1. In Progress Creating new party with companion filling a role, removed that role from main party

    How to Reproduce: Had a party member occupying the party scout role. I created a new party with that companion without moving him out of the role in the main party. Result: Original party has had the scout role removed as an option. New party still has the role accessible. Computer Specs: OS...
  2. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [1.5.4 beta]Empty looter party on campaigh map during caravan escort mission

    I was escorting caravan through cities (Makeb - Amprela - Myzea - Amprela - Omor), and after leaving Amprela to head to Omor I scrolled out to see where is destination. I got notification to catch up to caravan and I scrolled back, only to see looter (or bandit) party without model (no leader...
  3. Solved Children show up in the inventory dropdown menu

    Summary: After completing the main quest "Rescue Your Family" your children will show up in the inventory dropdown even if they aren't in your party. How to Reproduce: Complete "Rescue Your Family" and open the dropdown menu for selecting heroes. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  4. Jancnahn

    how to remove a buggy party?

    I have 0/20 Herdsmen without a hero registered in my clan parties for no reason. Disbanding wouldn't work, so I googled console command today. It looks like campaign.destroy_party is the key. But in the current version, when I open up the integrated console window (no mod) and try to execute...
  5. Apocal

    In Progress Companion Party disappears when disbanded, instead of adding to garrison.

    Summary: When disbanding clan parties near to or inside of a town, troops disappear entirely instead of being added to the garrison and siblings/wife teleport to an entirely different city. How to Reproduce: In the submitted savegame, enter Sanala with your army and disband the attached clan...
  6. vth_Musketeer

    Solved Party Member cannot be used as a party leader

    Summary: My character just married Liena. I just took her to my party at Pravend. I tried to create a party with her as leader, but I cannot select her. When I hover over her character in the Party creation section it says "The hero is a fugitive and running from their captors..." Clearly she's...
  7. Making a horse un-"lame"

    When you have a Lame Horse/Warhorse, you can go to the party menu and upgrade a troop, which needs a horse/warhorse. When using the lame horse for that purpose, you can then cancel the upgrade by closing the menu and voilà, you have a regular horse/warhorse instead of the lame one.
  8. Solved Companions take their party roles with them to the death

    If a companion is assigned to a role, in my case quartermaster, and die, that role is forever locked out of the part screen and can never be assigned to someone else.
  9. Stromming

    Solved Bannerlord companion party recruitment bug

    Summary: companion parties only recruting from cities while waiting How to Reproduce: get an army and go to a city or village Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: windows 10 GPU: gtx 1070 CPU: ryzen 7 2700x RAM:3200mhz Motherboard: a-pro b450 Storage Device...
  10. Apocal

    Are there circumstances where nobles (not vassals) will lead parties?

    I'm putting together something and I've noticed that many lords and ladies I'm 100% sure lead parties are being listed as "Noble of X" (the title of non-party leading lords and ladies) instead of "Vassal of X" (used for combat leaders) in the encyclopedia. Is there some situation that leads to...
  11. Apocal

    If you're gonna ding me for my companion parties' raids...

    ...let me tell those ****ers to stop raiding. It used to be like this in 1.4.1: But with the new patch, 1.4.2 / 1.4.3, I've started eating a relations hit for it. OK, fine, I knew it was cheese to drag around three or four clan parties then cut them loose in the enemy heartland, knowing...
  12. Apocal

    Total Troop Type Counter on the Party Screen

    The game already counts the different troop types on the map, why not on the Party screen as well?
  13. Kenzo-0-

    Solved Parties are running away from garrison causes a loop

    Parties that are trying to move between Thorios Castle and the river, will constantly run away from my army at the Thorios Castle and they aren't able to go through, they will run back and forth instead. I've been waiting at Thorios Castle for a while and in between that river and Thorios...
  14. Kenzo-0-

    In Progress Lords are getting frozen/stuck acroos the map when summoned to my army [1.4.2 beta]

    This was happening quite a lot recently but today was the most irretating of all happened. My whole army consisting of fresh parties (with at least 90 members) has literally starved to death (i presume). I was at a siege and summoned nearly whole kingdom who was at east of the map, not only no1...
  15. Party Screen and Commanding

    First I think it would be really helpful to see how many archers, infantry, cav, and ranged cav you have on the party screen itself. Another thing I would love is if there could be sub groups, like infantry 1, infantry 2, infantry 3, etc. This would make it easier to control which troops are...
  16. Apocal

    Solved Spouse cannot govern or lead parties

    Summary: My spouse can not be used as a party leader (listed as "Currently dealing with an issue") nor as a governor (simply does not appear). Spouse was previously the objective of a Lady Needs a Tutor quest. Even after marriage, the spouse's inventory is unable to managed, which maybe related...
  17. Apocal

    Solved Disbanding clan party results in party disappearing and clan member going into HOLDING.

    Summary: When trying to disband a clan party in order to swap out party leaders, doing so near an owned settlement results in the men disappearing (not being added to garrison) and the party leader going into HOLDING status at Ain Baliq, not the owned settlement. Clan member can't be found at...
  18. Holy Shift

    Upgrading Party Leader Companions is Problematic

    We need to go our settlement, disband NPC party, press space, wait a moment, press space, go to settlement, take NPC to party, upgrade the NPC and create party again. All of that just because we cant upgrade NPC unless its in our party. Its for almost no reason and the reason is not worth it.
  19. MightyMidgit

    Field Drills to Train Troops (and level Medicine)

    So many suggestions of alternative methods to train troops involve passive features such as training in cities or improvements to leadership training perks. To put it simply, that is boring. Right now, the only real way to train troops is bandit hunting, and depending on your army setup, you...