1. Alzey

    Help for make mod, Mod yapmak için yardım.

    Muhterem Okuyucular, büyük ve güzel bir mod yapmak istiyorum ancak texture,langue gibi dosyaların nerede bulunduğunu anlayadım dosyaları nereden bulabileceğimi bilen varsa beni bilgilendirmeleri rica olunur. Bu konudaki cahilliğimi mazur görün. Büyük bir mod yapmak istiyorum ancak bilgim çok az...
  2. Gerrodot


    I welcome all participants of the forum. For a long time I did not know how to start this topic, where to start, how to show this topic important for our game. This topic has been raised many times on the forum, but for a short time, and then subsided, and to be honest, I do not really know...
  3. BladeofWar's

    SP Medieval [WB] BannerWar V2

    BannerWar V2 Greetings mod lovers. I would like to inform you about the BannerWar V2 mod project that we have been working on for 10 months and which we are starting to complete gradually. Explanation: Mod M&B II: Bannerlord adapted for Warband. Of course there are differences, for example the...
  4. In Progress Bug with dialoge that breaks the savefile

    I was talking with Ira the daughter from the emperor and I saved the game before asking to be her most admirerer.... after that I stalked her for a while and tried to talk to her again and asked her for marriage then when I failed I loaded the old save game and now I have a speech bar with every...
  5. odkupiciel375

    [Bug] Attacking sea raiders hideout ends in infinite loading screen

    Mode: SP Description: When i attack sea raiders hideout game starts loading the map and never ends it. Game does not freeze as the animation in the bottom right corner keeps playing. Other hideouts (tried those in the woods) work fine. Overall loading times are short as i've installed the game...
  6. Resolved Space'im bozuk ctrl+space yapamıyorum ne yapabilirim?

    Space yerine 'v' kullanıyorum fakat haritada bekle tuşu space olduğu için ctrl+space olmuyor. Ayrıca ayarlardan 'bekle' tuşu değiştirilmiyor ne olur nasıl olur bi bilen var mı?
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