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Currently existing mercenary clans and cultures mentioned in lore only (Palaic) already have plenty of potential to be used as destabilizing agents in Calradia. We have nord mercenaries, disgruntled former legionaries, separatist rebels, desert nomads and all they do is jump around boosting factions. Instead of bringing some novel faction from overseas, why not include a mechanic for minor clans to increase their overall presence/power in Calradia?

Take the Legion of the Betrayed and the Brotherhood of the Woods, for example, both of those clans originate from a group of people feeling betrayed by their overlords, one composed by former professional soldiers and the other by rebel peasants, both of them could have a set of goals to increase their power/presence/size, which the player can help, hinder or completely ignore, that could lead to a full rebellion, something like what we had with claimants in Warband.

I would much rather be involved in maintaining the status quo or helping minor clans become powerhouses than be stuck fighting armies that appear out of nowhere for no real reason.
Agreed, and to be honest that kind of is what I expected when reading the dev blogs... to have minor factions with an identity which we could interact with... not just mercenary companies (which aren’t even that useful).


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Agreed, and to be honest that kind of is what I expected when reading the dev blogs... to have minor factions with an identity which we could interact with... not just mercenary companies (which aren’t even that useful).
Na they are useful. As I finished marunnath, the last town of the battanians, they had gotten in return all mercenary clans. As I couldn't make peace because I needed 6000 influence for it, they raided the ****ing hell out of me. One town had even a rebellion and I had to took it back. Also mercenary clans are the only one who attack villagers parties or caravans. So they do a lot to force chaos upon you


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I think its important for people to also realize these threads dont need to be purely about a "yes good idea!" -"Bad -terrible idea!'". Whats far more productive is fostering ideas for a more realized dynamic worldscape. I mean really thats whats at the heart of this type of idea - the game worldscape is pretty tedious and uninteresting for alot of people it seems. You have to be failing pretty bad in this area for customers who bought a game based off of warfare to be complaining theres just "too much war" going on. I mean -who doesnt love warfare thats like saying theres too much yummy in this cake! The fact is it feels tedious to be in constant war without other interesting world dynamics and dramas playing out.

Honestly the Invasion is kinda played out but it at least gives the feeling of "theres something serious gonna be happening soon" as opposed to what we have now -nonstop uninteresting Warfare that stops and starts with little interesting information of drive related to it and no mid to late game events.


I really liked the dark knights invasion in the original M&B, they were tough but not impossible to defeat and you could even join them.

Did you catch the invasion back in the early beta of the first Mount and Blade, or are you talking about the mod?


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This game needs more late game content as much as possible. Early and Mid game is already fun but late game is completely boring if you do not enjoy conquering the whole map. I do agree with this game needing a late game invasion system or everything else to make it more fun in late game.
Okay, it is a given the game centers largely on feudal war, but couldn't we effectively implement an uprising or some form of rebellion that would be challenging and consist of the cultures and forces already present in the game? Do we actually need another outside force?

I am just posing some questions for thought. I actually think the idea of late game invasions might be fun, if implemented well.
The rebellions are a joke. I've played a total of 7 full campaigns of conquering the whole map, and I've only seen one rebellion that succeeded and wasn't stomped out. The rebellions suck.
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