SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

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For those experiencing poor economy, ya, I miss trading a bit, have you checked in the camp option and make sure to turn off the diplomacy economic changes? I found that businesses make a bit of money there. Having said that, it's not a lot of money, the return seems to be baked in at 20 weeks or so (4500 gets you around 220 per week) before you get a return, it's worse for the dye works. The secret is, don't buy them at all unless you are going to play that long. Generally I feel like I won around day 300, so it's worth it, the dye works is about 25 weeks. I buy whichever one makes sense, and hope it will payoff, but I don't buy them straight off, I prefer to take my first town first, which happens around day 60-80, so, I need my money to get set up, like hiring the Unsullied guy and generally like to buy good armor and an armored horse if I get unlucky with looting. Keep your party to companions if you can and get into fights and take all the loot for yourself, the don't care.


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The problem I'm seeing with the economy has nothing to do with businesses, but the lack of positive trade deals for a starting character. With 7 points in Trade, I can barely ever find profitable merchandise to buy or sell, and when I do, one trade run taps it out. Funding a business isn't an option if you can barely even afford to feed your character with the pathetic trade earnings.

Basically, either you're a fighter, or there's no point in playing.