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  1. genrev0914

    BL Coding Custom Culture Questions 1.6.3 Beta

    Hi, I'm so glad with the latest update about custom culture being modder friendly, I would like to ask for certain things. thanks in advance for taking the time reading this thread :) 1. Where can I access culture feat? do I need programming or is it on xml? 2. Where can I access culture image...
  2. RavenAstra

    BL Coding Custom Kingdom Help - Keeps crashing upon making a new kingdom yet is coded properly

    I've made a custom kingdom and it works perfectly fine up to the point when I try to start a new campaign. Everything loads in properly according to my default log, aside from something from Sandbox. I haven't overridden anything from Vanilla. I can share my files and screenshots of what's going...
  3. genrev0914

    BL Coding Custom Culture Town crash during rebellion

    I was thinking maybe this is related with the equipment of newly created Rebel Hero, I have made every equipment template for my custom culture's heroes and the crash still occurs. I just want to ask if there's a way to fix this kind of error through xml? Seems like this is hardcoded. Thanks for...
  4. genrev0914

    Option to disable rebellion

    I'm aware that fixes is not yet supported when it comes to modded game, so I came here for suggestion, The rebellion is a great new game mechanics, I loved it and many also did loved it, and it's a little selfish of me to suggest this, but when using custom culture mod on towns, during...
  5. Lemmy1916

    BL Coding Change a settlement owner and culture.

    Hello everyone, for morethan two days now I've been spending all my time night and day trying to change the owner of a town! It's starting to drive me crazy! 😱 I really tried everything in all directions, completely redid my files, tried to integrate my mod in that of other modders, tried...
  6. genrev0914

    BL Coding Custom culture in town is not permitted anymore?

    I was making mod and it was working fine before, but after e1.4.3, which is version e1.5.0, adding custom culture to a custom town, or even in vanilla town cause crash. I tried making caravan leaders from caravan.xml base on the callstacks it may be the cause, and it didn't solve the problem...
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