1. SP - World Map Map expansion and suggestion

    the map was small and it only has a few town and castle within calradia. i hope devs can expand that where in you can travel seas by boat and have sea raders at sea and a group of pirates similar to viking conquest where i love how big the map is and how you can travel land to land. building...
  2. SP - General settlement change suggestion and feedback's

    i played the game probably after 1yr of it release. but till now castle and and town is underrate the option of visiting them. probably it lack the reason to enter them. the only feature is probably the barber and gang alley or tournaments. to be honest there is nothing to do in the game when...
  3. Lornloth00

    SP - General Increase the amount of Workshops per clan tier

    Because of the difficulty in understanding how to truly profit from workshops and the need to change them based upon prosperity and war it seems the easiest fix for this difficulty is to simply increase the amount of workshops per clan tier to give the player a better chance at profit. Caravans...
  4. MasterDracer

    SP - Economy Lower/decrease the Squad / Army costs

    If you have about a total of 1k troops, the soldier costs are incredibly high, so high that you make high losses every day. reduce the cost of troops, squads, garrisons. The costs are ridicolous.
  5. ViKingOutLDR

    Promoted Companions in Kingdom doesn't contribute !!

    First I have to say Bannerlord is a great game and I have been really addicted to it. There is a few things that I can't really figure out, might be something I don't understand. I play the latest version on Xbox. In my Kingdom I have promoted a total of 6 companions to lords and they have...
  6. SP - Economy Equipment Costs & Troop Upgrade Costs make no sense

    Tier 1 to Tier 2 Upgrade costs 15 denars and the troop gets full gear for free. If you visit towns and search for the same gear the item costs are in hundreds and thousands. I do understand this is done to balance the progression of the player but it absolutely makes no sense and completely...
  7. Ixzzhaeldir

    Bannerlord Characters / Heroes buying Equipment from Towns

    Hi, I was just wondering if NPC characters like Heroes / Companions and other characters were programmed to buy stuff like equipment and other items from towns and villages? Im trying to figure out the economy here if goods actually get circulated throughout the world. thank you
  8. Xinamon

    best tier for size vs cost

    I want to field a big army but I don't want to spend a fortune, what would be the best tier to stop upgrading?
  9. Gortar

    Need More Info Landlords Needs Manual Laborers dont give promised award

    Summary: In quest log there is information that quest giver will give 10x the market value for the every bandit catched, while in fact its maybe x5. I think you guys forgot to change the text in quest log when you nerfed the quest award. How to Reproduce: Just read the quest description and...
  10. Semso03

    Atölyeler ve Ekonomi

    Şu Atölye işi ne oldu merak ediyorum doğrusu ekonomi sistemi vs de hala tam sürümde yok sanırsam atölyeler level 1 den yukarıya çıkmıyor şunu bi yapın artık yaw
  11. Tackier

    SP - General Game Balance/Economy/Player-Builds.

    This post is a general suggestion list regarding the Singleplayer experience from a player with around 300 hours into the game without mods.This is certainly one of my favorite games and I hope the information I provide is useful for gameplay updates added in the future. It is seperated into two...
  12. Nawari

    SP - Quests little throwback to 1.8.0 main quest after a long period without playing

    little throwback to 1.8.0 main quest after a long period without playing Just a few remarks: 1 / I played the most difficult level, with possible death of the hero. So it's a return to a "hard" part. 2 / On the economy: if I understand that this is the difficulty and that there are...
  13. SP - Economy (HOW DO I LABEL AS FIXED?) At just lvl 20 Smithing, I can already break the economy. And it's no fun.

    03/15/23 update for 1.1+: Prices are even more harsher and I think smithing is now much more balanced because items like the pugio which contained rare metals (but before v1.1 was very very cheap and ubiquitous), it is now very expensive and rare (1 pugio/tribesman throwing dagger is over $10k...
  14. SP - General Just some stuff I thought might be cool.

    I like the kingdom policies and the way you spend influence but I wish there was a bit more to the diplomacy between kingdoms. Right now it is literally just; Declare War fightfightfight Peace. Done. (oh and I somehow I still have to pay even if the other side is utterly smashed.) Ofcourse...
  15. Starving towns 1.7.1

    Latest update has all my towns starving. I have some in excess of -100 food per day. Is this a known issue as I was unable to locate on list. The towns themselves are getting seemingly buff negative impact from prosperity but produce no food regardless of upgrades. Markets hold over 800 food...
  16. Woopzilla

    Feedback on Ustokol Castle - Villagers cannot reach the market at Revyl - Patrols needed?

    Stickied thread pointed me here to post feedback, so here goes: Ustokol Castle and its garrison prove a huge problem for the villagers of Zhemyan and Ustokol. I think this image should explain the issue: The narrow terrain and placement of Ustokol Castle causes a huge pileup of bandits on...
  17. Cost of War in Calradia

    Maybe I just haven't played the games long enough, but I haven't noticed any kind of effect of prolonged warfare on a faction's economy and populace. And I thought - wouldn't it be more interesting to have wars take a toll on entire faction's economy, as well as the morale of the populace...
  18. Spyware

    How would you imagine a reworked economy should be like? Fun Discussion.

    This isn't a suggestion but a fun thought experiment. Bannerlord in the base game centers around social ladder climbing and combat. Thus, the whole game caters to the sustaining of those endeavors. As such, currency or denars just comes out of thin air and inflation is more than inevitable, it's...
  19. SP - Economy Orders for caravans

    So while playing smith character i run into some issues. I saw that some time ago was a post about adding control+ shift + to smithing and refining, thats good. But what i mean orders for caravans? Easy. For example that we could (in town managment screen or somewhere) place an order for a...
  20. SP - General Make weapon (and possibly armor) prices based on material + skill markup

    As I've understood so far every weapon in the game is possible to make in the smithing section. If this is the case, I would like to suggest a different way of calculating weapon price that more accurately resembles it's economic value as well as the skills required to obtain it for free. I...
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