1. SP - General Simple immersion improvements

    Dear Bannerlord Creators 1600+ hours in. I think it would be great if you could make some improvements to make the game more immersive. 1. Implement a court system like in Bannerkings for your clan and faction. Have competitive elections for positions and crown favorites, intrigue etc. 2...
  2. CaptainFracas

    In Progress [1.2.9] Banners floating on top of settlements in the campaign map

    When the player enters in a settlement on the campaign map, his banner and the ones of the parties following him in a army are placed on top of the walls. When the player enters in a scene of the settlement and exit back to the campaign map, the banners are bugged. Floating in the air. Here is a...
  3. In Progress Another Unify the Empire Bug

    First of all Hi everyone, I checked the forum for similar threads but havent found any, so i think im good to go. I encountered another bug at the "Unify the Empire" main quest that is pretty annoying. Im playing as a vassal of the western empire and we captured Lycaron. It was then captured by...
  4. archaicwarrior

    Settlement models so beautiful

    I just did some fighting over the village of Tubilis, and I was so impressed how beautiful these settlement are. Obviously alot of work went into these. CONGRATS to all involved ! Quality, Quality, Quality !!! .
  5. potap

    Structure of the settlements.xml file

    Hi all! In this settlements.xml file entry, scene_name_1, scene_name_2 and scene_name_3 are responsible for displaying the castle scene depending on the level reached. What does the first attribute "scene_name" do? <Location id="center"...
  6. SP - General settlement change suggestion and feedback's

    i played the game probably after 1yr of it release. but till now castle and and town is underrate the option of visiting them. probably it lack the reason to enter them. the only feature is probably the barber and gang alley or tournaments. to be honest there is nothing to do in the game when...
  7. Dmitrov

    In Progress Battle UI offf crashes when entering battle

    Summary: if you start a seige, or alley fight wth battle UI off it crashes the game How to Reproduce: have Battle UI off and start a seige Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  8. Teutonic_Tirade

    SP - General Make Settlement Trading Tied to Clan tier rather than trade.

    As the title says, I believe that making settlement trading tied to trading solely is taking away part of the game. The current trade Perks don't necessarily need to be gotten rid of but I think an improvement would be tying it to clan tiers in addition. Maybe the trading perk can give you a...
  9. Need More Info Villages and Towns I control do not re-spawn troops.

    Summary:I am playing on version e1.7.2.314809. I took over Tyal and used the Governor feature to start a faction. After completing the change I took over the castle just south of it and then Amprela. After a while i noticed none of the towns or villages had troops available to recruit in any of...
  10. SP - General Engineering skills for governors

    Engineering skill is too important for a governor in my opinion. But for learn engineering, character has to setup some war tools while sieging. My suggestion is a governor should learn engineering while upgrading settlement tools too.
  11. SP - General Bandit Role-Play

    I know this is broad, but there should be more options and events for those that want to do an illegal type of playstyle. Everything is geared towards being a noble and leader of kingdoms. What if you wanted to be a Robinhood instead? Be able to run bandit camps and operations. Have wars with...
  12. Joe Friday

    Governor: Player vs Companion

    So, I believe I understand the perks and roles of how companions operate as governors. What of the player? I don't know how to assign myself as governor to a settlement. Am I the governor of all the settlements that are not assigned to a companion? Or am I only the governor of a settlement that...
  13. Lukee123

    Fortified Settlements

    Will keep this forum post short- but something that is frustrating me throughout the game is raids on your smaller settlements when troops are too far to defend and coming to find them burnt and waiting for them to come back- There should be an option (more possible for later game) to fortify...
  14. SkodiDrift

    Castles can't be stopped from starving (prosperity mechanic issues)

    If you run a game long enough, you can see a pattern emerging. Settlements (and castles in particular) keep amassing prosperity and reach a point that even if you have 'em at max buildings, at peace time and ensuring villagers are unimpeded, they start to lose food. Its expected obviously...
  15. SP - UI Settlement UI in Campaign Map

    We already have "Go the keep", "Go the arena", "Go to the tavern district", "Enter the smithy". I suggest displaying this options directly on the exact location in the settlement model (like the image posted) as an addition or substituting the entries in the UI. I also suggest that: Each...
  16. Sir Squirrel

    SP - General Companion skills and perks in Relation to Settelment Governance

    In my latest save file I really took a look a look at governor perk. And i noticed that the most useful governor perks are way at the end of a perk tree (which is understandable). So, I couldn't think a lot of ways to train/level their Social skills like Charm, Leadership, etc. where there are...
  17. xzangth

    In Progress Festival and games etc not giving bonuses in settlements

    Summary: Settlement bonuses are not being given with the daily thing you can assign. as such the loyalty is not increasing as it should. Checked to see if it was just the loyalty bonus, but all bonuses are failing to be accounted for. How to Reproduce: Own a settlement and assign a daily task...
  18. Sukuna Tempest

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops More live and new clans in Calradia!

    Hi guys, I was thinking about, make possible give a noble title to companions, give to nobles more babies. So if the clan start to have a lot of people, they make a division between the family making a second family. I prefer if they change the system of field like in Warband. Is really cool...
  19. In Progress Companions can govern settlements while being held prisoner in hideout

    Summary: Companions can govern settlements while being held prisoner in hideout How to Reproduce: Assign companion as a governor to any town which is being held prisoner in a hideout Have you used cheats and if so which: No I assigned the companion as a governor to a town without knowing that he...
  20. Faulty

    Resolved e1.5.9 beta - Low town loyalty can cause negative taxes

    Summary: The player has to pay taxes to the town he owns if the loyalty is too low How to Reproduce: Load this save Media (Screenshots & Video):
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