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The NWRP Community is proud to present our 9th main-line campaign:

a sequel to Calradia 1815

Using Mount & Blade Warband’s Native lore as a base, we’ve built a rich and immersive setting, appropriate to host some of the best new features of any campaign so far! In Calradia 1817, there will be:

-New Skins

-New Maps

-New Battle Types

-New Strategic Mechanics

All of these are based on feedback from our wide-reaching player survey.


The Rhodok Republic’s conquest of Calradia was swift and brutal. The same leaders who built the continent’s most powerful army ever seen were equally as efficient administrators of their new continent-spanning state. In mere months, the Great Republic of Calradia was a cohesive state uniting all Calradian cultures under one banner, able to tap into the matchless economic potential of Calradia’s industrial northern heartland.

Without interference from abroad, the Great Republic is on track to gain absolute global economic dominance. But the current hegemons will not allow this lightly and have formed a Grand Coalition to enter Calradia and carve its wealth and resources up as ruthlessly as they intend to deal with the Republic’s armies.



-Events take place every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm EST/8pm BST/9pm CEST over an 8 week period

-Events are public! No sign up required, all are welcome. At the start of an event, simply join the NW_Public_Events server!

-Anyone can help to lead a faction - we are accepting leadership applications on the NWRP Discord soon, in the #leadership_signups channel.

-The progress of the campaign can be followed here:
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All are welcome to apply.
Did you know, if you serve a full campaign as Faction Leader, you get a CUSTOM SKIN and CUSTOM SERVER JOINING MESSAGE?
No prior experience required - if you want to lead, give it a go!

We also need faction 2iCs, generals and officers!

The Campaign releases on Friday 2nd June. In the meantime, see the latest devblog!
Some sneak peek of custom skins:

A commissioned officer of the 1st Rhodok Infantry Regiment. No doubt this veteran gentleman has butchered many Sarranids in his time, and soon he will count the Balionese among his dead too

A trooper of the 15th Geroian Dragoons. This regiment is over 300 years old and has innumerable battle honours.
The citizens of Rivacheg fought so viciously for their hometown that the Coalition had to divert ships headed to other towns, to aid their conquest of the city. In the end, it was in vain, but history will not forget their sacrifice.

The northern coast of Calradia has fallen. Praven, Tihr, Sargoth, Wercheg and Rivacheg are all in Coalition hands. The Republic scrambles to deploy its armies, and the first of many battles will surely commence tomorrow.

The Coalition wins the RP event 4-3 after some sorcery by the admins involving emergency team balance!

Calradia 1817 begins in earnest tomorrow on NW_Public_Events at 3pm EST/8pm BST/9pm CET!
This weekend, we'll be trialing a new type of campaign event: Objective-Based Battles!

At the start of a map, an objective is designated by the admin, and both teams have 12 minutes to gain control of the objective. There will be regular respawn waves throughout, and whoever is in control of the objective by the end of the 12 minutes wins the round!
-If it's unclear who controls the objective, then the last team standing after those 12 minutes will win the round

This is an experiment, but we're hoping it'll introduce a new kind of aggressive, close-quarters combat to add variety to the campaign and get players thinking differently about how to win their battles. We may not get the rules and balances right on the first test, so you'll have to bear with us, but once it's right it'll be a lot of fun

Don't forget that we have two events on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ON NW_PUBLIC_EVENTS AT 3PM EST/8PM GMT/9PM CET!
With the liberation of Sargoth, the Republic violently cleaved Coalition gains in two. The continent's northern coast lies ravaged, torn asunder by vicious warfare. Having been bested at every turn, the Coalition seeks to land crippling blows on Calradia's economy, while Consul Greaves' deification in the eyes of his people shall be complete if he can repel this final titanic effort.

This is Calradia 1817's final weekend, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible!
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