The Restorer of the world chapter 1.

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Hello everyone this is a story set in the MnB universe and meant to expand upon the lore. Im posting this in hopes that one of the people in Taleworlds sees this I just wanna help them expand the lore for the game I love. Also feel free to give out any criticisms to improve the story.

Chapter 1
The Journey Commences.
The Morning had dawned clear and cold for Constantine, he was envisioning a moment from the distant past, he would see a woman holding the body of her dead husband as she was sobbing as the Khuzait warrior approached her slowly, his blade reflecting her sobbing face. She was begging and pleading for her life and the life of her children all the while screaming the words that Constantine would be haunted by the most “Please don't hurt my family let them live.“ she would shout, And then his eyes would sprung to life awakened by the sound of his own scream.

He was sweating profusely, breathing heavily he would go downstairs. The place looked badly burnt and unkempt. The first thing he would see is his brother Jacorios cleaning the dishes and plates “Was wondering where you would get out of that room.. stay here long enough and you will grow mushrooms under your armpits.“ Jacorios would smile trying to initiate conversation with his younger brother. Constantine wouldn't respond

“Well I suppose when you're done being all dark and brooding we can finally talk.“ Jacorios said.

“What do you mean..“ Constantine raised a slight brow.

“What I mean! is since the whole damn town went up in fire... we've been making nothing, no return on anything. I think we need to try something new, maybe different?“ Jacorios said as he was cleaning the plates.

Constantine didn't know what to think or what Jacorios was going with. He felt a little uneasy and unsure “And what would that be..“

“Running a caravan Consty.“ Jacorios grinned but then quickly frowned as if he was seething in anger while thinking of somebody. “And because I don't want to deal with the ****ter who squats out front and lets the loud right out! By gods divine that **** fills me with the anger of the gods! I'll say- And… And... They'll appreciate a sign I say! Consty listen... We need a bloody sign for the ****ter huh, listen here! May this ****ter turn out a-okay so that you, the ****ter, can find a damn toilet!“

Constantine would simply smile.

“So what do you say brother? How about we leave this ****hole tavern behind and begin a new life of our own. A life of wealth and adventure and luxury.“ Jacorios looked at Constantine expecting him to say something.

“I'm with you then but this seems risky.“ he would say hesitatingly.

“Either that or we starve brother.. The benefits outweigh the risks.“

Constantine looked down on Jacorios curiously “How will you even get the denars to start a caravan.“

Jacorios looked up at his tall and blonde little brother. “Well Consty I'm planning to sell this ****hole tavern to some other poor sod. He's going to deal with my problems from now on.“

By the time it's night time Constantine is alone in his tiny room he was contemplating his own life. And then he thought of her.. not his mother but of a completely different woman. “Clethra…“ he would mutter.

And he would close his eyes and put himself into a deep slumber. And then he was back.. back to more of a happier time and place. Clethra looked up at him with her emerald green eyes while grinning.

“I love you Constantine with all my heart and soul.“

She said before hugging him. Constantine couldn't help but smile. This was the closest thing to heavenly bliss
“I love you too Clethra.“

And then they hugged for what seemed to be an eternity. He looked at her then her face turned pale.

“What's wrong Clethra, you look like you just saw a ghost?“

Constantine would then turn around and the sight he would see is terrifying; a massive khuzait army is approaching the village. suddenly he would hear a familiar voice “

Constantine.. Constantine.. Constantine.“ and then he's suddenly awoken from his slumber by his brother. Jacorios was staring at him as he opened his eyes

``Finally awake. You know you snore like a pig when you sleep.“ Jacorios would quip.

Constantine would say nothing.. he groaned and got up from the tiny bed that was barely his size.
Constantine would mutter that Jacorios would hear it; his expression would change from happy to that of pity. Jacorios looked like he was about to say something but quickly changed the topic out of fear of triggering painful memories

``Well.. um brother I've sold the 10 thousand denars. We'll meet with the merchant then.“

Constantine simply nodded and followed Jacorios. The town of Lycaron has been in very bad shape, the once great capital of the empire now a shadow of its former self.. This Journey, the Journey they are going now, is a relief to Consty; it's a way to run from his past. A way to run away from the pain but the past is like a gaping hole you try to run from it.. it only grows deeper.

Constantine has tried everything to move on. But perhaps this journey will be it he thought to himself his big break to relieve himself from the nightmares and pain that torment him.

When they finally met the merchant he was an oldman in his mid 60s, appears to be of average height for a Calradian and was balding. He looked at Constantine and Jacorios approaching him.

"Jacorios you came back I assume you want to form the caravan and I assume you have the denars I asked you to complete this purchase."

he then turned to Constantine

``What do we have here, Is this your friend?" The merchant said with curiosity

"Well he's my brother. His name is Constantine, he doesn't talk much, he only talks with me mostly."

"Surprised I honestly thought you were just his friend or business partner nice to meet you. Woah, you're really tall."

The merchant was in awe in Constantines size and height. "I know." Constantine said with a weak smile as they were shaking hands.

The merchant would then turn to Jacorios

"So do you or do you not have the money?" Jacorios simply smiled. He pulled out a bag filled with denars and placed it onto the table. The merchant simply giggled and greedily took it

"Do we have a deal grandpa?" Jacorios quiped.
The merchant looked annoyed at being called grandpa but quickly regained his composure. "Yes.. yes. I believe we have a deal."

By the time the caravan is already assembled it's already night. Jacorios and Constantine both stopped to set camp and stay there for the night. Constantine plowed in his tiny bed and looked up. Thinking and contemplating the meaning of it all wishing he could turn back time and relive the good old days before all sense had left his life and then he thought of her Clethra. "Clethra.." He would mutter the name once again before closing his eyes once again.

We are back to Constantine and his village.. Jacorios is standing right infront of him "Brother! Thank god you're alright. Come on, we need to get out of here before they kill more of us. Cmon." Jacorios said in a hurried manner. "No.." Constantine muttered.. "What about.. Ma.. please tell me she made it out alive please tell me Clethra made it out alive too please.." Jacorios had a look of guilt on his face as if he didnt wanna tell him fearing he would crush his brother. And deep down Constantine already knew the answer but didnt wanna face the reality of the situation. "There is no time for that we need to get out of here." and so Jacorios carried his brother and the dream would end.

He woke up.. but then he felt a feeling he knew all too well. It wasn't sadness it was rage Constantine felt like screaming he felt like hitting something. He felt rage and pain at what he had lost. He left his tent and would walk towards a nearby tree and he would start hitting it. It hurt but he didnt care he put all his strength into it.. all his rage, all his pain it was a punch but it was strong enough to leave a mark on the tree. It would take a while for the anger to subside.

By the time it's morning he could hear the sound of his own brother shouting "Come on Consty we aint go all day we gotta move."

Constantine got up and walked with his brother. He was thinking of Clethra or at least his idealized version of her; it has been so long since he last saw her alive since the incident. Jacorios looked at Constantine as if he was about to say something and then he hesitated but said it anyway "I don't want to fight but there is something we need to discuss." Constantine did not respond; he only slightly raised his eyebrow curiously at what Jacorios had said

"I'm worried for you. I sometimes wish you would just talk to me, you're always so quiet. I know you're in pain but I wish you would just open up to me even though I can't believe it's been 5 years..5 years since their death- ''

But before Jacorios could say anything he's cut off by Constantine "I don't want to talk about it." Jacorios looked frustrated but didn't say a word "Right.. we're heading to aserai lands by the way.. I guess you can say Trade is probably just as ass in 'ass-erai' lands as it is here." Jacorios would laugh awkwardly.

The journey to the Aserai lands was long and arduous. Constantine felt like he was going to lose consciousness as the heat of the Nahasa desert was getting to him. Constantine plowed down on the desert sand but before Jacorios could react he saw a group of cavalry men standing on top.

“Keep your sword where it is, look to your left and you’d understand the situation you find yourself in” Sure enough there's a group of cavalry men atop the sand dune. Jacorios knows his only option is to comply and meet the leader The tribal leader is a man of strong stature, wearing an intimidating yet collected expression One of the tribals announces

“you stand before Sheikh Basil bin Asad the leader of Banu Qutaibah Whose name rings far and wide across the dunes, as the man who defeated Banu Maktum” The leader takes a good look at the brothers Then commands

“Take him away” Sure enough, the brutes carry Constantine’s unconscious body outside the tent Jacorios attempts to follow, before the leader commands him to stay where he is. “Stay where you are.“ Jacorios is worried about his brother but he tries to stay calm The leader asks him, “tell me your name and purpose”

To which Jacarios responds, “my name is Jacorios, I lead a caravan passing through these parts” the tribal leader would raise his brow slightly

”Destined to Askar I suppose?” Jacorios simply grinned nervously ”Y-Yeah I swear.. we didn't mean to-” but before Jacorios could finish his sentence a tribal shouts ”Speak only when spoken t-” the leader raises a hand the tribal shuts up. “So I hear. Tell me, is this your first time through these parts? I haven’t seen your caravan before” The tribal leader would ask him “Yes sir, I started this caravan a while ago after the unfortunate fire at Lycaron. We heard of great trade opportunities within the Aserai lands, so we decided to make our fortune there.“ The leader stands from his chair and puts his hand to his right, at the hilt of his sword , his thumb touching the golden pommel. He says “fair enough stranger, allow me to introduce myself. As you have heard, I’m Basil ibn Asad Don’t worry Your brother is being tended by our Matriarch and healers. In the meantime, you and your men are invited to a feast tonight in our tent.”

Basil said “Sir, we appreciate the generous gesture. We only wish to take my brother and be on our way.“ The leader raises an eyebrow “Can you say that again?” his grip running tighter to his sword Jacorios, says “Yet we dare not turn away the honor of accepting your generous invite.” The leader says, “So I thought take some rest in the meantime. Your men will be escorted into our encampment.Waleed, show this man to the guest tents I will see you later tonight, we may have a few matters to discuss;“ Waleed gestures at Jacarios and he follows. “Refusing an invite in our culture is a great insult, my friend. You’re a foreigner, so it was clear you were oblivious to our customs. Still, you should be aware as to not deal the same insult to a less forgiving man.”

”I didn’t mean to insult anyone.” Jacorios said, trying to defend himself. “That much is clear, but as I said. If you had insisted on refusing, you would be either intentionally announcing hostility, or unintentionally acting stupidly or stubbornly. Neither qualities are appreciated here I'm afraid.“

”See that large tent?” He proceeds to show Jacorios a distinctive looking white tent “Your brother is there. Heat Strokes are fairly common, for obvious reasons”

“It will be only a few hours before he recovers. He’ll be like a Wadar hot blood running through the grasslands by tonight. With the appetite to match one judging by his size.”
Jacorios laughs at the thought.
Waleed turns to Jacorios, “we’re heading to your quarters, unless you want me to show you around the camp.” Only to find his gaze fixed at the Pastures of the Aserai. Camels and strong looking horses are there he finds women milking the camels, others carrying the milk buckets. Then he sees one of the young teenagers poking one of the male camels. The camel becomes angry and chases down the teenager in a humorous manner. “So, I’ve been meaning to ask.You have imperial drawn all over your face. Yet your brother looks like a sturgian.” Waleed asked curiously ”You know sturgians all the way from here?” Jacorios would quip. Waleed would simply smile “Aye, you’d be surprised by how many sturgian caravans pass through here. Trade brings people all over the continent.“
“He takes more to his mother.“

“You are born of two different mothers?” Waleed raised a slight brow.
“No, I take from my father.“Jacorios said “So you’re half Sturgian? Wouldn’t have believed a man with Sturgian blood could be this short, had I not seen it myself” both men would laugh “Fortunately for Sturgia my mother is an imperial too. So, what’s your story Waleed?“ Jacorios looked up at him with curiosity “Not much to tell, I’m just one of our sheikh’s many proud servants, and a son of the nahasa'' as the two are both talking and walking around at the same time they arrive at the camp center there were many things in it there was a prayer place. A marketplace where they sell weapons and gear and other loot “We’ve arrived at the camp center by the way. Take a look around.You’ll find services all over. At your left is our prayer place, I only ask you to take off your shoes before entering if you wish to take a look. And please, be mindful of others” Jacorios would respectfully refuse the offer, so as to not upset any of the people. “No thanks, I would rather not go in.“ Waleed would give him a look of understanding and empathy “I understand, perhaps you may prefer to conduct business here? We have a sort of marketplace where our people sell and trade their share of the battle loot” Waleed said. He would show Jacorios around the marketplace “Soooo my options are limited to weapons and gear?”

“I’m afraid it is, ours is a bedouin tribe, and we’re always on the move. Water and drinks overall are scarce, and our food is limited to our herds and what the desert graciously offers. But you may sell whatever food or water you have for a hefty sum.“ Waleed said. “I'll check it out with the men later.“ Jacorios said. “Fair enough, you’ll also find the training ground for our children here. Banu Qutaibah wouldn’t be the strongest tribe in the region if they didn’t carve out true men from even the youngest of us.“ And indeed we see the children and teenagers undergoing extensive training “Don’t take my word for it Jacorios, see for yourself.” Jacorios had a feeling of a deja vu. He would remember his fathers training and the things he taught him about combat and discipline. “Huh, reminds me of my father’s training” Jacorios remarked “What say you we spar?” Waleed asks. “I wouldn’t want to hurt your pride in front of the kids Waleed”, says Jacorios with a smirk on his face. “Oh it's on.“ We see Waleed and Jacorios. Armed with only swords and no shields. Waleed lunges at Jacorios but Jacorios evades in time with ease. “You werent expecting that huh. Never underestimate the little one.“ Jacorios had a smug expression to him he was so sure he's gonna win this going against what his father had taught him that overconfidence in battle leads to disaster. “Impressive.“ Waleed said “But I think your luck can only go so far.“ Both Waleed and Jacorios fought with vigor and the fight was long and difficult. Eventually Jacorios landed a lucky blow to Waleed and took him down. Waleed is on the ground while Jacorios is still standing proudly. He had a smug expression “Losing your grip on the sword, Waleed?” he said in a smug tone. Then came along another person, it was Waleeds brother Majeed. Waleed looked over at Majeed “Ah, Majeed! You may try sparring with him yourself if you want Jacorios, this is Majeed, my brother. “Nice to meet you.“ Jacorios said with a smile. Majeed and Jacorios shook hands. “Majeed, he may be of the size of a goblin, but he can swing. Don’t go easy on him; look how it ended when I did”

“Always with the same excuses. I’m up for a rematch!” Jacorios was overconfident and really sure of himself that he'd win this. “No need Jacorios, let me share with my brother a taste of your blade.” Majeed said with a grin on his face. Both Majeed and Jacorios clash in the sparring match. Each one laying good blows to one another until both were exhausted neither one or the other managing to get the upper hand it would end in a draw. “Heh, he may not look like it” Majeed remarks teasingly, “but Waleed has the better sword arm between us.”

“You flatter me brother” Waleed responds “And you, you sure know your way around a sword”
“Even as Waleed holds back, not many can defeat him in a sparring match.“

Waleed approaches Jacorios, getting on his knees and offering his sword. “Here, take my sword. Consider it your reward for a great sparring match.”
Jacorios leans lightly and takes the sword “thank you, I’ll wear it proudly.“

“You earned it.“ Majeed smiled.

“You must be exhausted by now. Let me show you to your tent.“ Waleed said “Lead the way then.“ While Jacorios was dueling and engaged in small talk with Waleed. For Constantine it was less than positive. He was muttering the name of the woman he loved, Clethra over and over again “Clethra..“ Constantine said it once again but this time louder than before “CLETHRA!!“ The healer heard it and rushed to the tent to see what was going on. Constantine opened his eyes and drew his sword; the healer froze for a second. “Calm down..“ Constantine looked around the tent and dropped his sword. He's breathing heavily and sweating. His head hurts. The healer could tell he was in heavy distress.

“What happened sir?“ She asked. He said nothing.. and then he looked at her and was taken aback by the woman's beauty. She had dark brown eyes and full lips and a small nose. Her hair was covered with a hijab.

“Nothing..“ Constantine said while trying to avoid her gaze. “It didn't look like it was nothing.“ She would pull out a brown flask “Here have some water. It will make you feel better“ Constantine hesitated but took it anyway and drank a bit “Thanks..“ she would look at him with curiosity.

“That scar.. what's the story behind it?“ but he ignored her, clearly trying to avoid the question. She sensed this “Thank you for the water.“ he said in his usual deep monotone voice

“Umm.. no problem so um where are you from? Sturgia? you um.. look like a Sturgian and are tall like a Sturgian and are blonde like a Sturgian“ she would laugh nervously. Constantine let out a small smile one of the few times he smiled since the incident at how wrong she was.

“No. I'm actually an imperial born and raised. I take mostly from my..mother.“ and then Jacorios would show up in the tent. “Hey brother oh..“ Jacorios was taken aback by the woman's beauty too; he quickly cleared his throat “I didn't know you had company..“ the healer simply smiled “It's no worries sir I was simply making sure your brother was okay.“ Jacorios simply smiled happily thinking his brother was starting to make some progress “Heh you are one of the few who managed to get a convo out of my brother. He talks with me mostly but even then that's rare.“ she got up “I see.. well your brother hasn't talked much.“ Jacorios’s expression would change from happy to disappointed. Disappointed that his brother barely made any progress with opening up to people, it's hard for him to see his brother like this defeated and tired of life. It's almost demoralizing for him. “Well I shall leave you two then..“ Jacorios raised a slight brow. “Why?“ he asked. “Duty to my family calls.“ she would smile before leaving the tent.

Jacorios sat close to Constantine awkwardly. “So um.. we have been invited to the great Basil Ibn Asads feasts,“ he said, trying to ease the awkwardness. “So?“ Constantine said not really caring. “So we have to go. Lest you want to have your balls chopped off by Ibn Asads men.“ Constantine would say nothing; he was never really interested in those social events, not since the incident. Jacorios simply got up “Well whether or not you decide to keep your balls is completely up to you but I value my manhood so i'll go.“ Jacorios joked expecting Constantine to laugh. but no reaction no reaction at all its as if all sense of joy and happiness had left him. It's as if Constantine Domitius Aurelianus had died in the village with Clethra and his parents and the person he's talking to is not his brother but his dead moving carcass Jacorios thought. By the time night fell. Constantine was experiencing visions again while in his deep state of slumber, haunting visions.. the last rays of moonlight dimmed into the darkness of the tent, a spark appeared off in the distance, growing larger and larger every moment. As it closes in, it reveals a familiar structure… home. The blood froze in Constantine’s veins, as the light of the flames painted a familiar image, of destruction wrought under the ravages of war. The youth, the elderly, women, and children. Honest folks, neighbors, friends…Their corpses lay on the ground, mutilated beyond recognition. Constantine finally manages a weak whimper, as his gaze turns to the bodies of his family. He takes a step back, as the flames come closer, engulfing everything in its wake and burning the bodies to cinders. Then he takes another step, and another… the flames never halt, carrying with them the acrid smell of smoke. He takes yet another step, and he feels the heat in his back. He turns around, but he can run no more, for the flames are everywhere. At last, the flame engulfs his body, he feels the heat, eating him alive, and he screams. His screeches are deafening. Constantine was screaming now to the point it awoke Jacorios. “Brother! Brother! calm down.“ Jacorios said; Constantine would open his eyes and breathe heavily after the nightmare. “Another nightmare huh. I just wish you would just talk to me.“ Jacorios said frustrated with his brother's lack of communication. He would then sigh “Please.. Consty just talk to me. I know you are in pain but not living life isn't helping your situation. Please come with me to the feast. Perhaps you will have a good time here.“ Constantine got up and sighed “Fine. if that's what you feel.“ Constantine would say. Jacorios simply smiled. the next night both Jacorios and Constantine had visited the feast Jacorios looked up at his brother “See I told you it's not that bad Constantine you get to socialize and maybe even get to meet a sweet nice gi-“ but Jacorios stopped himself from finishing the sentence he knew Constantine was in hurt and in pain not quite over Clethras death the prospect of suggesting that he finds another woman was outrageous to Constantine not that he'd find another woman like Clethra ever again. Constantine and Jacorios enter the feast and some people look at Constantine due to his tall height and great musculature some of the young aserai women even giggle at Constantines sight.

If there was one word to describe the feast it would be interesting. Jacorios would notice a group of Vlandian dwarves dressed as armored knights entertaining the crowds by doing a mock battle. Jacorios and Constantine would notice Waleed chatting up with one of the Aserai women. Waleed would notice them and would give a charming smile inviting them “Ah Jacorios it's been awhile.“ He would offer his hand in which Jacorios would take and shake it. “You are being dramatic my friend, it has only been 1 day since we last talked. You are saying as if it has been 10 years lad.“ Waleed would laugh “Yes.. yes you are right and you must be his brother what was his name?“ Waleed asked. “His name's Constantine, he doesn't talk much..“ Jacorios said. “Well Constantine I didn't properly introduce myself to you last time but my name's Waleed. Has anyone ever told you.. you are really tall?“ he said, offering his hand again in which Constantine took shaking it. “I get that alot.“ Constantine said looking more annoyed than flattered. A group of young women no older than 20 would approach Constantine Jacorios and Waleed would look at each other and then at Constantine “Looks like you've got company.“ Jacorios would smirk. “Hey handsome..“ one of the girls said. Constantines face would turn red and he would try to get away. The girls would follow by shouting “Wait we just wanna talk with you We think you're cute.“ Both Jacorios and Waleed are laughing. “You know for a guy that's built like a big wadar hotblood he sure is scared of the opposite sex.“ Jacorios laughed before his expression turned somber “Well it's not that..he's scared of them. He just doesn't see them as worth it and it would be like betraying her.“ Waleed's expression turned from joyful to curious and puzzled “What do you mean?“

“Well I haven't told you this but both me and Consty come from a village. Long story short it was raided by the Khuzaits those ****ing hyenas they spared no one not even the elderly or the women and children. And our family was killed.. but that's not all.. his wife Clethra we never found out what happened to her she most likely died in the village. Consty was never the same after this. I.. I sometimes hear him scream her name sometimes. It's hard, it's hard to see my brother..whom I loved who I used to hold as a baby like this. He was so happy before this. Now he's just a shell of man.“ Jacorios sighed somberly. Waleed had a look of empathy in his eyes “I'm sorry.. about your brother I mean. Must be hard. I know what it's like to have a brother and wanting him to be happy and safe.“ he said while drinking from his wooden cup. “I just wish he would just talk to me. Open up to me I mean..“ Waleed gave a small pat on his back “He will come around eventually and open up to you i'm sure of it. Everybody has their own ways of coping with tragedy.“

Jacorios simply sighed “I guess you're right. Anyways cheers.“ and they both drank the mead together. The same group of girls that chased Constantine are back; they look disappointed probably because they failed to have a convo with him Jacorios thought to himself. Jacorios then sees Basil ibn Asaad at the front; he's the star of the show now. He looks at the audience while holding his wine cup. “Thank you everyone for coming here. I really appreciate the fact that you all came here for this gathering. But this gathering is not simply about the food or the drink but it's for us to celebrate the history and honor of our tribe.“ Basil said while looking at everyone. “This feast is a celebration of our house and our glory and our honor as a tribe and our great victory over Banu Maktum. It was a pleasure for me to prepare this feast simply for you. The people. Now onto the main event please feast your eyes on our musicians.“ The musicians come in and start singing about Basil and his great accomplishments. “So what do you think of the feast so far Jacorios?“ Jacorios smiled “It's definitely my type of feast, good musicians, good drinks. beautiful women..“ Jacorios winked at Waleed. Waleed simply laughed. While Jacorios and Waleed were conversing and chatting Constantine decided it was time to go to the healer to thank her. He opened the tent to find her. She wasn't expecting him “Hey I just wanted to thank you for your hel-“ and before he knew it she screamed and started throwing bananas and oranges at him loud enough to start a commotion
People rushed over to see what was happening including Basil and her husband. Constantine was very tall there was no doubt about it but the healer's husband stood over Constantine by a couple inches. He had a cold angry look in his eyes and would grab Constantine by the throat “Tell me what were you planning to do with my wife Sturgian.“ Constantine said nothing, he was focused on freeing himself from the husbands grasp while the husband repeated what he had said only louder he eventually did and punched the husband in the face making him lose his balance. A fight was going to break out before Basil stood in the middle of the two tall men that towered over him. “Enough you two. We shall not resort to violence to sort this situation and if any of you goes as far as to lay a hand on the other there will be severe consequences understand?“ The husband looked enraged “But my lord, this man showed up in my wifes tent without her permission. Tell me Sturgian did you go into my wifes tent so that you could ravage her. Your kind is not welcome here.“ he cried out. Constantine simply said “No. I had no intentions to do anything with your wife. I just wanted to thank he-“ but before he could finish hes cut off by the husband “Bull****. My lord Basil, you must do something about this infidel. He went into my wifes tent without respecting her privacy or asking permission and was most likely going to do something with her.“

Constantine could feel his blood beginning to boil.. a familiar feeling it wasnt fear it was rage.. He made a fist trying to resist the temptation to punch the husband in the face. He was going to punch him again.. but before Constantine could do anything Jacorios would step in.

“First of all, do you have proof that he was going to ravage her?“

“And that Sturgian you're talking to is not a Sturgian he's my brother and he's an imperial so you better watch your mouth.“ Jacorios said trying to defend his brother

“Or you'll do what you little runt hit me in the legs?“ the husband laughed.

“No but I am considering it now. Do you always get mad when people look at your wife? It sounds to me that you are a little possessive and jealous even?“ Jacorios smiled trying to irritate the husband. The husband had a look of rage

“You're a big guy alright. A big guy with a small prick.“ The husband was about to attack Jacorios before Constantine stepped in and then he stopped.“Enough.“ Basil would shout then everybody stopped and looked at him “First off I am disgusted by your behavior Jassas you attack our guest and then attempt to attack his brother? for someone who insults people for not being aware of Aserai customs, you sure don't have the slightest clue on the customs and how to behave properly. Now leave my sight you and your wife.“ Jassas looked angry and then looked at Constantine “This isn't over.“
Jassas would mutter to himself. Basil would then turn to Constantine and Jacorios “I'm sorry about the behavior of Jassas tonight. If he tries to do anything to you I will see to it that he's properly punished.“ He then turned to the rest of the crowd “As for the rest of you. Continue on with the feast as normal.“ and the crowd dispersed. Jacorios and Constantine looked at eachother “You should thank me.“ Jacorios said with a cheeky smile “For what? you almost made things worse if I had not stepped in he would have torn you to pieces.“ Constantine said with a frown. “For getting on his nerves of course.“ Jacorios laughed. Constantine and Jacorios would go back to their tent to sleep the night Constantine put himself in his usual deep slumber experiencing visions.

It was the same.. the same nightmare he had earlier the burnt corpses of his mother and father he remembers it all too well.. he would scream while he was being engulfed by the flames once more his screeches were defeaning.
Jacorios would wake up hearing his brother screaming. Constantine woke up and pulled out his sword not realizing it was Jacorios “Easy, easy there brother. You were struggling for breath in your sleep, and moving frantically. I touched your body, and your temperature was high; you caught a fever, apparently.“ Constantine is breathing heavily struggling to find air to breathe everyday. It has been the same 5 years he had to go through this torment over and over again living with his mistake “Jacorios..“ Constantine said with hesitation “Yes?“ Jacorios raised his brow slightly “Never mind..“ Constantine said before getting up Jacorios looked disappointed. “Well brother we better head to the marketplace to make some profit.“

Constantine simply nodded and would follow Jacorios. As they were heading their way to the marketplace he heard a noise Constantine had a gut feeling something was wrong that maybe they were being followed. His grip was running tighter through his sword ready to pull it out just in case. And then he heard a fearsome cry from Jassas he was back he swung his sword at Constantine. Constantine barely evaded the blow Constantine knew he had the element of surprise and was caught off guard and so he decided to fight defensively and focus on disarming Jassas. “Get out of here brother now. “ Constantine shouted at Jacorios while he was struggling to defend himself against Jassas and his blows. “I'm not leaving you brother.“ Constantine had no time to reply; he was completely focused on defending himself Jacorios rushed at Jassas. Jassas simply evaded the attack, making Jacorios run straight through to the wall knocking him out temporarily. Constantine was struggling to defend himself Jassas was good and even managed to hurt Constantine by cutting him in the stomach Constantine groaned in pain eventually through some luck and skill he managed to disarm him. “Yield.“ Constantine said in which Jassas in response simply spat in his face and rushed at him, taking Constantine by surprise, tackling him to the ground and punching him over and over again. Jacorios gets up and sees this and rage would seethe inside him seeing his little brother being hurt he rushed at Jassas and put him in a chokehold Jassas was struggling but eventually went down. Constantine got up and spat his own blood on the ground.

Then the warriors Banu Qutaibah come in hearing of the commotion they surround the brothers. Then Basil would call over , “since when do Banu Qutaibah attack their guests!” A young warrior would say “Since they decided to disrespect us and attack one of ours.“ Basil would glare at him, then he walks over with his sword to his shoulder: “And how are you so sure our man wasn’t the first to attack? You two, tell us what happened.” Jacorios looked at Constantine ”Take a look at him. He's literally bleeding from his nose because of that bastard he attacked my brother first out of nowhere. and I saw him beating on my brother. I had to step in and do something.” and then Basil looked up at Constantine seeing the wounds on Constantines stomach and nose and mouth ”My brother speaks the truth. He attacked us out of nowhere and I tried my best to defend myself and not to kill him..” Waleed then inspects the unconscious body of Jassas ”He speaks the truth for there are no cuts in his body.” Basil then sighed out of frustration and anger towards Jassas ”I will not stand this insult to Banu Qutaibah’s honor. Jassas will be punished, and you will be compensated for what happened. In the meantime, enjoy what you can of the day.” The people dispersed “Well, that’s the closest we got to an apology. You alright brother?” Const dusts off his clothes and says ”Let's just get to the marketplace.” Jacorios ”That can wait you're way too injured, let's get you patched up.” He would help his brother get to the tent. When they entered the tent Constantine then sat on his small bed and spat some blood out from his mouth he would take off his shirt Jacorios would bandage Constantines stomach wound. Jacorios would get up ”Stay here and rest alright?” Constantine would say nothing. He then thought of Clethra again how beautiful she was.. her smile, her skin, her eyes, he remembered how beautiful she looked dressed or undressed. He remembered all the times he touched her. Slid his hand around her waist. Squeezed her breasts, stroked her long brown hair, touched her lips, her cheeks and felt her. All the times he had opened her with a finger to probe her secret sweetness and make her moan. He then closed his eyes and thought of her one more time before going into a deep state of slumber. It was now a new day. Jacorios and Constantine were ready to leave before Waleed approached them and he smiled at them. ”I see you two are getting ready to leave.” Waleed called out. ”Yeah.. this place is too crazy for us.” Jacorios said with a smile Waleed simply laughed and he would pull out a bag of gold ”Here's your compensation for what had happened.” Which Jacorios greedily took ” I want to say it was a pleasure meeting you two. Just know that you are always welcome here. Despite what had happened between Constantine and Jassas I would like to apologize for what had happened.” he would say in a regretful tone Jacorios simply gave him a pat on the back ”It wasn't your fault no need to apologize and besides my brother is tough as nails he didn't manage to break everything…except for his ego.” Waleed let out a small chuckle ”Take care of yourselves you two. Especially you Constantine, you ought to smile and talk more, my friend.” and then Waleed left, Constantine then looked at Jacorios while him and the crew were travelling ”What's our next destination.” He looked up back at his brother ”Our next destination is Pravend. Heard many interesting trade opportunities in that town and we ought to check it.” Constantine was about to say something but then held his tongue in silence not wanting to get into a fight. Pravend? are you serious Vlandia and Battania are currently at war it would be foolish to go there he thought to himself.
The journey is long and tiring for the bodyguards and the siblings are left exhausted. It was the middle of the night now and they stopped to take a break. Constantine encounters an old man whom he bumps into just him and his tent and a herd of sheep. The man is also blind he doesn't have much. ”I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you.” The old blind man would simply smile ”It's alright my son. Happens quite a lot especially when you're blind.” he sighed

”You're blind?” Constantine said, shocked a bit he was now curious.

”Yes unfortunately but I've learned to live with it. Tell me my son why don't you sit with me. I don't have much to offer but it will be nice to talk to someone after all these years. How about some water?” the old man asked, ”Sure.” He sits down and humbly accepts the water given to him ”Don't you have any sons to tend to you?” Constantine would ask curiously ”They're all dead.” The old man said somberly. ”Oh.. I'm sorry. I know what it's like.” This hit Constantine on a very personal level. He knows what it's like to lose your family and your loved ones ”Do you?” the old man asked, raising his brow slightly. ”Yes but I dont wanna talk about it.'' The old man is touched by Constantines remark. It reminds him of how he used to be when his sons died lost and depressed and alone he's made peace with it since then. ''They died in the war.'' Constantine is silent for a moment and then he responds ''What war?''

''Have you heard of Banu Maktum before?'' He asked.

''No.'' Constantine responded. But the name is vaguely familiar and then it hits. ''Well let me indulge your curiosity, my child. Once upon a time two people had an argument the argument became heated and in the spur of the moment the Qutaibian stabs the Maktumite in the back a sign of cowardice. He immediately realizes the folly in his actions. He goes back to his tribe and the dying Maktumite writes a message in his own blood pointing to Quitaibian before dying. He is found with the message Banu Maktum demands the killer is turned in for execution but the killer is the nephew of the current leader. And out of pride he refuses and so they declare war on eachother Banu Maktum took things too far and killed women and children and Quitabah was losing badly at first until a young man named basil takes over and leads the tribe and turns the tide of the war. The people demanded blood for Banu Maktums dishonorable actions and so Basil swore an oath to erase the tribe completely. I was Maktums brother.''

''His brother?'' Constantine said in a shocked tone ''I urged my brother to make peace but he wouldn't have it and soon our tribe was wiped out and I lost my sons because of this war and my brothers actions and Banu Qutaibahs.''

''Do you hate them?'' Constantine asked, curious about his answer. “Vengeance is what brought us down. Vengeance against Banu Qutaibah wouldn’t bring my sons back to life, but only rob more fathers of their own, and create more widows and orphans than either of us can count. I grieve my tribe’s loss, but I shudder to think of what we would’ve done if things were different… what we already did when we had the upper hand. Ours was a lesson we learned through blood and tears, but I pass on to you this stranger: stand your ground like a Lion, but temper your strength with mercy and wisdom, and know when to let go”

Constantine was touched by the old man's tale. He reminded him of his late father with the advice given.his father believed that you must stand your ground like a lion but temper your strength with mercy and wisdom. These were all lessons and values his father taught him but he wasn't doing a good job at it he felt. Him standing idly by and doing nothing with his life isn't exactly what his father envisioned his future to be whenever he would walk down the mean streets of Lycaron he would see gang members attacking and harassing people on the road if it had been a younger Constantine he would stopped and beating the gang members but he didn't. He just didn't care about anything anymore. As he reached the tent he plowed down and looked up thinking and contemplating. Why keep going anymore when you have lost everyone dear to you, why live when you lose the love of your life and then he thought of Jacorios and found his answer: he must keep going for his older brother's sake. If he didn't have his older brother he wouldn't know what to do but the conversation with the oldman made him realize he must appreciate what he has unlike the old man who has nothing left only waiting for death to claim him. He would close his eyes and would sleep and one of the few times there were no nightmares. He would hear his name being called out. ”Consty. Consty. Wake up we ain't got all day.” He would groan while getting up and move along with Jacorios and the soldiers they already have reached battanian forests. Constantine had a gut feeling this wasn't a good idea; he remembered tales of imperial soldiers being ambushed by barbarians wearing nothing but war paint. Something about the forests was unnerving to him Jacorios looked at Constantine and he could see he was getting nervous ”Brother is that you being scared? ha the tall and strong Constantine getting scared of battanian forests I heard a rumour that the ghosts of the fallen imperial soldiers that were slaughtered by the battanians are still there restless and angry.” Jacorios would smile trying to spook his little brother. Constantine wasn't scared of the tale ”Sounds like bull****.” Constantine would say frowning clearly not amused by the tale. Constantine then heard a noise it footsteps his grip was running tighter through his sword ready to pull it out at any moment. ”We're being followed.” Jacorios had a stunned look ”What?” Jacorios would say confused. Constantine would pull out his sword in a fighting stance. Then out of the trees a Battanian soldier stood before him ”Well what do we have here? an Imperial runt and a Sturgian giant in our land. what's this?” The soldier would inspect the caravan and notice supplies such as food and weapons. ”I'm afraid you're going to have to pay us tribute for crossing our land and give us some of those supplies.” The battanian soldier would demand. ”Well you can **** off for all I care. Were not giving our supplies. So take your friends take your leader and go **** eachother but then again look at you you are un****able so you might as well go **** yourself instead.” Jacorios would say. The battanian soldier looked angry and then a bunch of other battanian soldiers would try to attack the brothers and the soldiers. Constantine was struggling to fend them off since he was being attacked by 2 people at once he managed to kill 4 of them with difficulty since they outnumbered him. Jacorios was eventually knocked out Constantine saw this and was filled with rage ”NO.” He would cry out. He managed to kill 2 more soldiers before finally being knocked down himself.
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