SP - World Map Is real-world inspired repositioning on a large scale worth a map revision?

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I wish at least the part of the old vibrant vista to be back, current map is beautiful, but vista colors (most of the seasons) are sort of washed out across the whole map.
It used to be like this, and it could be improved upon with just a tad bit of regional difference (neglect the obvious geographical changes)

Without a doubt. Maybe because they touched the global illumination? In the 2018 videos there was much more contrast and a higher saturation. However, I haven't tried it...but through the settings you can regulate this?

Edit: Display calibration and exposure are available. Perhaps a chromatics calibrator could be the solution. Would this be possible @emrozdemir ?

Something like Nvidia panel:
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Hi/Hello this will be a long post...
I will begin with by saying that I am no expert neither in game design/world building/climate/continental plate movement. Now with this done, I shall begin :smile:

First of all the original map of the calradia in bannerlord is kinda bad, well not kinda but really. It is very clearly based on Anatolia, which would be fine if not for one thing - size. The problem with the current map is that it is too mountainous for the climate provided. The only mountain range/ranges on earth that come close to what is seen in bannerlord would be something seen in central Asia (turkey + iran + afghanistan and west himalayes). If the world was realistic it would be filled to the brim with deserts, basically every valley you see would be some sort of a desert with no rivers and oasis. Not very hospitable some would say. And if you are going to claim that the south would have medditeranian climate, no it would not I will explain why later.

Second the lore of the world.... In short its a mess. Valandians come across the ocean as merceneries in pre caravel/compass world... What??? How the **** do they make the journey??? AND come to fight??? Oh, and they also control what is a damn core of the calradian empire.... In the real world without magic, they would get assimilated so damn fast that they wouldn't even have a chance to change some names in the region. The only way valandians make sense is if they are from the same place as calradians.

Now some lore on calradians. They come from the south of Charas. This is fine as you could say that they are a colony of Carthage/Greece/Phoenicia. But why settle in Charas? Like the area doesn't look that fertile/strategic or in any sase good colony. Why not Ortysa or Northwestern part of aserai land? Like later on they (calradians) end up colonizing Ortysa and Pravend so its not like these areas were already populated. Now for expansion of the empire. How the hell did they make it so far to the north on the eastern part of the continent. I cant see neither the reason for it nor capability as they would have to consistently cross the mountains and get from the seas in the south by land across forests (deserts as it would be) with basically no real navigable rivers... I doubt that you could exert enought control with trains and tanks to stop the regions from spliting. Also they failed to control/conqure battania which would no doubt be if not the most, atleast second existential threat to them. Why because battanians have easy access to the core of the empire. To which they would lounch raids. Can you imagine romans creating an empire if the Italy would get constantly raided by the gauls. Like the same as germans across the rhine.
In short calradia could perhaps last no more than 150-200 years. Not the millenia as it claims by the time bannerlord would start the empire would be long gone.

Phew... thats half of what I want to say...
Now to get to the real toppic. @Terco_Viejo I love your maps. They are 20-50 times better than the original bannerlord. However, there are some issues that I will adress. This will primerally include the climate.
Important pictures to the discussion:

The climate is primarily created by the ocean and continents, latitude also matters as it makes more land more habbitable. The first two pictures show how rain would come to the calradia. This is based on what happens in Europe. Its kinda basic as I kept the winds basically in a straight lines. The areas where rain would not come heavilly depend on the size of the mountains in the continent. If they are around 2-4 km high they most likelly would create rain shadow effects resulting in deserts. Therfore these winds are very important as they would dictate the entire climate of the continent and their biomes.
The basic idea of the biomes is shown in picture 3. What you can see is that your restructuring of the mountains have created an inverted mediteranian. Ae where lybia is is in the north (the yellow desert area where parts of calradia empire are on original map) and italy/north africa/levant to the south. Meanwhile the northern part would in reality be very similar to central and eastern europe or something like central america (the green part). Area where you put siberian tundra biome is literally belarus. It also kinda checks out if we take a look at the distance from the ocean. It would be basically 2.4 k km away from the western point of calradia (scotland highlands in your map), as it is basically in real life in europe from britany/ireland. Now coming back to the scotish highlands they should be to the north where Ryvil is and south ae Sargoth and west of it would have the climate similar to birtain/netherlands. To the east, I would put my bet that it would resemble central europe and further east eastern europe with where the northern part of the khuzait land is would be the starting area of Russia, perhaps baltics. Looking at the center of the continent I can see a steppe (something akin to central asia) creating a buffer between the polish/belarus area and the desert to the south.
Now about the last picture. I personally think you could rearange the mountains as to be somewhat similar to warband. As we all know warband is simplistic and couldn't show actual differences in the biomes. What I can see is that sarranids could be somewhat similar to moors or cordoba, as spain is relatevelly dry, there is even a desert in spain. Meanwhile by openning up the mountain range you can get something similar to a hungarian plain, where khergits could settle later on, perhaps after pilaging the empire and being halted by the valandians or smth. This land could also be inhabited by the battanians (perhaps western battanians), at the same time they could inhabit the carpathian region aswell (perhaps eastern battanians).
Also the last point. Rivers tend not to split into multiple ones, this is maybe if not hyper rare pretty much imposible (deltas are a different thing). I marked the areas in red that would not have rivers and added some suggestions that could perhaps work and make the world slightly more interesting.

I hope I made my point clear enough.
There's a lot of good feedback in this thread. It's a shame that so little was implemented.
I recently tried Calradia Expanded and the changes it makes lead to more believable and enjoyable map.
In the hopes of not necroposting; I agree that there'd be some benefit in changing some of the map geography; particularly if in the future there is any attempt to add something like boats and/or naval combat; it would help make the map make more sense.
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