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First I want to point out that the leveling system is a good idea, but there are some problem that I believe people have pointed it out
-The leveling system ask us to do some specific job to level up that skill, ok this is a good idea but it feel very slow, combat skills are slow but still fine coz we can find looters to swing sword, and hit them with arrows. The more looters the faster we go up but take a look at medicine, some youtubers and even wiki's advice we should starve our troops and then heal them, that kind of expoit. Medicine is only one example, the system drive me to play it more than they actually playing the game.
- I know nothing about the smithing after 800+ hours in this game until yesterday I tried it out, it looks like a mini game that shouldn't be lock behind the skill level and it feel too grindy (sorry if my english is bad) waiting in town to regen stamina, craft again and again until hit the masterwork/legendary weapons I know many will savescum for this, i'm sorry to be blunt but this is a pointless and dumb, why don't just creat weapon blueprints, make them rare and we can buy them if we lucky, or atleast it's a reward for bandit hideout
- Next I want to talk about the perks, there are so many useless perks, again sorry to be blunt but I feel the perk system are trash, not excited when reaching a certain milestone, not remarkable. A perk provide 2% movement speed and another 2% somewhere else, some give 5hp and 2hp and somewhere else, why don't just put them together and put it on the reasonable place where we feel it interesting to reach. Lv 225 1handed gives 5hp, lv 200 2handed gives 5hp, lv100 1handed +2hp...and some perks +hp ccattered in other skill trees. Why don't just put them all together on athletic lv 50 + 20hp, lv100 + 30... instead we need to reach to 275 for mighty blow, that's really annoyed. Some perks provide 2% swing speed ? what can i do with 2% ? find another one with 2% and grind it to stack them together ? Please, just don't create so many perks that nothing to write home about, we just need 7-10 interesting perks each skill tree
-The attribute and focus points exist to limit our play style, I know we can't be Elon Musk and Mike Tyson at the same time but this is sandbox game where we should reach to freedom playstyle, it takes time to grind up certain skill and if we put more time we can train up what we lack. Some skill trees lack depth in it, the Tactic skill is an example here, tactical should provide buff for troops not the captain perks, why we need to take to lv255 riding to reduce 50% prisoner escape chance ? The scouting should provide more party speed and not 2% perks from riding, if anyone objected and said "riding your horse well will provide more party speed" then why just 2% at lv100 and nothing more after that perk ? The bonus perks scatter everywhere in wrong places. The govenor perks that provide bonus for settlement, taking care of troops in party make the feed well should be putting all in stewardship.
-Companions exist in game to fill the role we don't want to play at, sure let them do their job, lv 75 athletic provide 5 party size and 30% persuasion chance "running faster make it easier for me to persuade others?, please party size should be in steward and if we want to increase party size, make it simple as we just need to hire someone with high steward skill to do that job. all Hp bonus should be in athletic, party speed bonus in scouting... there are too many to point out
Last word, I'm sorry if my opinions opposite you guys, but TW should remove the perk's role such as captain, party leader, gorvenor... make the skill system more simple to understand and interesting, because now I feel like I'm lost in a forest with countless small bonus perks and very difficult to remember and stack them to make them work. Quality over quantity. I love bannerlord and want this game better in the future. Thanks for taking a look
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