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Console versions of the game need more keybinds/options for certain tedious and extremely spammy actions (desperately imo), see list

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I'm a console player (PS5) and have been enjoying bannerlord a lot since release. However, in the late game there are certain actions you do that you also do in the early game, but just in higher quantities, selling loot, upgrading troops, smithing, you name it. In many instances I am literally spamming R1 so fast and much I'm convinced it's actually destroying the springs attached to my controller buttons, or it's taking me so long to drag and drop stacks of items from one screen to another that I end spending 10 minutes in the inventory screen because using the sell all or buy all button is not desirable this time.

So here are a list of actions that in my opinion desperately need dedicated keybinds in the console versions of the game to be used on a controller, so that I can save money on replacing my non indestructible controller when going into the late game. And preferably developing arthritis less than I already am.

These keybinds should naturally also be shown in the controller menu or otherwise where relevant to let players know this is an option.

1. Transferring stacks of items from my inventory to another inventory or vice versa

It is simply not enough to "drag and drop" or use the slider when you have several dozen stacks of equipment in your inventory looted from armies (or several if you haven't managed to visit a town), that combined have more value than a town can pay for it and also grant more experience than your troops can currently use if discarded using the steward perk. Also applies to food management late game where parties will sometimes offer loot stacks of items you don't necessarily want to have on you at the moment, like hardwood.

Dragging and dropping takes 1 to 2 seconds of effort, keep in mind you are using the analog stick and not a computer mouse. That's fine for a few stacks, that's very frustrating for several dozen stacks especially when you mess it up and have to do one over, even more when you have to repeat this process several times inbetween fighting off armies of enemy kingdoms while sieging. Keep the battle on the actual battlefield, not in the inventory menu.

Proposed solutions:
1. A dedicated keybind for instantly transferring a stack to the other inventory like the PC version has with CTRL + Left Click. For the PS5 version this could be L1/R1 + X for example.
2. When holding the L1/R1 button, automatically start buying/selling every item one by one at an increasingly accelerated rate that the cursor is currently hovering over, and when that stack is completely transferred have this momentum carry over to the next item the cursor is hovering over.
3. Separate sensitivity slider for cursor movement and player camera movement. This is frankly the only reason I keep it at the default, as any higher is just unusable for me when using the camera and I refuse to raise it and then lower it every time I want to use the inventory menu.
4. Another solution would be that when you transfer all of a section to another inventory, pressing once will only transfer what the town can afford or your troops can gain experience from, and pressing twice will actually transfer all. This is already the case with the carrying capacity limit of the player, where if they take more into their inventory than they can carry, only what you can carry will be transferred and you have to press "transfer all" twice to go over the limit.

Ideally I would like seeing all of these implemented.

2. Upgrading troops

I can't, CAN'T, stress hard enough how skilled I have become at utilising my controller like it's an arthritis inducer clicking simulator. After some battles, while running around as the king of my kingdom and a respectable 300+ troops in my party, I have over one hundred troops that have gained enough experience from a battle to be upgraded. When this happens, I go to the upgrade menu, I turn my controller upside down on my lap, and I start spamming the hell out of the L1 button until every last one of them has received their upgrade, and then repeat this as long as my medicine skill isn't high enough to make my troops almost unkillable, because I will be constantly replacing dead troops that need to be upgraded again from scratch over and over.

1. A dedicated keybind for instantly upgrading all of one troop type, and/or all available troops to upgrade, using either X+L1 or X+R1 for example, if necessary make different keybinds for different upgrade paths, ie X+L1 upgrades all troops of a type with one upgrade path and the left upgrade path and X+R1 upgrades all troops of a type with the right upgrade path. Apparently the PC version has this with CTRL + Left Click as well.
2. When holding the L1/R1 button, start upgrading every troop the cursor is hovering over one by one at an increasingly accelerated or a fixed rate and have this momentum carry over to the next troop type.
3. An option to select the upgrade path for a troop, and then select the option to "always pick this upgrade" or "lock this upgrade path" if going with a dedicated "upgrade all" button, making the game automatically upgrade this troop when possible.

Ideally, I would also like seeing all of these implemented.

3. Smithing

I hope this one is obvious, but there should be a "do all" button for smithing instead of having to resort to spamming the square button like a lunatic for almost the entire act of smithing.

1. Give us a button to refine all charcoal with our remaining crafting stamina, to craft all weapons of a type, to smelt all weapons, etc. L1+Square for example.
2. When holding the square button, start automatically refining/smelting/crafting a weapon one by one at an increasingly accelerated or a fixed rate, until you run out of stamina or material.
3. When selecting to craft a weapon, or refine something or smelt something, give the option to automatically keep smithing and waiting in town until your character runs out of materials to refine/craft/smelt with, and to balance it you make the waiting time equal to how long you'd need to wait to gather enough smithing stamina to perform all these actions.

Ideally, if solution 3 is used then the first one becomes obsolete.

Frankly I don't understand why this isn't how the smithing minigame was designed to begin with, the current system is the equivalent of an actual cookie clicker variant except even cookie clicker offers upgrades that click for you, and you still have to wait inbetween sessions anyway because smithing stamina only recovers while resting in town. This "wait and spam button x, repeat" gimmick really doesn't add anything to the skill.

These are all I can think of at the moment, will update if I more comes to me.
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