on? NRP, JB, NARC, Discord): Reason(s) (Explain why you...
  13. Emil

    NW DLC - EU Campaign - Public Event

    Public Event on the Napoleonic Role Play Server in Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars DLC Join VOIP at
  14. Emil

    MP groups should be able to have ∞ players in them if searching for non-competitive matches

    This is a no-brainer since there are no dedicated server files and thus no proper means to host closed or public events. I think a lot of native clans, tournament managers and regiments would agree that's unfortunate, but TW has to come up with a temporary solution instead of just ignoring our...
  15. WaterPolio

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Giveaway

    Hello everyone! I’m the head admin of a server called Napoleonic Role Play, and in celebration of our group moving to Bannerlord we’ve decided to give away a free copy of bannerlord! How to enter the give away? Entering the give away is easy, just go to and then follow the...
  16. Emil

    NRP Event Schedule

    We will be hosting various public and closed events leading up to / after the release of Bannerlord. Current known/expected dates: 21st of February ( 2020-02-21 ) Napoleonic Zombies Event 23rd of February ( 2020-02-23 ) 19th_Jailbreak Event 1st of March ( 2020-03-01 ) NRP Duel Tournament 7th of...
  17. WaterPolio

    Do you want to see NRP move to Bannerlord?

    Our server Napoleonic_Role_Play has always been on the Napoleonic Wars DLC. Although we are very excited for the launch of Bannerlord, and have decided as a group to move our servers to bannerlord. Hopefully one day a NW Mod will be released but until then we plan on bringing Battle RP to...
  18. Emil

    We're coming to Bannerlord

    Our server host (Tim) has told us he'll be kind enough to provide another server aside from the one in the NW DLC. Hopefully, TaleWorlds will allow community servers upon launch, either completely freely, or via a written request to be white-listed, alternatively via proof of concept that our...
  19. Emil

    Campaign Settings

    4645 Battle Phase Terminology Not Live - The game has not started yet, or has ended, (Eg, due to setting up reserved officer slots or an map change.) Live - Everything is done and the following reset or immediate round is considered to carry score and influence the campaign. All charge - May be...

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