1. Need More Info Units don't face forward when battle starts

    Summary: Units are not facing forward when the battle starts. Instead, they're face either the right or left. They're actually "looking" that direction so you have this weird looking/facing unit. How to Reproduce: play the game Have you used cheats and if so which: no cheats Scene Name (if...
  2. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [1.1.0 Beta] Not all troops attack enemy when being ordered to do so

    Summary: Sometimes, when you give your troops an order to attack (F1-F3), a few units just stay and do nothing. They react, if you tell them to advance (F1-F4), then you can give an order to attack again, and they start attacking. Check the video attached. How to Reproduce: Try ordering your...
  3. xzangth

    Resolved army leadership in battle

    Summary: my spouse, who is in my party, is somehow leading the entire army in this battle even though she nor I are leading the army. How to Reproduce: have spouse in your party, join an army and wait until army leader takes army into battle Have you used cheats and if so which: no
  4. INT NW Battle Open Public Historical Event Series - Battle of Lodi 11 February

    The second part of a 3-battle historical event chain, the legendary Battle of Lodi will be fought on 11 February at 21:00 CET! The battles order is as follows: The battle of Eylau (1807) - 7 January The battle at Lodi (1796) - 11 February The legendary battle at Solferino (1859) - 11 March The...
  5. Battle commands ps5

    the formation commands on ps5 appear to be quite basic. For example I cannot create a shield wall square formation. It’s either a shield wall or it’s a square. I believe this can be done on pc. Is there a way to do this or do the controls not allow? Thanks
  6. Fix enemies spawning in the player's deployment area

    In most battles now, when the enemy is pushed back into their deployment zone, they start spawning in the player's own original deployment zone, or along either side of the map. This makes no sense and it is rather annoying to have enemy reinforcements randomly pop out behind your army. A simple...
  7. TheHangover

    After enemies fleeing and second battle happens, loot and xp from first battle disappears

    As I said loot and xp is gone from first battle after second battle. So you cant upgrade your troops and get the loot from first battle.Why this isnt fixed yet?
  8. HypnoticChronic1

    Inventory UI Rework/Enhancement

    Allow me to start off by pointing out that I am a console player and this is where this suggestion stems from, as it stand now the UI for the inventory is pretty clunky for console both in terms of usability and function. The cursor is janky at times and the hotkeys are kind of odd in their...
  9. Volv

    Compilation of multiplayer Bannerlord mass events

    Here's 10 minute compilation. Let me know what you guys think :D !
  10. Tsewe

    Casualties Report

    Hello everyone Just here to ask if there is any option to Disable Casualties Report during battles? I think it's so overwhelming in big battles, you can't see a damn thing because of those messages. Or is there any mod for that? To remove them or make them smaller? Haven't found any either...
  11. MrTango

    Ally kill/loss different colour notification please

    Please, I want to know at a glance if its my ally losing troops or me. Otherwise I don't know to reposition if I'm in the thick of it. Say: kill/loss PC green/red Ally cyan/orange (purple/orange?) *Or iirc the colour pallet used in warband was good for ally battle notifs.
  12. SeducingVocals

    NA Other Open Battle Event Tomorrow 11/3/22 9 pm EST (Upped the server to 4 cores for performance)

    Hello we are hosting an event tomorrow on Bannerlord. This will be a battle event. We will play two maps. I also am able to reset the game so everyone can get in and we can go live. As of right now the only way we wont do the event is if the admin panel breaks. As of right now we are good to go...
  13. SuicidalCake

    INT Other Open The Calradic Campaign comes roaring into Bannerlord with the Battle of Pendraic event!

    Lore The Empire has had enough. When the Battanians began posturing against Garios' legions, the emperor wrote it off as feral ravings typical of the barbaric clans. When the Sturgians saw fit to enter an alliance with the aforementioned, a punitive campaign became inevitable, but still...
  14. Custom battle sizes for PS5

    So I’ve been playing the custom battles and it’s so fun, however I feel like the game could do with a ps5 upgrade or update to increase the amount of troops you can have in a battle on screen at once. Cause my ps5 has been running so smoothly with max troops and I just know it could handle way...
  15. Need More Info Freeze/Stutter during battle

    Summary: 1.9 improved battle performance overall for me, more fps and less fps drops/stutters. However battles now freeze for 1-3 seconds totally instead (which didn't happen before), it seems when the AI decides for new tactic. I.e when they decide to route, and then if new reinforcements spawn...
  16. ScooterB

    Need More Info Graphics glitch during battles

    Summary: When starting a battle the screen glitches out. clears up when moving the camera up or back. Seems to happen more often when surrounded by troops. How to Reproduce: Happens in almost every battle now. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots &...
  17. SeducingVocals

    NA Other In-progress Battle Event 10/25 Please 9 pm EST

    Hello we are hosting an event next week in for release of Bannerlord. This will be a battle event. We will play two maps. I also am able to reset the game so everyone can get in and we can go live. As of right now the only way we wont do the event is if the admin panel breaks. As of right now we...
  18. CaptainFracas

    In Progress Here are some 1.9.0 battles and sieges related feedback

    Intro: Lately I’ve been playing a LOT of siege defenses in my campaign (link) in which I’m ruling a kingdom against an Empire controlling the whole Calradia. To me, those bugs/issues should be fixed as soon as possible (for the release if possible) 1 - AI Defenders not defending the gate: When...
  19. [KoH] GRiM ReeFer


    FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER Server name : Tark Server Test Server Opens at 7 pm CET 1 hour warmup First round at 8 pm CET NO PASSWORD WE NEED TO EXPLODE 254 PLAYERS LIMIT !!! How to join us : -Join our clans discord for the hosts mod DL -Download beta 1.9.0 -Follow all orders by In game leader...
  20. horns

    Need More Info Multiplayer Battle Class Costs Do Not Match Money Being Taken

    Summary: The costs being displayed for each unit on battle are the "cost" XML attribute of each MPClassDivision node in mpclassdivisions.xml. On the server if a unit has a "battle_cost" value, that is what will be deducted. If your client thinks you have enough, and the server thinks you need...
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