1. MP More loot on Siege

    Siege is the most popular multiplayer gamemode. And yet when you play for a few hours you won't get more than a hundred loot. I don't know how the system works, but I'd suggest just tripple the loot by default.
  2. Visual Mismtach - Amory & Actual battles

    Visual mismatch between how gloves look in the armory vs how they actually display on battle. Standard TW mode. Fur Rimmed Leather Gloves - Sturgia. Look at this ! :
  3. Game disconnets loses your loot for the match

    Hi all, anybody had this issue ? When for some reason the game disconnets while you are in a match, you appear to be losing all the accumulated loot while playing the session. Example: You played 3 team deatmaches, on the third one the game disconnects and when you eventually login again you...
  4. Forest-Bandit

    Resolved Thugs don’t drop loot

    Summary: How to Reproduce:defeat back ally thug Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related):ally Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Alias they don’t drop loot therefore can’t get the rare...
  5. Game always crashes after battle's loot interface.

    When after a battle I click "DONE" in the loot window, and campaign map should open, the game always crashes. No matter how many times I load the save and try the battle again, no matter if I take prisoners or loot. To go forward I need to load an earlier save. Then MAYBE after the next battle...
  6. TheHangover

    After enemies fleeing and second battle happens, loot and xp from first battle disappears

    As I said loot and xp is gone from first battle after second battle. So you cant upgrade your troops and get the loot from first battle.Why this isnt fixed yet?
  7. Need More Info Ps5 crash. While smithing, while selling in shops.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  8. Kingclonetrooper

    MP Improved Loot & Equipment system

    Dev As you all know, multiplayer has a very small population right now. In addition, the population using the official server is also very small. Most people avoid playing games on official servers due to ping issues. I think you should improve the part I mentioned above. New people (NEWBIE)...
  9. Falmeer

    Resolved Loot needs rebalance

    Summary: earning anywhere from 1-14 per game the latter being a full length game which is rare and still less than half of what pc players make. Played for 5 hours and I'm not even at 200 with vip wins and leveling. I don't mind grinding but I hear a lot of grumbling about it from different...
  10. Tackier

    SP - General Game Balance/Economy/Player-Builds.

    This post is a general suggestion list regarding the Singleplayer experience from a player with around 300 hours into the game without mods.This is certainly one of my favorite games and I hope the information I provide is useful for gameplay updates added in the future. It is seperated into two...
  11. Need More Info Gersegos Castle frequently causing crashes

    Summary: Gersegos Castle often crashes the game when I try to enter it, or if I am able to enter, after a battle loot screen. Is the game modded?: Yes, minimal mods. Harmony, Buttlib, UIExtender, Mod Configuration Menu, LevellingCustomizer. However even removing the mods and running safe mode I...
  12. SP - General Looting System Rework

    The Problem: The amount and type of loot available after a battle does not represent what was used on the field. Causing your soldiers to attain better equipment than their commander. Highly un-immersive. The Solution: There are several ways to fix this issue. First and most simple, would be to...
  13. Jason of the Argonauts

    MP Weapon skins could be cool

    Right now in factions like the Aserai and Empire you can adorn your character in shimmering golden armor by grinding loot, however your weapons are still rather plain looking. The Singleplayer mode already has the equivalent models for weapons with gold inlays and ornate designs with the...
  14. In Progress Leaving loot behind

    Summary: Game suggests player is leaving loot behind despite there's actually nothing left to pick. It happens after looters/bandits surrender. How to Reproduce: Pick all the loot after a group of looters surrender and press OK. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related)...
  15. Helerek

    Resolved Metallurgy perk not working.

    Summary: If the party engineer has this perk, any equipment looted from a battle that would otherwise have a negative modifier (tattered,crude, etc...) will have an 80% chance of being normal instead. How to Reproduce: Fight battle with and without perk. Tested it on e1.7.2 fought battle twice...
  16. deuxhero

    SP - General Make selling loot give trade skill

    Trade is a skill that impacts basic game functions (sell price) but 1: Does not raise from that basic function, only increasing from one very specific gameplay act 2: Requires level 50 perks to even use effectively, making starting annoying. The easy fix is just to give a small amount of XP...
  17. mertol2009

    Bannerlord Multiplayer Loot Problem,

    Merhabalar arkadaşlar, 1.7.1 güncellemesi sonrası MP maçları sonrası gelen loot aşırı şekilde azaldı, ancak bazı oyuncular eskiye nazaran bile AŞIRI fazla alabiliyorlar, problem ile ilgili screenshotları aşağıya bırakıyorum
  18. Snorri

    Resolved Low loot gain

    Summary: New patch, I launch multiplayer, played 3-4 games in Capitan mode, was the best in a team in most of them, 2 of them i lose as a team, in 2 we win. From each one I got something between 1-4 loot (Earlier it was something about 20-30 for loose and 30-40 for wins), prices are the same...
  19. ParzivaI

    Problem with the loot?

    Is there a problem with the loot received after winning a match? I won two matches and despite getting 400+/- xp on both I only got 4 and 3 loot from it.
  20. [OSOD] Imperator

    (NA) Double Loot Weekends

    Intro: Lets be honest for a minute, the loot you get for a single skirmish game can be as small as 20 a match *games can last maximum of 30 minutes* so think about that for a while you grind. Simply put this would mean if you wanted to buy a 1 thousand gold item it would take you on average 50...
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