1. Gerrodot


    I welcome all participants of the forum. For a long time I did not know how to start this topic, where to start, how to show this topic important for our game. This topic has been raised many times on the forum, but for a short time, and then subsided, and to be honest, I do not really know...
  2. Need More Info Crashing every time I battle an army

    I've been playing Bannerlord 2 since January of this year. It's really nice to have some creators or the MB 2 team reading all the feedbacks from players. My main concern is that every time i battle or win a battle against an army the game crashes. No prompts from crash report. I mean nil. My...
  3. DetektivAro

    WB Coding Coding advice? Anyone?

    So I was thinking of making a magic weapon that will act like a ranged weapon. It would shoot like a bow or crossbow, but instead of a arrow coming out, a meteor would fall out of the sky on the targeted place with it not falling right on the crosshair but in its general vicinity ( like some...
  4. [Friese] Frisian Troop Recruitment - Mod (NEW)

    [Friese] Frisian Troops' Recruitment - Mod (NEW) Adds: - Recruit Frisian Troops from Friese villages (Only). - Castle Frisian Guards (in Friese). Frisian Troop Recruitment Mod Must begin a new game to get these changes. Please let...
  5. Middovah

    Pazartesi Yeni Güncelleme

    Hadi bakalım, yeni güncelleme geliyor, ama acaba sadece 1.4.2 mi full sürüme geçecek 1.4.3 beta gelmeyecek mi?
  6. hsngrms

    SP Native Start Campaign Married

    Summary: Start campaign married with beatiful Ashley or edit files to your desire to start with married whoever you want by your side. (you can change to male) DOWNLOAD PAGE (NEXUS MODS) This is the mod which allows you to start campaign married with beatiful Ashley. OR you can edit files to...
  7. Lords does not recruit new troops

    Having played a large amount of time as a vassal of Sturgia, I noticed that the Lords do not recruit new troops. In my case, Sturgia is at war with Vlandia. And after a certain number of battles, there remain only lords with 5-30 units in their armies. The situation does not change over time. In...
  8. Unresolved Key activacion

    Hi, I bought the DLC vikings game 10 minutes ago, I have the warband activated along with the fire and sword and the code that came to me does not work. I would appreciate your help, Long live the Kingdom of Sweden
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