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Because of the difficulty in understanding how to truly profit from workshops and the need to change them based upon prosperity and war it seems the easiest fix for this difficulty is to simply increase the amount of workshops per clan tier to give the player a better chance at profit. Caravans in my experience is a better source of passive income because after they get started it becomes a stable source of income with minimal micro-management. I can get 5000d per day from caravans but I struggle to get workshops that can get close to 200d each per day. Some of the workshops get 400d-500d but the total daily gold is usually about 600d-800d which doesn't seem profitable considering the cost of everything in the game. Please consider raising the amount of workshops that the player can buy to help the player make a better profit considering the expensive of starting and running a kingdom.

This would be better than having to rely on crafting to make money.
Maybe players / AI should be able to buy a share in a village ? With a lord's / villagers consent, you pay a certain amount upfront and the village pays you in "produce" every so often ? You then sell the produce elsewhere for profit.

Just an idea to give the game more investment options.
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On the contrary, I´d suggest suggest making them profitable..... If you assign a good clanmember to work there! Smithing and Steward could give a small static benefit.
I can get 5000d per day from caravans but I struggle to get workshops that can get close to 200d
Caravans costs a clanmember. They should be alot better :smile:
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