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Currently existing mercenary clans and cultures mentioned in lore only (Palaic) already have plenty of potential to be used as destabilizing agents in Calradia. We have nord mercenaries, disgruntled former legionaries, separatist rebels, desert nomads and all they do is jump around boosting factions. Instead of bringing some novel faction from overseas, why not include a mechanic for minor clans to increase their overall presence/power in Calradia?

Take the Legion of the Betrayed and the Brotherhood of the Woods, for example, both of those clans originate from a group of people feeling betrayed by their overlords, one composed by former professional soldiers and the other by rebel peasants, both of them could have a set of goals to increase their power/presence/size, which the player can help, hinder or completely ignore, that could lead to a full rebellion, something like what we had with claimants in Warband.

I would much rather be involved in maintaining the status quo or helping minor clans become powerhouses than be stuck fighting armies that appear out of nowhere for no real reason.
Agreed, and to be honest that kind of is what I expected when reading the dev blogs... to have minor factions with an identity which we could interact with... not just mercenary companies (which aren’t even that useful).
Agreed, and to be honest that kind of is what I expected when reading the dev blogs... to have minor factions with an identity which we could interact with... not just mercenary companies (which aren’t even that useful).
Na they are useful. As I finished marunnath, the last town of the battanians, they had gotten in return all mercenary clans. As I couldn't make peace because I needed 6000 influence for it, they raided the ****ing hell out of me. One town had even a rebellion and I had to took it back. Also mercenary clans are the only one who attack villagers parties or caravans. So they do a lot to force chaos upon you


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I think its important for people to also realize these threads dont need to be purely about a "yes good idea!" -"Bad -terrible idea!'". Whats far more productive is fostering ideas for a more realized dynamic worldscape. I mean really thats whats at the heart of this type of idea - the game worldscape is pretty tedious and uninteresting for alot of people it seems. You have to be failing pretty bad in this area for customers who bought a game based off of warfare to be complaining theres just "too much war" going on. I mean -who doesnt love warfare thats like saying theres too much yummy in this cake! The fact is it feels tedious to be in constant war without other interesting world dynamics and dramas playing out.

Honestly the Invasion is kinda played out but it at least gives the feeling of "theres something serious gonna be happening soon" as opposed to what we have now -nonstop uninteresting Warfare that stops and starts with little interesting information of drive related to it and no mid to late game events.


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This game needs more late game content as much as possible. Early and Mid game is already fun but late game is completely boring if you do not enjoy conquering the whole map. I do agree with this game needing a late game invasion system or everything else to make it more fun in late game.
Okay, it is a given the game centers largely on feudal war, but couldn't we effectively implement an uprising or some form of rebellion that would be challenging and consist of the cultures and forces already present in the game? Do we actually need another outside force?

I am just posing some questions for thought. I actually think the idea of late game invasions might be fun, if implemented well.
The rebellions are a joke. I've played a total of 7 full campaigns of conquering the whole map, and I've only seen one rebellion that succeeded and wasn't stomped out. The rebellions suck.


The rebellions are a joke. I've played a total of 7 full campaigns of conquering the whole map, and I've only seen one rebellion that succeeded and wasn't stomped out. The rebellions suck.
Well, to be fair, rebellions don't have to be consistently successful, although of course making them a little stronger would be enough to make the rebels more successful and the kingdom's fight against them more persistent.


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I'm not sure if a traditional invasion mechanic (PoP style) would fit well into the native... but I do want to fight some big armies of unique enemies, yet not necessarily that spawn out of the thin air. It would be nice if they fixed the bandit issues like this. When player gains clan tier the bandits usually get out of control with a million of small parties everywhere. Make it so that once they get to a certain number in a region, they merge up under a bandit hero to raid villages/castles. That way you could say it's like an invasion, because look at this BIG pile of sea raiders merging up, but it's not something out of the world per se. And after you defeat them there's finally some clearer lands for a while - you could even make it so that bandits stop spawning for a little time in the region they spawned in - this is the reward for defeating them. Can give the bandit hero party unique items as well - a weapon or something (a memento), you can choose to kill him or release him (increasing your relation with bandits in a certain region - for a bandit playthrough), I mean, anything can be done... Maybe after you have gained enough relations with the bandits in a region, you could use them as a hired mercenary once they form into a big group. That would be cool as hell.

The rebellions are a joke. I've played a total of 7 full campaigns of conquering the whole map, and I've only seen one rebellion that succeeded and wasn't stomped out. The rebellions suck.
It has been stated that rebellions success chance will be increased from the poor 1-2% to a whopping 10-40% or something like that. They'll get 100 initial militia I think, so they will be more significant (maybe even in the next patch)
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I welcome all participants of the forum. For a long time I did not know how to start this topic, where to start, how to show this topic important for our game. This topic has been raised many times on the forum, but for a short time, and then subsided, and to be honest, I do not really know until now, so I apologize for some crumpled narrative and crooked English, but I hope the essence of my message will be clear to everyone.

As a person who is fond of global games, including the Mount, I played 3 full games that ended with a complete capture of the map, and the more time passed, the more clearly I realized that the game lacked something global, some very difficult challenges for a huge player empire and a late-stage AI empire,


As you remember, for the original Mount, the developers planned a kind of Invasion of the Black Knights – huge aggressive and strong stacks came, crushing everyone in their path, but either because they did not have a clear historical basis, or because of lack of time or for other reasons, but they never lived to see the release.

And the more I played Banner, I was clearly aware of the need for invasions, and several factions, of course, that we are not talking about the black knights.


1. There should be several invasions and different factions,
2. They must occur during the late game during the formation of the player's or AI's powerful empires,
3. These invasions should be VERY DIFFICULT to resist, it should be hot even for the mighty empires that have taken over the entire map,
4. There must be some new mechanics,
5. These mechanics will allow you to feel the game more complete and interesting.
6. This feature must be disabled and / or configured at the beginning of the game so that the player has a choice.

So, for me, there should be at least two factions for the invasion, definitely not one, and they should be radically different from each other, let's start with something more familiar


- to be honest, everything is quite logical and understandable-The Nords from the Northern Islands make raids on the coast of Calradia, in this regard, there are several logical ideas
- There should be several raids – each of them is stronger than the previous one,
- These raids should lead to the Warband plot at least logically,
- The initial raids are only predatory-however, for example, in the last raid, the Nords can capture cities and castles and establish their own kingdom,
- Sturgia should have a good relationship with the Nords for obvious reasons, at least until the foundation of the Nords of their kingdom, respectively, the Vikings are extremely aggressive towards the rest of the kingdoms,
- The Nords should be very different in terms of troops, ranks, equipment, and further with the Sturgians, the latter can be made even more similar to the Slavs, there should be a greater allocation of Vegirs
- thus, a new player can appear on the map of Calradia, with their own troops, clans, etc.


Since the Nords are not supposed to be the only invading force, and they are more or less familiar to us, we will now touch on something more unique…


To be honest, with this option, I had to think for a very long time– who has a historical, at least partially based, but a color that distinguishes everyone from other factions, as well as carrying a threat – and to be honest, suddenly came a rather successful option, often flashing on the forum


You may ask, what is this nonsense? And to be honest, at first I thought the same thing, but given their color, given
"this enemy's appearance and equipment must be radically different from anything seen in Calradia."
- color that has a relative historical basis, in contrast to the same Black Knights
- the cult of war and extreme aggressiveness without compromise
And finally, one of the reasons why I prefer the Aztecs as an invasion, namely, the Target

What brought these aliens to earth? And why should it inspire us with terror and a sense of danger?
Gold and other treasures? Too corny. Land? Too primitive, too

And then the answer came literally on the surface-prisoners for Sacrifice! This will really allow them to be perceived as cruel opponents – they came to Calradia for prisoners to sacrifice to their cults!



Of course a lot of ideas come up in this regard here are just a few

- if the Aztecs take over the cities, they devastate them, they are not interested in gold,
- They sacrifice the prisoners (the player must have some time, for example, 10-15 days, to save the captured comrades, otherwise they will be executed),
- with the captured soldiers the same, but with them it should be easier, because the Aztecs should be more interested in noble prisoners,
- the invasion from across the sea should be one, but very powerful, and from different directions
- their army must have one drawback (no cavalry, although some kind of team of Indians can be used – for example, mounted Apaches) or not have them at all, they must be very difficult to fight.
- the player can serve them (for example, collect prisoners) but can not lead this faction, as well as all other kingdoms can make peace and or unite against the Invasion.

And so on, there are a lot of ideas and I now understand why the Aztecs often pop up in conversations about the invasion.

Actually, this is where I want to end my story, I hope that the developers will pay attention to this post, I also ask you to actively discuss it, it will be nice to read, because this is really necessary for the game, and the sooner the better, because the DLC is still very far away and this mechanic is already necessary.

I think the choice of factions is ideal, but there are really debatable issues in which you need to listen to the forum participants
- when should the Intrusions take place? What strengths and weaknesses should the Nords and Aztecs have? What should be the diplomacy between the other kingdoms

And remember - the problem is not in the presence or absence of a function-but in its competent implementation, and this is possible!

And much more.
chinese or indian invasion would be awesome
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