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So here's an idea, I would love to be implemented in mods or maybe even single player. It touches subject of gradual culture conversion.

As we know in Bannerlord units are recruited from notables. And notables are characters with specific culture and age. They can die of old age too.
What if when notable dies - a new one will be generated not from settlement culture but from it's lord's culture? For example when Empire noble holds Pravend and local trader dies here - then new generated would be of Empire culture. That would allow us to recruit empire troops from him.

But(!) culture of the settlement should not change - therefore in case of rebellion it would still generate Vlandian noble clan even if all notables were replaced by new culture.

I think thats great for slow cultural conversion over time. Also, in a practical sense, that allows player to recruit desired troops without travelling half a continent back to homeland
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