INT NW Battle Completed Biweekly Battle RP Events in Napoleonic Wars DLC

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Casual Battle RP Events

Info: 3 maps of Battle/Custom Roleplay

Date: every other Sunday, starting on October 1

Time: 8pm BST / 9pm CEST

Server: Napoleonic_Role_Play

Password: n/a​

Many of you remember Napoleonic_Role_Play as the most popular public server from a few years ago. For the last few years, we had been focusing on our competitive Campaigns, where two or more factions battle it out in regimental-like events.
Now we want to return to the roots and create a more casual experience - for both regiments and public players.

We present you Biweekly Event Series - smaller maps, custom scripts and fun battle scenarios

Events will be held every other week on Sundays at 8pm BST/9pm CEST (1 hour after the start of regiment events), starting on October 1.

Event details: we will be playing on 3 maps consisting of 3 rounds each. 2 maps will be normal battles while the 3rd map will be a custom RP scenario, such as Cav v Cav or Hostage Rescue

Our Discord server -

What do we offer?

Custom scripts:
  • Grenades for Footguards
  • Officer beacon
  • Local and officer chat on O/K
  • Different animations, clothes customization and personal stats in a menu on B
  • Flag respawn

Custom roleplays:
  • Cavalry vs Cavalry
  • Trench
  • Assassination
  • Hostage
  • Naval
    & more
Custom maps
including our famous Waterloo!

Personal medals
awarded on our website

(optional) Would you like to reserve an officer slot for your regiment? Post this template in this thread:
Your regiment name:
Expected attendance:
Requested slot (cav, arty and inf):
Did you read and agree to the rules?:
Plan for this weekend:

📅 Event Date: [1st of October, Sunday] at [8pm BST / 3PM EST]
🌐 Server: [Napoleonic_Role_Play]

Map 1: Ambush (Day) - Battle Mode
Normal battle for the first two rounds, and then it's every soldier for themselves in the Rambo allowed round!

Map 2: Custom Map (20) - Battle + Volley Mode
Engage in some Volley RP, then it's back to regular battle for round two, and round three!

Map 3: Arabian Town (Day) - Cavalry vs. Cavalry in Capture The Flag Mode
It's a cavalry showdown in the classic waterloo map!
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