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  1. Hugo_Skywalker

    More live and new clans in Calradia!

    Hi guys, I was thinking about, make possible give a noble title to companions, give to nobles more babies. So if the clan start to have a lot of people, they make a division between the family making a second family. I prefer if they change the system of field like in Warband. Is really cool...
  2. In Progress Companions can govern settlements while being held prisoner in hideout

    Summary: Companions can govern settlements while being held prisoner in hideout How to Reproduce: Assign companion as a governor to any town which is being held prisoner in a hideout Have you used cheats and if so which: No I assigned the companion as a governor to a town without knowing that he...
  3. Faulty

    Resolved e1.5.9 beta - Low town loyalty can cause negative taxes

    Summary: The player has to pay taxes to the town he owns if the loyalty is too low How to Reproduce: Load this save https://www.dropbox.com/s/3t1j30qpp575yp7/low_loyalty_tax_bug_bannerlord.rar Media (Screenshots & Video):
  4. Pusjo

    Showing mercy caused huge relationship penalty

    I conquered a city of my own culture (Vlandian) with mercenaries who are also Vlandian (Golden boar and Brotherhood of the woods). This caused a huge relationship penalty of -30 with Golden Boar and - 40 with Brotherhood of the Woods (3 x -10 and 4 x -10 for some reason; I am guessing because...
  5. Suggestion: king abitities

    I would to suggest that if you become an indipendent kingdom you automatically get the ability to trade cities and settlements as the high level trade perk even if you haven't reached it Hope can be interesting
  6. Need More Info How to make brother have kids? Wife keeps moving 1.5.7 main

    I want my brother to have children, I got him married and I put he and his wife in the same settlement but she moves. I've done it three times and she keeps moving somewhere else. I saw somebody post about this issue for 1.5.6 beta, but thought I should make a new thread to ask, is there another...
  7. Need More Info Town's garrison expanding without player action

    Summary: I own three cities and in two of them number of soldiers in garrison rised greatly, to the point where it exceeded gaarrison's capacity and troops started deserting. I don't know what is causing the bug, but I suspect that when recruiting prisoners become enabled for NPCs, it garrisons...
  8. In Progress Player don't have access to settlement's prisoners

    Summary: I own three towns and their dungeons are full of soldier prisoners, yet when I choose "Manage prisoners" option the dungeon is empty. The prisoners appeared out of nowhere, possibly donated by other parties - I didn't leave a single men in prison How to Reproduce: Become an owner of a...
  9. Monkey

    [1.5.7 Beta NoMods] Suggestion on settlement rebellions and settlement rebel clans

    Presently, whenever there is a rebellion in a settlement due to low loyalty/security, a new clan named "<Settlement> rebels" is created, takes control of the settlement and wages war against the settlement's previous owner clan/faction. The problem with the current design is: (a) the number of...
  10. Monkey

    In Progress [1.5.7 Beta Unmodded] Multiple Settlement rebel clans with the same name

    Though I'm not 100% sure it's a bug, I'm reporting it as a bug because I believe it to be either a bug or a bad design decision. In this game I started there were two rebellions in Husn Fulq in a more or less quick succession. In the second time, a second "Husn Fulq rebels" clan was created with...
  11. DennyWiseau

    Feature Request: Dynamic changing settlement cultures

    In bannerlord it seems a greater emphasis has been put on longevity and connectivity between features. People reproduce grow old and die, towns prospers or stagnate depending on varies events such as wars and caravans imports/export. All these features are in essence dynamic and give the game a...
  12. TheDevilMaySmile

    Quests and their impact on Settlements Security and Loyalty 1.5.6+ [Bring your lousy Problems forward, peasant]

    So i had the luck to instrantly gain Epicrotea as my first settlement. I played as a Vassal of Sturgia. Over the span of about an hour i managed to get up to about 40 loyalty by doing quest nonestop. After i thought i finally secured the City i went east for a 30 day trip to participate in the...
  13. genrev0914

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    Start your conquest as a samurai-like faction, lead your newly founded faction with other clans inside your kingdom. Mod Link (Required Main File) Optional Files (Miscellaneous Files) Addons Installation: -Install Main Files first "Module" folder inside the compressed file goes...
  14. Fell

    Neutral Mercenary & Merchant settlements?

    I think that there should maybe be one place sort of affiliated with each of the merc factions (one 'mercenary' settlement, an exclave). Perhaps with the chance to recruit some of their unique troops while also providing a bit more variety. It might be nice though if there were a little...
  15. Apocal

    A player waiting in settlement should act as Governor (perks).

    Real simple: if a player chooses to wait in a settlement, any of their governor perks should be applied. Right now, there are a bunch of high-level perks that only matter for governors, which means that players can't make use of them and companions very likely will never reach the skill level...
  16. Resolved Cannot make move in Vlandia boardgame

    Summary: I started a game in Vlandian town. My opponent made his move, but I can't make mine. It isn't impossible - both rules and visual feedback (the dot, showing where I can move) are telling me this. But game is preventing me from moving my pawn How to Reproduce: Start playing a boardgame...
  17. Lonewarrior

    Resolved Scene Editor Renaming town in settlements file causes game to Crash if previous used mod tools to move towns

    If you move a town in the mod tools and then try to rename it In the settlements file after you have saved the file in the mod tools, the game crashes on startup of the campaign. Is there a way to rename a town in the mod tools as there doesn’t seem to be an option?
  18. Lemmy1916

    BL Coding Change a settlement owner and culture.

    Hello everyone, for morethan two days now I've been spending all my time night and day trying to change the owner of a town! It's starting to drive me crazy! 😱 I really tried everything in all directions, completely redid my files, tried to integrate my mod in that of other modders, tried...
  19. Apocal

    Give Stewardship a passive (non-perk) bonus to help with administering settlements.

    Right now, only the Engineering skill's passive ability affects governors. While I'm not complaining about that, it doesn't make much sense that Stewardship -- nominally about arranging provisions and managing affairs -- has nothing to contribute to governing a fief. I have three possible...
  20. Lucius Confucius

    Sack/raze settlements or other ways to decrease building levels.

    Once a settlement or castle is fully upgraded, that's it, finito finato. No need to do anything with it anymore. But what if taking a castle reduced all building levels (including walls) by 1? That would make things interesting. Or optionally, keep the current system, but add the ability to...
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