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If steam won't accept the key, then it was probably not a steam version.
Not sure if there is a hungarian language mod for the game, but would you really need one? Napoleonic Wars has no singleplayer other than custom mode and neither that or multiplayer has a lot of text. All the regiments and factions are displayed under their own name in their respective language. (French regiments are named in french, German regiments are named in german etc.)
Yeah, actually just noticed that this would be the wrong topic. -_-
I'd need the language mod/files for Warband, not NW. So it looks like I'll have to purchase the game on steam as well. :/
Wait, there is a translation for hungarian. I am asking a friend of mine for its location right now.

Took it from my own folder and uploaded it for you. Good luck!

has to be put in a folder like so: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MountBlade Warband\languages\hu
Thank you very much mate! Will do feedback if it worked or not. :smile:

Edit: It perfectly does, thank you again mate, really appreciated.
Edit2: Looks like I spoke too soon, it appears it's only partially translated. Dialogues are still in english and half of the character sheet too. Thanks for the effort tho, I still apreciate that. :smile:
After the demo is up, it never gives me the option to enter serial key, steam enter product key says my keys not a valid key, and its 4x6, not 4x4. How do i get warband start up to give me the blip its supposed to?
Hi guys I'm having a problem activating my game on Steam, I already submitted a customer support message to Taleworlds but I also wanted to see if you guys could help me too. I bought Mount and Blade Warband and Napoleonic Wars about a year ago on the Gamestop App because they were having a sale that made the price significantly lower than Steam's price at the time. I received a 4x4 CD-Key for both that works fine for both on the Taleworld servers however I am not able to activate my game on steam as Steam says my codes are invalid. I wasn't sure if there was a way to convert my  Key from a 4x4 to a 5x5 instead of the other way around like some of the other people I have read about on these forums and the Paradox Forums. To get around this I just added Warband as a none Steam game however, now with Warband having Workshop support I really want to gain all of the conveniences of having M&B activated on Steam. I do not think its a problem with Gamestop because I also bought Civilization V from them and was able to activate the CD-Key from that game on Steam. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on my predicament.
Thank you
Hey, I have bought the game warband and the DLC Napoleonic Wars, but when i try to connect to a multiplayer server, i can stay there for 3 seconds or 2 seconds and then i just go to the main multiplayer screen where you can press: Host a game or join a game, and nothing popped up. i am just getting kicked or something and then im back at the main screen.. Please Help me i want to play the game  :cry:
I was checking if you have a legitimate copy of the game. As you cannot play with the same key someone else is using. But if you aren't sharing your key that shouldn't be a problem.
Did you try to join any particular server? Also how stable is your internet connection?
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