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  1. Relynar

    In Progress Character creator in MP

    Summary: It is impossible to create old looking character in multiplayer. Every time you create character, changes just don't appear in game. This bug exists since patch 1.5.0 was released. How to Reproduce: Just create an old character and join any game. Scene Name (if related): Media...
  2. Radagos preset

    I was curious if anyone knows a way to view the preset values for Radagos. I want to make a character that looks exactly like him.
  3. Sart

    In Progress Character Creation Menu UI Bug

    Summary: Opening character editing menu resets the (female) character's voice option to "1". I have to change it to "2" again all the time. How to Reproduce: Open V button menu, barber menu or multiplayer character customization menu. Your (female) character's voice option will always be "1"...
  4. AnandaShanti

    In Progress [1.5.9 beta] 20yo Sandbox Character is weaker then 21yo Campaign Character do to missing final life development "event".

    Summary: I was messing around with starting builds in sandbox and something was just off, then I realized I was missing out on 1 attribute and 2 fp because the final choice is just gone. So you would need to choose age 30 afterwards to keep up (minus a few skill points) which 9 years is lot if...
  5. In Progress [1.5.9 beta] Female chracters get bloated bellys

    Summary: It seems that sliders for weight do not work properly for female characters. I created a female with minimal weight. During character creation her belly was normal, but after the start of the game her belly became bloated in every view (inventory, character screen, character...
  6. In Progress Missing option during Youth stage during character creation for Sturgia and Aserai

    Summary: For a while I've nothiced that during character creation when choosing "noble" parents (1st option) you get a special option in the Youth stage where you choose your initial weapons and equipment. Choosing this makes the option: marched with the camp follower to get overwritten for a...
  7. Need More Info game keeps crashing at start

    HI everyone i think i am gonna need some help, i love the game. but whenever i try to start a new campaign the game can't load the character creation and crashes. anyone knows how to fix this? with kind regards, Tom
  8. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.8] Big Head during character creation

    It seems there is a bug with the left parent character model during the character creation. The head is not proportional to the body of the model.
  9. bchv

    Alternative main quest trees / clan focus

    The main quest of the game tends to make all campaigns just flat with two possibles outcomes: be a kig or support a king.... In the sandbox concept i think it lacks of choices and make all player characters be what its supposed to be a "bannerlord" (i get it, its the title of the game). But in...
  10. Locksher

    WB Other Can I choose my character creation(backstory) menu?

    So, I've been playing multiple mods and I really like the RP aspect of it at the beginning(character creation), where you pick your background. I've also noticed some mods are missing the background feature and the character creation is oversimplified. Is it possible to use one mod's character...
  11. Short Siblings

    Not sure if this is a bug or intended. Is anyone else having strange things happening with their siblings height? For instance, their older brother who has their height slider all the way to short. Playing a sturgian currently and my character height is little above average. My brother is legit...
  12. CXZAR

    Character customization menu hair bug

    Hey guys! Since I last updated to 1.5.6 (I haven't tried out the1.5.7 beta yet) I have been experiencing a bug after you create your character and start a campaign. If you press V on the campaign map to access the character creation menu again, everything is ok Except the part of the hair and...
  13. Bishop Heahmund

    Give an option to change appearance from clan-members!

    I whant to have an option to change the appearance from clan members! It would be cool if its possible to change the appearance of the brother, sister, wife and companions for example! What do you guys think?
  14. Elderly

    Resolved Age Slider Non-functional.

    When adjusting age via the slider in multiplayer character creation it does not save your age. The lack of warrior grandmas is a sin against humanity. I am very clearly non-biased.
  15. BL 3D Art Exporting Player Character Face 3D Model

    Is there a way to export the player's face or full body mesh in order to import into Blender or other 3D programs? I have come across TpacTool and found the assets from the native, but I don't believe it has my character's face in the files that are imported. Am I overlooking a folder somewhere?
  16. Tutorial XML Editing Custom Kingdom Creation Guide

    This a full guide on how to create your own custom kingdom in Bannerlords. There is an attached Example mod with all the XML work done so you can use it as a base. Have fun and good luck Modders. Custom Kingdom Creation Guide at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community
  17. guiskj

    [RESOLVED] GauntletUI questions during Character Creation

    I have three questions regarding the GauntletUI in Character Creation: 1 - How are you supposed to add Layers to those screens?? I am trying to add some extra functionality to the FaceGenBody.xml window but so far no luck. Behaviour class: public class CharacterGenPresetBehavior ...
  18. In Progress Character Voice Selection Bug

    Simple issue really, I checked it on my game and popped into several streams on Twitch both using the 1.5.3 Beta and the 1.5.2 Main. All had the exact same issue. Despite having selected male voice "2" or "3", they all actually had the voice "1" applied to their characters. When hitting "v"...
  19. TKnight

    [Suggestions] Deep Character Creation.

    Hello , so as we know right now our character creation is ok and we can do many cool things atm, but its not so great if we want to go more advanced and create almost a look-alike characters we wish , so here are some of my and other people ideas how to make it much more advanced. First of all...
  20. Character Creator should have a Overhaul

    When it was announced it sounded like it would have a lot of depth compared to many other games and create any face you wanted. But older games such as Soul Calibur 6, Black Desert Online and Dark Souls surpass this. Additional Choices: Pick chin hair and moustache hair independently ear...
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