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Currently in the game there is no benefit or penalty to having a mix of cultures within a party however surely army's have better morale and effectiveness if they all all have the same culture and language?

How about introducing a modifier for Morale depending on how many units are of the same culture. This can possibly also tie into the party leaders culture too.

for example:

Playing as a Imperial character would grant a modifier based on how many imperial troops made up my total number. Say on a range from +10 to -10 so...

If I had a party of 100 troops with 75 being Imperial then I'd gain +5 morale.
If only 50 were imperial there would be no change.
if only 25 were imperial then I'd receive -5 morale.
If all 100 were imperial then I'd receive +10 morale bonus

You could exclude companions and perhaps have a separate culture for Bandit troops. You could also have a perk (perhaps in leadership) that removes the negative effect or boosts the positive effect.
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