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I've played Overlord for over 800 hours, experiencing the game's economy from multiple angles and multiple ways of playing. Now I suggest that it's time to make some changes to the game's economy.

In the game, income and expenses are settled daily. I think the frequency of this settlement is too high, especially when the player has a large team. The cost of the team is high, which leaves players with no choice but to spend a lot of energy on constantly earning money to pay their daily wages, mainly through war, endless war. This kills the fun for a lot of players.

At the same time, too frequent revenue settlement has a huge diminishing marginal return on the player's sense of gain.

When we play the game, we get dinars from many sources, which are large in value but small in effect. For example, in life, ten thousand is not a small number; One thousand dinars in the game is not a small amount of money, if not through war means, players need to work through many other aspects to earn them. But there isn't enough valuable non-war-related content for players to spend money on, it's hard for players to experience the pleasure of having a large amount of money, and their efforts to earn that money aren't sufficiently rewarded.

However, if the player spends this money on war, it is not enough to help the player buy enough valuable equipment, or to support an elite team of more than 100 people for a few days. As a result, many of these things reduce the sense of acquisition and increase the negative experience, which is frustrating for the player.

On the other hand, the settlement was so frequent that it inflated the value of the currency, and the dinar became worthless, which made many values difficult to balance. For example, if a player owns a territory, he will receive income from it every day. However, because of the daily income, the value of the income cannot be set too high, otherwise the player will get too much money too quickly. However, if the revenue is adjusted too low, as it is now, the territory's revenue does not even support the player's spending. In the face of high prices of high-quality equipment, these revenues are even less worth mentioning. This reduces the player's enjoyment of acquiring territory. The territory becomes tasteless and a pity to abandon.

In the same way, since players earn income on a daily basis (when they own some fixed asset, such as a workshop or territory, or get a lot of money from a war), the real main goods, armor and weapons, fluctuate very little in price, so the initial price has to be adjusted very high, otherwise it will be too easy for the player to acquire them.

When the price of equipment and weapons is very high, only war can get enough money to buy these items, and other in-game activities and rewards become insignificant in the face of war. For example: help the Lord to capture his enemies of the mission, the reward is 5,000 dinars; The reward for taking a city is 20,000 dinars. These missions are expensive to complete because players need to maintain a large number of elite troops, do high-risk things, pay considerable losses, and earn these rewards. But the rewards of these missions are not nearly as good as the earnings from victory in a major war, and do not even offset the daily wages paid to soldiers on the road. Not to mention other small tasks. But there is not much use for so much money other than buying equipment and weapons and paying soldiers daily wages. That undermines the enormous effort you've put into building everything else.

Therefore, I propose to reduce the frequency of revenue settlement, like warband, for example every five days, or even every seven days. This has several advantages:

1,We can reduce prices substantially, because the frequency of receiving fixed money is relatively low, and we do not have a large but very small dinar

2, players don't have to worry about paying their troops daily, they can have time to enjoy the joy of victory, have time to experience other aspects of the game, rather than constantly joining new wars

3, we can greatly increase the revenue of various aspects, such as the revenue of the workshop, the revenue of the caravan, the revenue of the territory, the commission of the mercenary, the ransom of the captured Lord, etc., because the player gets this money less frequently, and will not have a large sum of money too quickly. However, a large amount of income can make the player feel very gained.

4, small tasks to give the player rewards, will be more valuable. For example, helping villages sell surplus products, helping villagers transport livestock, and so on. These tasks usually reward a thousand or a few hundred dinars, and when the dinars become valuable, the tasks also become valuable. These small sums of money can be a pleasant surprise for the player

5,Since settlement is slower, the states that win in war do not expand too quickly, and the states that lose in war do not decline too quickly, and therefore there is no need for additional balance, no need for more frequent wars out of balance.

6, we can easily distinguish high-quality equipment from ordinary equipment by price, and can also distinguish important people from ordinary soldiers. We can make the equipment used by Kings or high level lords very luxurious, extremely expensive, and at the same time, these equipment have very, very high values; Ordinary soldiers do the opposite. For example, the King's helmet is worth half a million dollars and has 200 defensive points, making it difficult for most weapons to deal effective damage. The helmet of an ordinary soldier is worth 300 dinars, and the defense value is only dozens of points, which can only reduce some damage. The value of Kings, lords, senior soldiers, and ordinary soldiers on the battlefield can be distinguished. A distinction can also be made between expensive premium items and cheap common items.

At the same time, the player can get a lot of ordinary equipment that is just enough, as well as the occasional reward of luck, and the harvest of expensive advanced equipment.

7. We can distinguish prosperous territory from poor territory by income. A large, prosperous city, for example, has a tax of fifteen thousand dinars every seven days; A poor city, on the other hand, only receives 2,000 dinars every seven days. At the same time, we do not have to worry about the rapid development of the city, which will cause the value of inflation; Or the player gets too much money too soon.

8, the rewards of a war, the rewards of an army battle, can become very rich, because they don't have to happen often, and players don't have to fight every day. Therefore, some wars with extremely rich loot can give players a sense of accomplishment, but also make the ability to increase loot becomes very attractive.

I'm grateful to Talesworld for creating such a great game and making it such a great experience for me. I hope this game can get better and better, and I wish you all the best in your work.

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