1. Map Editing

    Hello, When playing M&B Warband AWOIAF, Essos was limited villages, Castles and towns compared with Westeros, on conquering Essos, while playing in Westeros, it makes difficult too go Essos within time,..... example to handle bandits, looters, dathraki raiders, exiled knights who ride my...
  2. WouLinX

    Campaign World Map Must Be Fixed

    Outer parts of the map looking diffirent from the actual map. We can see the lines, it's looking bad, broken. If they limit our zoom out or limit our camera moves, we don't have to see that bad looking outer parts.
  3. CeyXiong

    Echerion Yükleme Ekranındaki Debug

    İlk geldiğinde de vardı bu durum halen varmış. Biraz absürt duruyor sanki orada FPS göstergesi falan değil mi :D . Bir sonraki patch'te düzeltilse sorun olmaz diye düşünüyorum zira zor bir şey değil onları oradan kaldırmak.
  4. New Captain Map *Cliffs of Akkalat*

    Just dropping a note to throw my support behind this new map for captain. Its massive (which is great) tons of awesome terrain to draw enemies into and setup interesting traps with infantry and archers, plenty of space for cav to really open up but also plenty of spots for infantry to get cav...
  5. zeugme

    Solved 1.5.4 can't reach any named NPC on the map

    When I try to greet someone on the map, I run parallel and can't get to them anymore. Even if I'm faster. I just hover in front of them, can follow them indefinitely, but my leader won't be able to reach the opposite side. Tried with armies and single npc team. I manage to fight looters.
  6. zMasterofPie

    Any chance the devs will release the old Bannerlord maps?

    I know there were at least 2 other maps that came before the current one. I would very much like for them to be released in some way as myself and some people I have spoken to would like to see this map feature in a mod, as it is more accurate to Warband's Calradia and just looks better in my...
  7. Lornloth00

    In Progress Font is Blurry and Tiny

    The font for the notifications on the world map or the log on the lower left hand corner looks different than previous builds. The font is harder to read because it is a few pixels smaller and its very blurry and faded out. It looks very bad and is very heard to read...
  8. Lornloth00

    In Progress Talk screen from world map has strange visuals

    This is happening in the 1.5.4. patch. I have noticed this on Steam, Epic and GoG. While one the world I encounter any party and this occurs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz 40960MB RAM Radeon...
  9. Jancnahn

    A village too far from its binding castle

    The village Thorios is bound to Thorios Castle. Usually bound villages are located close to the binding castle, but there is a river splitting the two so that you have to make a long way around (Accessing the village from Amitatys or Varagos Castle are faster than starting from Thorios Castle)...
  10. Jancnahn

    In Progress no arrow barrels in some siege maps

    I have no way to check every single siege map in the current game, but Vostrum doesn't have arrow barrels on both sides (attackers and defenders). Since arrow barrels are already implemented in other siege maps, I guess this is a missing feature, thus reporting. Thank you.
  11. Minor factions with One city and/or castle

    Much like in Civ V, there are minor factions/city states that you work with to improve your science, economy, etc. We do see minor factions running around the map but it would be cool if they had a city or castle as well. Could make for some easy, early game conquers. They could be on the two...
  12. Creating a boat/ferry system connecting Southern Kingdom and Aserai

    I do not like how far I have to travel around to reach Aserai, especially for trade. I think it would be a good system to have a ferry connecting the cities of Qasira and Vostrum or maybe to the island in the middle which could be a neutral faction that has docks on both sides that connects the...
  13. I made Sixth map !

    thank you for watching! If I just want to say something, Road-Texure isn't expressed properly. Other Videos : Screenshots :
  14. [Speed Mapping] Fifth Map

    i made the fifth map ! if you want to watch screenshots click this link !
  15. Obytack

    I created another Castle :)

    This is will be used for future Multiplayer battles. It's not finished yet. It only has 1 objective. Capture the flag (attackers) or defend the flag (defenders) within the allocated time to win. It's located at the highest point (See photos)
  16. [Speed Mapping] Fourth Map

    I uploaded my fourth speed map! and I made three maps today! more images are here
  17. [Speed Mapping] I made Third map ~

    I've already made it three times... I'm sorry I replaced the image with a blog link because it wasn't uploaded well. images are here...
  18. My first map (Practice - Adaptation)

    Hello! Everyone, I am a user who made many PW maps for the Korean Warband community. This is one of those maps. With the launch of the map editor on Bannerlord, To practice, I made a map to do various experiments! But I don't know how to do "Entry Point" stuff like that. Finally, the...
  19. Kingdom/Family Suggestions

    One of the suggestions I have is having some Kingdom boundaries with towns, castles. Instead of one huge free-for-all land mass where there is no set boundaries. Along with this the AI could b worked where Lords or parties/mercenaries could have defined areas they patrol/guard rather than...
  20. In Progress Llanoc Hen Castle big problems

    Hello, The map use for Llanoc Hen castle and other battanian castle have a lot issues during siege battle. The scripts for assault the wall doesn't work and the warriors don't move when ladder and tower touch the wall. The only way to take the castle is charging after battering ram have...