1. Lornloth00

    SP - General Increase the amount of Workshops per clan tier

    Because of the difficulty in understanding how to truly profit from workshops and the need to change them based upon prosperity and war it seems the easiest fix for this difficulty is to simply increase the amount of workshops per clan tier to give the player a better chance at profit. Caravans...
  2. Hero07911010

    Didn't get the Companion options you wanted?

    If you didn't get the companions you wanted in your current game, you can hire companions and fire them. This will cause them to be "lost" and another will take their place in a few days. But, before you do that, watch this video...
  3. Holy Shift

    SP - Economy Remove the Limit of Workshops

    If you dont wanna get higher income for each.
  4. Holy Shift

    SP - Economy Really Insist in Those Workshop Profits?

    I got 0 income continously from a tanner and 0-150 from smithy. You made the singleplayer unplayable. I was barely getting positive income while i get 500 income from each workshops and negative many times. All the party i have and companion parties. What was the purpose of lowering the profits...
  5. Holy Shift

    Workshop Incomes

    I get profit between 0-150 dinar and there is still bound number of workshops per clan tier. I cant even maintain main army with this income.
  6. hsngrms

    SP Native Profitable Workshops

    Profitable Workshops mod changes default workshop parameters to make them more profitable starting from day 1 (day 0 is first buy date). List of modifications Workshop buy price = 1 denar (Game default = 12k+) Daily expense = 1 denar (Game default = 25 or more) Production change cost = 1 denar...
  7. Horse Trading Formula

    I was thinking about a way to trade horses without having to rely on the Green-Yellow-Red system that Bannerlord uses. I don't like it and have seen instances of it contradicting itself. So, I thought if I can capture price data from the game and make a formula I can make a price list. This...
  8. kreamy

    SP - General Mark Your Average Purchase Price (Of the item in your current inventory, Trading)

    Simple & Straightforward. Also, this purchase price should appear in the same window as the avg. sale price, at the top, you would have the avg. cost you payed for that item in your inventory (if purchased). If you are going to sink SP in & get to track the avg. sale price of an item, you...
  9. metafa

    What to do with captured enemy lords?

    What is the best way to profit from captured enemy lords? I saw I can sell them into slavery which brings a sh*tload of money. Will it be bad for my reputation? Will they get back in their previous position? Can I kill them? Will releasing them give me relations with them in EA 1.0.2? Any...
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