1. dijiTurk

    Prime Gaming - Bannerlord > in-game loots

    Do we have any chance to see bannerlord's in-game loots @ Prime Gaming? Prime Gaming (amazon.com)
  2. An old loot mechanic to come back

    I remember back when I was playing Viking Conquest, there was a special loot mechanic - if you leave a lot of loot untouched, it automatically transferred to experience to your troops. In other words you leave the loot to your men, and they get better equipped, thanks to that. This was an...
  3. Bishop Heahmund

    How to get the Viking looking Engraved Backsword?

    I saw the weapon in this video: I wonder how to get it!
  4. Apocal

    The successful raid screen.

    Right now, it is pretty well blank. The picture is nice to look at but it also clears away the loot progress immediately, meaning the last tick's results can only be seen in the event log at bottom left. I suggest that the results of a successful raid be summarized instead, either by having...
  5. Player Loot Rebalance

    your armor and weapons feel like a dead end, everything in the game can be lost and replaced but once you equip something its forever. why not match player loot prices with the prices for soldiers (since it only makes sense your paying for their armor and weapons), and just make it possible to...
  6. In Progress Game crashes every time after finishing a siege making it impossible to siege a town/castle

    Summary: the game crashes every time after i press "Done" at the town loot page How to Reproduce: doesn't matter if in safe mode or not, and also doesn't matter which town or castle, i tried to simulate the battle instead of fighting myself, still won but the game still crashes every time after...
  7. Ackdam

    Bandit/looter surrender loot issue

    So, this was a "bug" I posted a while ago, but I believe it is more of a suggestion concerning an oversight rather than a mistake in and of itself. Summary: While having a discussion about whether the Merry Men perk is working or not (I have seen the option to recruit even though I do not have...
  8. KidKiedis

    Lords and bandits should not carry all their money with them

    Noticed a few times that player plunders 10.000 dinars from defeated lords after victory. So lords keep incredible amounts of money with them. Same for looters and bandits. Seems like everyone has more trust in roads than in chests behind castle walls or in some hideout. =) There's no logic in...
  9. Ackdam

    Unresolved Bandit/looter surrender loot issue.

    Summary: While having a discussion about whether the Merry Men perk is working or not (I have seen the option to recruit even though I do not have the perk, so the mechanic is there at least) I realized there exists another issue when said option pops up. How to Reproduce: Engage bandits/looters...
  10. Prisoner & Loot screen combined

    Please do this. Seems easy & straightforward. I dont want to click twice, access should be in 1 screen, and I should be able to take all prisoner and loot in 1 click.
  11. Bug: huge amounts of $

    I’ve been playing SP for for couple days. After I defeated a group from rival faction and collected the loot I noticed I what I thought was going to be 2.5k added was 250k. It seems everything I raid someone I’m getting hella cash. I now have 5.15m. Might have been a fun way to test the game...
  12. Sea raiders broken?

    so I got a quest from a guy in a town which wanted me to hunt down 2 sea raider group. It lead me to get a 19k denar armor(decorated Northern Hauberk) after the battle. I have been getting tier 4 or more loot from sea raiders before but I think this is just insane tbh
  13. Bitterbeard

    Loot after a battle and morale

    In previous games you could take all the loot, wouldn't change morale, in the vikings game the loot you leave your men would divide up and it would increase morale. How does it work in M&B2? Leaving 'loot' in the left menu and clicking Done leaves loot for your men to grab or it isn't working...