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Trade is a skill that impacts basic game functions (sell price) but 1: Does not raise from that basic function, only increasing from one very specific gameplay act 2: Requires level 50 perks to even use effectively, making starting annoying. The easy fix is just to give a small amount of XP from sold loot.
Even more easier fix is the additional passive skill gain from profitable caravans and workshops.

@Dejan do you happen to know if there are plans to rework (or to expand) the ways to increase trading?
Also, doesn't the AI also already get trade trade exp from "whatever; their loot to gold process is? They get trade skill somehow without "buying low and selling high" like the player is expected to.
Honestly it is very easy already to level up trading. I wasn't aiming to become a trader but im now on lvl 200+ without even trying. You just have to trade very big quantities at the same time, like buying 200 mules and sell them at a town thats low on mules. You easily get +7 trade from just one big sell like that. From beginning right until late game I allways had tonnes of loot to sell. If that also would give xp, I would have been lvl 300+ in early game already, that just makes it way too easy, because you will never run low on loot ever in this game.
Yes, it's easy if you know how to exploit it, but otherwise doesn't raise at all. It doesn't need to raise quickly from selling loot, just give any XP.
I have now leveled up tradeskill to 300 as an experiment.
I didnt use any sploits, but legit trade.
Basically I bougth mules for 20 denars at Askar and sold at different towns for 60-200 denars.

This is the most boring skill-experience I have ever done in the game, I cant express how boring and grindy it felt.

as others this skill needs a much faster progression.
Basically the main purpose of actually leveling up fully to 300 is the ability to purchase towns, which imo should be placed way lower down 175-200 at most.
So "casually" you can be able to do it.

As others point out give more sources.
Any sale should give you xp even if its not profitable, that would most likely help out alot.
Specially in terms of selling looted item.
Workshops/caravans also should give you passive xp perhaps.

And overall ask yourself this, is it a good mechanic when ppl go to look up exploits on how to lvl up fast or do it mean that it needs more work/improvement.
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