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i played the game probably after 1yr of it release. but till now castle and and town is underrate the option of visiting them.
probably it lack the reason to enter them. the only feature is probably the barber and gang alley or tournaments.
to be honest there is nothing to do in the game when you visit the town or castle because there is nothing to do inside it.
i hope you add something better such us building your own shop and has the option to make it bigger that would also change the economy of your town/castle at the same time competing with the market with other npc/player.
shop suggestion if possible and i hope so.
1. trade route priority to instruct your caravan in getting the goods / raw material
2. making contracts with the villages where the raw material is being produced to providing you more materials if your in a good terms with them and this also affect good/ bad relation with them.
3. gang - to protect your shop goods from being stolen by random npc.

still lack the main option to visit the tavern aside from the game. on the old version in viking conquest it sould be mead hall where it gives you more option to use the tavern/mead hall such as this.
  • You can send a message to vassals or monarchs you have previously met.
  • You can be told about talented blacksmiths for 50 peningas.
  • You can ask him for news.
  • Belligerent Drunks
  • Travelllers - giving information and gossip about the entire realm
  • Ransom Broker the possibility to ransom
  • Wandering Poets: They are masters of romance.
  • Happy Widow: For 1500 peningas she can raise morale of your men or, for 100, provide you with company for one night.
  • etc
you see it has more option compared to bannerlord. and i hope things change as well for future update.
for the bannerlord tavern they only provide the board game/where it is useless to be honest and companion suggestion with the tavern npc.
no other reason to deal with them at all. this can be disregarded cause the game mechanics are mainly for war. no castle management at all aside from letting the npc auto built the garrison, wall, graneries, etc. for the sum that you provide. for 150,000 denars you can built them all without any hindrance.
i hope tw change this town/castle management.
i hope on the full release we can see what is really going on within the castle/town when you manage it and make income from it not just the tax or prosperity of the town we WE WANTED MORE DIVERSE option to manage it. lets just say we wanted to build a farm/graneries we wanted to build in where you can design your field. fund them instruct them on what they need to pant and crop not just grapes or grain. i hope there is a farmer management where it also involve the economy of the farming goods. we can add farm where you can raise pigs, cows, etc. leaving a companion in the castle where you can instruct them to train your militia and while your not in war they can act as guards/security within the castle/town they provide reports of the malicious npc where they can catch traitors theft etc. or they can also defend the surrounding from bandits. i have not seen the garrison or militia roaming the surrounding of the settlement.
and lets me just add this as well. for clan party.
in the old days if you are a king and manage a kingdom you can turn your companion as a general where you send them out to defend, attack certain settlement or patrol a certain area. if i'm not mistaken this exist in viking conquest where tw suck at adding this option in the game. your vassals and clan party just roam the map randomly. specialy when your at war even if you setup a defence stance your vassal randomly overtaken a casle or town which it should not happen where you command them to defend the entire region of your kingdom. army ai SUCKS to be honest with TW.

i don't know what the companion's are used for wherein if your family grew bigger they can provide more since it's alot easier to upgrade there perks compared to companions. using the companion it's already useless in the long run. why? it's too dificult to level them up based on the perks we want them to be upgraded. there are no uses for them aside for replacing your family member on the clan party list where your family and spouse is stronger.
and it would be better to use them if you have better town/castle management. where you can sent your trusted companion to manage farm, train militia/security or if they have higher smithing perks they can be asign as a blacksmith where they repair or make weapons for your soldiers for maintenance. if your companion have higher governoing option/perks fr your town or castle you can leave your companion to govern your settlement to prevent your settlement income to be stolen by nobles or any worst outcome for your settlement when you don't manage it, and it would be meaningful if companion can be assigned as messanger to instruct certain group on what to do. either ransom or broke them out of jail, to assign group to defend or offense or to attack/seign a certain castle or town etc.

minor faction
i hope they have the option of creating or finding there own kingdom in the long run to make more enemies and diff faction all together.
i think majority of the player is also requesting this multiple times to prolong the game and to provide balance. where in other player turn there companion to there vassal and they start at level 2. if there is a new found faction created by minor clan there vassal's can grow and start the same pace as you and more competition in hiring old clan's and to spread them out evenly.

game story or main mechanic of the game.
constant war. it sucks where kingdoms does not provide valid reason to wage war on a diff kingdom. it would be better if you change that as well.
and the story main focus is to take over calrady after taking 13 towns for the empire your next step is to eliminate the other kingdom such as vlandia sturgia and aserai.
the story sucks where-in after you completly take over the whole map what is the next step there is non? see the picture, not all players are interested to take over the whole map. where tw keep on insisting on doing it. also the birth and aging module is useless because after the story line there is no need for your children no mater how many of them the whole kingdom of calrady has already been taken by your character creation only. that is why there is no growth on the game because tw only focus is the constant war and the map is small. i missed the viking conquest where you have the option of building a ship to travel across ocean the map is bigger. more/diverse gameplan.

sorry for the messed up there is so much more in mind.

message to TW.
the game is promising if you provide your players the option to manage there own settlement/kingdom instead of pre build fixed income since you only have the option to build stuff on the castle/town management alone with the fix funding of 150,000.
personal message for TW read suggestion with other player as well. to tell you the truth i hope you listen to your player's request and suggestion's. why? cause they are your biggest supporters with the product that you sell. and they are your consumer's without them i think them game would would not last this long and based on wat i have read with one of them, TW just don't listen and they wanted the game to work based on what they want ONLY. i hope that change. for this suggestion you can just add them up probably as modules/dlc of the game if there is additional charge i am morethan willing to pay and support your production. but based on what i can see. other's stopped playing the game midways due to lack of diversity of the game mechanics. and we are not interested to conquer the whole map. that's ends up with the user/player but we wanted a meaningful story of the game. cause what i can see viking conquest is way better but lack's the graphics. bannerlord mainly for graphics and constant war only it SUCKS. november update is a disapointment to be honest, i thought it's a big overhaul or more options but damn no change. and unlimited bug fix.
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