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  1. Bannerman Man

    Resolved Tax Corruption due to low loyalty and low security are both bugged

    Summary: When a settlement's loyalty or security are low (< 50), the taxes provided by the settlement are reduced due to "corruption." There was previously a bug that miscalculated the reduction that has been fixed. However, another bug has been introduced that prevents the tax reduction from...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    What is the -security of "renowned marksmen" and similar perks supposed to convey to me? Security questions

    So while furnishing a new town I'm trying to get a good security rating while not over blowing the town's budget. I'm finding the tool tip for security to be very annoying as it shows -security and I really want to know what it's trying to say. Here with 190 xbow men I'm getting - read out...
  3. Resolved [1.5.6]Perk "Mounted Archery" has opposite effect

    Summary: The perk "Mounted Archery" should increase security gained from ranged troops in garrison by 20%. The effect is negative in game. How to Reproduce: Appoint a governor with perk "Mounted Archery" and garrison ranged troops. Check the security tooltip. Media:
  4. TheDevilMaySmile

    Quests and their impact on Settlements Security and Loyalty 1.5.6+ [Bring your lousy Problems forward, peasant]

    So i had the luck to instrantly gain Epicrotea as my first settlement. I played as a Vassal of Sturgia. Over the span of about an hour i managed to get up to about 40 loyalty by doing quest nonestop. After i thought i finally secured the City i went east for a 30 day trip to participate in the...
  5. lottendill

    Security and Loyalty improvements.

    Greetings warriors of Calradia, we have been working on balancing Security and Loyalty parameters of settlements for past 3-4 weeks. Loyalty value is one of the most important values for the well-being and health of the settlement. There are lots of other parameters, such as Security, that...
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