1. Party help

    So i have my sons and companions in my party, but they always ride with cavarly. I need help, can i change battle roles or something, i tried looking for mod for that but no succes. I would like to change their roles for something like personal bodyguards. I am clearly blind because i can't find...
  2. Ask

    Do NPC clans have a limit to the amount of parties they can have like the player's clan?

    So you know how the player's clan can have up to like 4-5 total parties roaming around the map depending on the clan tier and that one perk that gives an extra party. Do NPCs have this limit as well, or can they have more parties?
  3. In Progress Party Creation Cost too Expensive

    Summary: Creating a Party cost is too expensive, 4532gold. The same cost is applied irrespective of adding only companion or additional troops. Completely ridiculous. This makes the game unplayable, needs to be fixed. How to Reproduce: Reload save game, create party. Have you used cheats and...
  4. Early game soldier

    Hello there! I find that early game to raise your fighting stats you only have the options to hunt looters, etc. From a Role playing perspective and to add another way to raise our early game combat skills, i suggest: - Add the possibility to join some vassal party as a soldier or even a...
  5. Joe Friday

    Party Limit Keeps Changing/Troops Leaving Party

    I'm sure it's something with my perks or whatever but for the life of me I can't figure out why my max party size limit keeps fluctuating between 456-461. I'll recruit the max to 461 just to be told later I've lost troops due to abandonment. I'll check and my limit will randomly drop back down...
  6. Lornloth00

    Opposing Parties' Orders are Audible

    For immersion it would be good if the player can hear and see the enemy yelling at their troops on the battle field just like in captain mode in multiplayer. It would be very realistic just like in real life.
  7. Remove party size minimum to invite to army for clan members

    Please remove the feature that requires a party to have a minimum strength to join army only for parties that are in your direct clan, it makes no sense, they are in my party, it makes sense if its another clan within your kingdom, but my brother should always be able to be attached to my army...
  8. nereid

    Resolved [1.7.0] New Party Overlay too crowded

    The new party overlay displaying the name of the party, the count, and the speed is a little bit too crowded.
  9. Lornloth00

    Highest Tier Unit speaks to player as leader of a generic hostile party

    I have noticed this from the beginning of EA that whenever I have encountered a party of generic enemies the lowest tier unit is the one speaking to the player instead of the highest tier unit. It seems more proper for the highest tier unit should be the speaker to demonstrate that they are the...
  10. Organized criminal parties, hideouts and leaders

    I'm tired of getting beaten and humilliated at the beginning by random criminals and not being able to get my revenge since there is no way to actually identify them. I believe that medieval times were full of random criminals who just wandered and looted whatever they could find, but I think...
  11. Creating a new party with member's that are not in your party

    So tired of creating a new party for your clan only to have the leader walk at 1.0 speed (from what I assume is caused by food/item weight) on the world map and getting chased down and captured by looters. Can we make it so when you create a new party, that leader get a number of level 1 troops...
  12. Joe Friday

    Brother Attacked Our Village

    Is there a known bug or rare game mechanic where a family member or party member will attack a friendly village? I just got a notification stating my brother was attacking one of our friendly villages. Unfortunately I could not take a screenshot before the message vanished.
  13. Gortar

    Need More Info Crash when clicking on brother party, while he is travelling to join my army

    Summary: I created an army, then i was going in the direction of my brother, then when i could already see him on the map when i clicked on his party - instant crash. How to Reproduce: easy just create an army and do the same as above. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if...
  14. Lornloth00

    Gang leaders, dancers & party morale

    Presently gang leaders and 'dancers' don't do much in the game so maybe they can help the player's party's morale. The player goes to a gang leader's dialogue and there is a service for 'dancers' for the troops. The 'dancing' would be expensive but it will greatly increase morale to the party...
  15. Need More Info Unable to open Party screen

    Summary: The Party option on the UI, and on the HotKey P, will no longer open. Can't upgrade troops except through prisoner or garrison windows, can't talk to party members. How to Reproduce: Unknown, have sent in save. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media...
  16. Toggle parties ability to join AI army/ allow you to call your clan parties from AI armies without disbanding whole thing.

    It feels like every time a war breaks out the AI has either already called a giant peacetime army for no real reason, or they call armies so fast you're left with scraps/nothing. It's not such a big deal when they're calling other clans to their armies, but it's particularly irksome when your...
  17. Haikon

    In Progress Party Size Limit Doesn't Update when Changing Quartermaster

    Summary: Party size doesn't update when you change the quartermaster in the clan menu. This causes the party limit to be over (or under) its actual value until the party menu is opened (through the world map or after battle, etc.) This can be exploited to grind XP for an assigned Quartermaster...
  18. Need More Info [1.5.8] Party size decreased

    Party size decreased from 161 to 131 after hotfix which landed on 4th of March
  19. Clan members won't enter tournaments

    I like that party members can increase their skills in tournaments, however, only companions will enter. The only way clan members will enter is if I leave them in the keep or if they have their own party. They won't join from my party. Is this as intended?
  20. Hideout Test (XP, money, renown, morale) - Solo (1/10) vs Party (10/10)

    Hi all, I've been doing quite a few Hideouts solo (Party 1/10) because I thought that would give me more XP than bringing a 10/10 party and also because I think it's a lot more fun than just clicking F1 > F3 and my party doing all the work for me. I made a test, on the same hideout (loading...
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