1. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Settlement UI in Campaign Map

    We already have "Go the keep", "Go the arena", "Go to the tavern district", "Enter the smithy". I suggest displaying this options directly on the exact location in the settlement model (like the image posted) as an addition or substituting the entries in the UI. I also suggest that: Each...
  2. Klumpe-Dumpe

    The state of Captain Mode

    Hello Taleworlds and Community, TL;DR: More time between rounds. Fix ranged combat so "skirmishing" is viable. Make Captain’s Mode maps bigger and more open. I love the singleplayer game though. About me: My name is Mikkel Andersen. I am a 26 year-old, business engineering student. My...
  3. Namakan

    In Progress Glitching in and out of Duel Arenas

    Scene Name (if related): Proving Grounds Media (Screenshots & Video): I'll take that VIP badge, already have the bughunter one :^)
  4. Shronker

    Need More Info Missing textures on map and battle scenes

    Summary: Missing textures on both map and battle scenes on the new update. Not sure if I should revert to the previous version. I have also tried deleting C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders" folder and verified the integrity of game files and the problem still persists. Have...
  5. RodLimitless

    when entering battle, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map

    upon entering, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map (out of the available terrains of coure) it's annoying retreating 15 times so i can play on the map that i like
  6. Need More Info Game crashes on map after rescuing siblings from Radagos.

    Summary: Whenever I complete the quest to rescue my siblings, and then proceed to execute or let go radagos, I crash on the map after walking around a couple of seconds. I loaded back before I rescued my siblings and everything was fine, after I rescued them again the game started crashing...
  7. Nodice83

    In Progress e 1.6.0 - CTD / Possible memory leak ?

    Summary: The game crashed in the middle of the map after approximately 1hr of Sandbox gameplay. Pop up shown after the CTD. How to Reproduce: I think you need to play the game, the most recent save will be upladed. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Campaign Map...
  8. Apocal

    The Settlement Icon feedback thread.

    I like them overall, but I think they are about 10-15% too big. edit: Also, this is incredibly niggling but... the Cotton resource was switched to Raw Silk a few patches ago (good change) but the associated icon looks exactly like a cotton plant, not a silk plant. Granted, silk plants don't...
  9. Seek n Destroy

    SP Medieval [WB][Submod][LSP] Iberia Map for Hispania 1200

    Iberia Map Replacement for Hispania 1200 Hello gents, this here is a submod for the base version of Hispania 1200 that replaces the base map of the mod with one made by rgcotl, some additional changes include repositioning the parties, tweaking some scripts so the sea travel system from the mod...
  10. Resolved Mountain Bandits Spawn En Masse - No other bandits spawn anywhere else on Map, including Looters

    As per title, the only bandits that spawn are mountain bandits. As a side effect, anywhere mountain bandits do not normally spawn, there are *no* bandits at all. There are no bandit troops or looters in the Aserai, Sturgian, or Khurzait lands. There are only bands of mountain bandits...
  11. In Progress I can't engage party on Beta Patch (1.5.7)

    Hi, after playing for quite a while, I can't engage enemy party or any other party in the game. My clan just starts following the party very close and can't engage. I need to close the game and re-open it so it can reset the bug. It happened about 8-9 in a few hours of gameplay. Also, I do not...
  12. In Progress Various visual map/ui bugs

    A small collection of various visual bugs in maps: Floating grass in this empire castle by the horse statue: Map city icon partially white: Siege engine icon not visible: See through wall in dungeon in Amprela Black square on keep wall in Odrysa (I think) Overly saturated purple...
  13. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.7] Unnamed Mobile Party

    I just encountered a party with the name unnamedMobileParty on the map
  14. Faustus

    So, when are we returning to the pre-release map?

    Let's be honest, the new map isn't all that great. While it certainly looks pretty, weird reshuffling of city names, nonsensical geography, and poor game balance (especially for little old sturgia) all keep it from being truly good. On the other hand, this old map we had was pretty damn good in...

    I created this map because I feel maps like this with 100+ people in MP would be truly epic and crazy. Defenders will have limited lives (5 or 6) Attackers will have unlimited lives Attackers wont have siege equipment but don't worry, you can easily hack down the gates as I've chosen the weaker...
  16. I created a Roman Fort for Bannerlord

  17. mrpot8o

    [MAP] PG Island Event *powered by PG*

    PG Island Event Merhaba arkadaşlar uzun zamandır map edit veya map tasarımı ile uğraşmıyordum. Karşınızda kendi aramızda oynamak için tasarladığımız TeamDeathmatch haritası. PK modu için uyumludur. Fotoğraflar İndir Created by MrPot8o
  18. I made a Wooden Roman Fort map

    Hey Guys, With the Roman mods that have slowly started to come out I thought I would start working on Roman maps. I have created a simple Roman Wooden Fort, which is planned to be used for MP battles against the Barbarian tribes. (when custom servers arise) This map will have multiple weather...
  19. Eagle'

    Resolved Multiplayer Custom Map Ekleme

    Warband sunucum için custom map eklemek istiyorum ama ne güzel harita bulabildim ne de sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atacağımı biliyorum. Sunucu dosyaları arasından nereye atmam gerekiyor harita dosyalarını? Ayrıca önerebileceğiniz mapler varsa sevinirim
  20. Eagle'

    Warband Multiplayer Custom Map Ekleme

    Sunucuma custom mapler eklemek istiyorum ama harita dosyalarını sunucu dosyalarında nereye eklemem gerekiyor?
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