1. Lornloth00

    Companions could make comment on current events & news.

    Companions could make comments about geography, their origins, current events, faction news, nobility news, opinions about nobles and notables and news on the party. This would take a huge amount of randomize dialogue for each type of companion so that each companion would appear to be a unique...
  2. Spyware

    Reusing "lost" noble children of extinct clans as companions when they turn 18-30.

    Wouldn't it be kinda cool if they come back as Companions trying to reclaim their birthright? I mean, I have an inkling they're going to re-add the ability to grant fiefs to Companions again, so it'd be cool if we have something like this anyway.
  3. Suggestions On Where Bannerlord Can Improve

    Want to keep this as short as possible. The way Bannerlord looks and the combat needs no improvement in my opinion. Graphics are stunning and gameplay is great, so hats off to TaleWorlds for that. However I do believe there could be more content and immersion in the game to really make the...
  4. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress 1.59 teleporting spouse

    Summary: Attempt to play game. Unable to play game because of awful design. Why is this a problem? Why is it not fixed? Currently most viewed Bannerlord streamer on twitch and unable to produce content due to feature zero percent of the the playerbase wants. Please allow player to set fixed...
  5. Mjdecker123

    Does the Skill tree's work for the AI parties

    Does anyone know if the Ai skills work. I'm finding they don't. As you can see in the picture, she has her own party. you can see it but her Quartermaster skill is 220. well regardless what it is, making her the Quartermaster in her own party, the party amount doesn't change as if she was in my...
  6. If a companion dies does it open up a spot for a new companion to spawn in game?

    I was wondering if a dead companion opens a space in game for a new companion to spawn? And if it does enable a new companion to be spawned, how long after the companion's death will a new companion spawn in world? Is it immediately or does it occur at periodic times during game play? I am...
  7. RedKnight21

    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Hello, I wanted to discuss a possible change to the companion gear system. My suggestion is the player, (who is the head of the clan), receives the battle armor/weapons/horse, of fallen family members or clan members. Description: In order to receive their loot, the fallen members must be in...
  8. Calabanar

    Recruiting companions from mercenary companies.

    Hi all. Losing a good companion can be a pain because of how hard (and long) to train they are. So what if maintaining good relations with mercenary companies (30-45+) allowed the player to recruit companions from said companies? These companions would have a higher average level and skills...
  9. Lord Ferdinand

    Ci si può risposare se muore una moglie? Morte compagni in battaglia reversibile?

    Nella mia nuova compagna con CA Eagle Rising ho (purtroppo) abilitato la morte degli "heroes" ed è successo che in battaglia è morta la moglie di mio fratello, senza aver avuto ancora figli per altro. Posso farlo risposare? E la morte di companions e familiari si può disabilitare a campagna...
  10. What good is ranking charm for companions?

    I noticed that most of the skills within the Charm category are personal skills. What good does it do to rank Charm for companions? Do I get any possible bonus out of my companions being charming? Does having charming companions boost overall charm for me and my clan? If not I suggest that...
  11. BL Coding Collect companions' and lords' perks levels

    Greetings warriors! Could you please help me to find files which contain data about companions' and lords' perks, their levels and traits from any saved campaign? For example, I started a campaign and I want to collect all lords' current Valor and Two handed levels. Which files do contain...
  12. Resolved Status Update on Missing Companions/Main story quest givers.

    It's been 2 weeks today and we have had no word at all on the Companion bug/ Main Story quest givers missing from the game, It's great that you are fixing small bugs like siege crashes and graphical Bugs, But please for the love of this game PLEASE... fix the core game, I'm guessing today being...
  13. hbugata515

    Adding life to Companions

    Adding life to Companions : Companions in the game are more or less used by the player himself. Which is capped by the clan tier. So, mostly a hand full of companion NPCs will be engaged in the world. And most of the others will be roaming around from castle to castle and competing in...
  14. 1.5.8 Companions not spawning

    Hello all, Just wanted to post this as i see no other threads about it. I have been playing the 1.5.8 Beta branch, among other bug's the worst one for me is the Companions not spawning.. and the Companion list only has 6 people on it, Taverns are empty also so they are 100% not spawning...
  15. proudlimey

    Need More Info Wanderer skills reset to 0 in e1.5.8

    Since the update all of the wanderer companions have had their skills wiped in my game. This issue was raised for an earlier build last year, and resolved. Hopefully it is an easy fix.
  16. 1.5.8 For me I have deemed unplayable

    Did a complete uninstall of everything on my computer pertaining to Bannerlord 2. Did a fresh install. Started a new game. New game started out ok, but pretty soon I ran out of looters.......period. Only things I could find to fight was the F ton of sea raiders in Valandia. Needless to say the...
  17. hbugata515

    Losing Clan members in battles:

    First of all Loads of thanks for sending us regular updates with enhancements :smile: Losing Clan members in battles: In a battle when multiple parties are engaging. And the commands of various divisions are often delegated to NPC lords. Who are mostly mounted by default? Which makes them odd...
  18. Sanctumm

    In Progress Companions disapearing in small castles

    As the title says When i get into a small castle ( no matter which one, but not the big ones where you got markets, taverns etc) When i put my companions and leave them in castles they disappear Only way to get them back is to start a party then they spawn outside the castle, i give them 40 men...
  19. Companions arrive at your fief (castle or city) after captivity/Companions role on clan members tab

    Title says pretty much it :] I would suggest so companion arrive at your highest title fief(town, castle or village), instead of random friendly city. And show companions roles in your party in clan tab when managing members
  20. Lukar

    Give an option to change appearance from clan-members!

    I whant to have an option to change the appearance from clan members! It would be cool if its possible to change the appearance of the brother, sister, wife and companions for example! What do you guys think?
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