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Do you like the idea of 'respawning' in Warband?

If you die in warband, should you respawn, or be out of that game, and have to wait for the next one

  • Yes, let me die and kill over and over again

    Votes: 27 11.2%
  • Yes, but a limited amount per team.

    Votes: 28 11.6%
  • Yes, but a limited amount per person

    Votes: 39 16.1%
  • Maybe once or twice, during a reinforcement spawn

    Votes: 88 36.4%
  • No. You're dead. Go away.

    Votes: 60 24.8%

  • Total voters

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I think once you die, you should stay dead.  This will increase the 'fear factor', which is a little more real.  Then we will see both heros and cowards, more concentration on teamwork, and a lot of emphasis on strategy.  I would also like to add that cowards should not be bashed, unless they actually run away before the battle begins.

If you have the misfortune to die, you can go join another battle, or wait till the current one is over.  What would be really cool is the 'floating camera', such as they have in the Chronicles of Talera.  You're dead, but you can still watch the battle, and watch your friends submit or conquer.


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would be more of a challenge if you die and your out of the fight, would be more realistic too, would be good if you could set it up before the match, wether to have respawning or not, how many life's you would get and what not, i like the idea of a floating camera, or even if you could just switch through other people playing


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I don't know if just having one life, may make people play CS-style, and just sneak up on people or surprise them from behind a tree :S.  Having infinite lives may also make people exploit that (People usually find some way to exploit everything).  I hope there isn't any bunny hopping or any gay **** like that that takes the realism out of the game.  But I think that you also need clarify which type of battle you're talking about, because I might have replied to one of your posts, by saying that there are going to be dif type of battles (duels, playing a as commanders of AI armies, sieges with friends at your side).  I don't know if every one of those battles  is going to have "respawning."  Plus, you're forgetting that Warband will be modable, so people can change the multiplayer  rules in their mods, if they like.


In Multi Play there are lost of games where you can Respawn, FPS are classics for it.

However in M&B if players keep respawning then the potential is for a never ending game, where a timer has to be used to stop it, not the natural attrition of dead bodies, and ofcourse you just beat a dude to death and your at 1/4 health, ready to win the game he respawns and kills you because of your health (OM*G YOU *8&^$**^ &*#&*%$& ^^^) You can see where that leading LOL.

To fix that you need to have healing potions (or simular) just makes for more code.

This game is not perfect but it is far better than 99% of games for the most part lets not take a step back from the realisimish of it.



Take a look at Battlefield series and most online fps games, and you will find your answer. By my opinion, a none-respawning game always becomes a camping tourament, where everyone always tries to stay away from their enemies and looking for a chance to backstabb someone, just for living longer and score higher. Someone might call this as `tactics`, but I see no teamwork in this kind of `tactics`.


I think it should be optional, like you join a certain server that is one-life. Other servers are unlimited respawns and so on.

Lt. of the tower

I concur with that idea. That way everyone will be happy.


I'm not sure about comparing a multiplayer M&B with an FPS multiplayer. While no respawn in an fps tends to lead to campers and other un-fun behavior, a medieval combat game would be a lot different. For one, in an FPS, you always want to spread out because clumping together is just asking for a grenade. But in M&B, you'll almost always want to stay somewhat close together. Even as an archer, you're likely to survive more by staying near your melee guys rather than trying to hide and 'snipe'. Camping might not happen much and a no-respawn game might be an entirely different thing with MB.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to warband and hope it shows itself to be a very new experience.
i think different servers with different rules is a good option but i actually think the best idea would be a limited number of respawns

i.e 3-5 dependant on game type. Then you could give more respawns to attackers etc.

however, i think a bigger problem will be balancing. Horse archers are going to have to get given the suckiest bows with the most crippled of horses to make it even remotely fair.


As said, there should be different rules in different servers. Anyways, for me it's those where you really die. I already don't really like that you are immortal single player and I would like it even less in multiplayer.


I agree with letting the host decide. Those who never like certain death options can stay away from them, and others will be able to mix things up.


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I voted during a reinforcement spawn beacuse I think this is probably the most viable option. Staying dead could be extremely boring, especially if you get pegged by a lucky arrow at the start of a battle and limited per team could end up having a few people wasting the whole teams lives...

On a side note, completely stoked for Warband!


There are quite a few ways it can be handled really.  From one life and you are out, to timer systems, to fixed number of lives, and then a more situation based game.  If you are going to be playing a battle, say 50 vs 50 troops, then you can respawn until that 50 is taken up, so a stupid rush is going to make you look worse and lose things for your team. 

I'm still undecided on playing a generic soldier or a custom one like you do in Native.  There are benefits to both, so hopefully both are possible. 


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I prefer either :
Stay dead - you'd be looking at every corner you see, which would be pretty bad (good way).
Set amount of lives for each team.
1 or 2 waves of reinforcements

Or an option to choose if you're hosting a server, so you can choose the round options which I think would be the best :razz: (so every option)


Most servers for the standard game should not have respawning but some servers should have it this way you can have the best of both worlds.


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If it will be moddable for multiplayer matches, methods for respawning is literally infinite. I think respawning with tickets during reinforcement waves will be the default option.
KON_Air said:
If it will be moddable for multiplayer matches, methods for respawning is literally infinite. I think respawning with tickets during reinforcement waves will be the default option.
Tickets? and how would you recieve those? I'm interested in the idea.
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