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  1. Forest-Bandit

    Resolved Character creation teeth bug

    Summary:starting character teeth invisible How to Reproduce:create character go thru teeth Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Need More Info crashing after the selecting my characters culture (d3d Device context - lock texture failed GPU has been suspended error)

    Summary: Version:latest version (1.1.3) Is the game modded?: No completly vanilla, just installed How to Reproduce: just click on new campaign and after the video of the calradyan empire choose the culture ( I chose vladian) and it crashes right after apearing the character costumization menu...
  3. Kentai

    Plannerlord: MB2 Character Planning Tool

    Good day fellow Calradians! I have a character planning tool in development, which I'm calling Plannerlord. This tool takes the user through the game's character creation questions to assign "Creation" attribute and focus points (displayed as green). Alternatively, if you wish to plan out the...
  4. wizcas

    BL Coding No way to replace the culture selection music??

    I've investigated this for a few days, but still have no clue about how to replace the music with my own pieces when selecting a culture in the CC menu (i.e., the CharacterCreationScreen). What I've found so far: When selecting a culture, it calls...
  5. Need More Info Bugs encountered so far in beta v1.1.0

    Summary: Bugs How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): for some bugs ingame screenshots in steam account Computer Specs: OS: Win10 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M GPU Driver Version: 528.24 (24/01/23) CPU: intel core i7-6700HQ...
  6. Parent / Sibling Culture Hair Restrictions

    I can't tell you how often my father gets generated with bob ross afro hair or that weird looking nomadic one or the pigtail hairstyle and he's empire culture, it's insane. The same thing with the mother, so many times she gets the afro style that is better suited for the aserai. There needs...
  7. mrjtg12

    Character Creation in 2022

    I'm gonna be honest, and to preface I adore this game to bits, but the character creation is as lackluster as it was in the first version of EA. Faces for men all look like the same, dour, long-faced man no matter what culture I choose. Women all look the same as well, beautiful and wearing...
  8. Hechicera

    Resolved 1.9 beta Banner creation size slider does nothing

    Summary: Slider used to change size of item on banner at creation How to Reproduce: Make a new game, campaign, skip tutorial, make banner, use slider, tried with various emblems Have you used cheats and if so which: Fresh install of 1.9 as of Oct 13, no mods, steam directory deleted before...
  9. Need More Info Models missing in character creation, game hangs (1.8.1 and 1.9 beta)

    Summary: Missing models during character creation leading to game freeze How to Reproduce: Launch the character creation on Windows 7 computer Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Character creation Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: 64-bit Windows 7...
  10. otterboi77

    Need More Info Game freezes at end of character creation on new game

    Summary: Game freezes at the end of character creation screens. I am left seeing a floating head and 2 forearms of the character created. How to Reproduce: From the launcher mod window, only enable the 4 TaleWorlds core mods, see image below. Then press play. Safe mode prompt window appears...
  11. In Progress Missing Voices - for male character

    Summary: In the character editor, when starting a new game, the standard voice is used in all 4 voice options. Note: This changed on the e1.7.2 version of the game and is also in the new Hotfix (e1.7.2 - 02/06/22). How to Reproduce: Start a new campaign (or use v to go in the character editor on...
  12. Count_Morfetico

    In Progress [1.7.2] Character Creation Bugs

    Summary: In sandbox mode, tried to create a battania female character, set the voice (there was a bug when choosing female types 1 and 2, sometimes I was unable to select voice 2) set the appearance and proceed to the 'markings' chose the one with 3 stripes and set the color. Then I completed...
  13. deuxhero

    Lipstick only makeup option

    All the options for lipstick have some other makeup paired with it. Since options with lipstick already exist, it should be easy to add an option that's just lipstick.
  14. Character Creation Suggestions!

    Hey hey! I'm new to Forums in general but i love this game and since now is the time i'd like to suggest some features in the character Creation! (Yes i love Rp, i spend a lot of time in there). - Add a button to stop character animation and make it static to better look at details without...
  15. Resolved General Bannerlord 1.6.4 - Crash during Character Creation for Large Mods

    Hello, First of all, a major thank you to the team and Dejan for the work you have done in reducing the large load times (once per Bannerlord patch) for large mods. This issue has been resolved! However, I am experiencing another issue - it seems that although the mod doesn't freeze...
  16. Lukar

    Resolved Character customization graphical bug with beards.

    Since early acces release i cant use some beards they are invisble or have a graphical bug. On the screenshoot downbelow you can see one of these beards what are not working and having an graphical bug.
  17. nereid

    Resolved [1.6.4] Stopped animation during character creation

    Summary: Stopped and/or wonky character animation during the character creation. For example during clicking on the voice icon and getting the different sounding voices will freeze the body of the character and the mouth will be the only thing moving or in some cases the whole character is...
  18. krafttomten

    [SUGGESTION] Lock parameters from randomizing during character creation

    When creating a character, it would be a great addition to the randomizing function to be able to lock any parameter from being randomized. This way, if I am happy with the width of the face, but unhappy with the forehead, I could lock some features and randomize the rest. The implementation...
  19. Resolved Character creation adolescence inconsistency with smith family

    Summary: Character creation in e1.5.10 seems to have a lone decision branch on family that results in different options for adolescence that, based on Youtube character guides, seem to be from a previous version. Oversight or intended? Tested only for Battanian males since I'm reporting the same...
  20. Lornloth00

    Old Imperial Cultural Benefit

    Before 1.6.0. Imperials got this benefit Could you guys add this back?
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