1. Landenor

    In Progress When My Army Visits My Castle, Party Prisoners Are Donated, But Disappear Into Thin Air

    Summary: My Party Members are dumping their prisoners when I arrive at my own castle, but they are not being found in the dungeon. There is no ransom broker (like in a town) so where do the Prisoners go? How to Reproduce: Make sure you fought a few battles with bandits etc, and then head to a...
  2. JDZ5

    When will there be a Siege Overhaul?

    Aside form the fact that the AI is really really lacking during sieges (Most AI don't even fight back on both sides???). I'm wondering when the "full picture" will come into play. On all of these castle and town maps, there's VERY CLEARLY certain points in the map that are there for defending...
  3. Thrangor88

    An additional utility to the castle?

    Hello, I would like to know if we can expect some additional utility to the castle, such as hiring mercenaries, the standard tree or disgruntled mercenary clans. I do not visit any castle for lack of interest. We could have unique quests from the bailiff and so on ... I find the castles empty of...
  4. Need More Info The Puluc board glitches into the table in Sturgian Castles

    When a Sturgian Castle is conquered by the Khuzait the board game is replaced with Puluc. Unfortunately the Puluc board seems to be inside the table making it often impossible to actually play the game.
  5. Short_n_quick

    Mercenary notables in castles.

    Whie browsing the ideas in this forum, I came up with possible use of the castles, that would not harm current state of the game as much (I think). Core idea The castles, now useless, may become a way to reinforce your party, by having mercenary parties/sergeants/notables residing in them, just...
  6. Improvements for sieges

    Hello, first of all I want to say I absolutely love this game. There are some slight downsides, but that is to be expected in early access. I really like sieges but I think they can be improved significantly. first of all, when sieging I think the battle should continue in the keep, I think I...
  7. Lornloth00

    Barter in Castles.

    Please allow us to barter in keeps and castles. Its hard to find characters as it is but if you can only barter on the world map then its very hard to locate someone it would be easier if we can barter in keeps so we can check the encyclopedia for their location go there and barter. Trying to...
  8. niekdegrijze

    Make 1 kingdom totally different (no castles)

    For example, replace all the castles in Battania with villages but give all the villages a wooden palisade, a stronger militia and a small Garrison, combine the 2 functions. You would have to keep the cities otherwise the economic system has to be changed. This would make conquering this...
  9. Short_n_quick

    Resolved [1.5.4 beta] Auto deploy in siege of Jogurys castle

    Auto-deploy option on Jogurys castle resulted in loooong line of troops perpendicular to castle's walls, which I assume was not the inteneded way to position soldiers in fight.
  10. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Missing textures in Takor dungeon

    I just visited the Takor dungeon and got some missing wall textures:
  11. niekdegrijze

    Make castles great again :-)

    background: a castle should be a desirable property. Cities are economic centers and castles should play a more military role. My desired mod has the following functionality: (these are not all original ideas) -Only lvl 1 recruits in villages, no higher level troops. -Automatic recruitment to...
  12. CrazyElf

    Pike vs 2 handed polearm smithing? What will be the future differences?

    Right now the game has the option to smith a pike or a 2 handed polearm. It seems like right now the pike options are all the same as the 2 handed polearms, only the pike does not have the ability to add a guard or a pommel at the end. The pike blades and weapon tips appear to be the same as...
  13. Keimpe

    Resolved Sometimes lord is standing outside castle when talked to. 1.5.4.

    When i approach a castle sometimes the Lord stands outside instead of on the walls.
  14. niekdegrijze

    Castle choke point, by way of garrison size (stationary party)

    Castles, at the moment, don’t block narrow passes to enemy parties and caravans. Parties avoid enemy parties if they think they are outclassed. Would it be possible to make the ai see the garrison as an (stationary) enemy party? This way only stronger parties can pass. The ai already calculates...
  15. vth_Musketeer

    In Progress Enemy clan member is in my castle as a free man

    Summary: I'm playing as Vlandia. I now own Ov Castle which previously belonged to Sturgia. Urik was a prisoner in my castle. I took him to my party and bartered him away to another Vlandian lord for money. I've returned to my castle and now Urik is in my castle as a guest. He's in the Lord's...
  16. gesha17

    MP Native Lords: Castle Roleplay

    Lords: Castle Roleplay Inspired by Persistent World Dear Friends, We are very excited to announce that our team is working on a new multiplayer mod for Bannerlord, called Lords: Castle Roleplay. We are long time PW players and like you, we cant wait to start our modded multiplayer journey...
  17. Cowbbebop

    There is no challenge in1vs1 AI combat...

    The one one combat is very Easy. I am playing on challenging setting, which i assume is the hardest. That is very frustrating, especially when talewords showed us a very promising blog/video past in the days on 1 VS 1 amazing AI. The difficulty on tournament is a joke. What you guy think about...
  18. WB Coding Adding Fashion Catapult

    I want to add catapults to my mod, as far as I know, there is a mod called age of military, but as I said, I want to add catapults to my mod and I am very obsessed with this catapult business, thanks in advance to those who help. Moduma mancınık eklemek istiyorum bildiğim kadarıyla age of...
  19. Bannerman Man

    Resolved [Settlement Building Bug] The tax increase from the Toll Collector building in castles does not work.

    Summary: For castles there is a building called "Toll Collector" that is supposed to boost the settlement's tax income by 10% per level, however it does not provide any boost at any level. The does building appear to be properly initialized in the DefaultBuildingTypes class (except it is...
  20. Lucius Confucius

    Sack/raze settlements or other ways to decrease building levels.

    Once a settlement or castle is fully upgraded, that's it, finito finato. No need to do anything with it anymore. But what if taking a castle reduced all building levels (including walls) by 1? That would make things interesting. Or optionally, keep the current system, but add the ability to...
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