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Ah thanks I'll do that, but it will it work with a steam version of the game? Or is it separate?

You can use the key that you use in steam for the non-steam version aswell. But that will make the game not use steam.
But you can always use the steam overlay.
I successfully added the key, but the download still fails, along with the same message as before
hi maybe i.ll have more luck in this topic since the other where i posted has no answer to the precedant questions. So i ve a legAl version ( of course) and all was working fine. But, wihout any reason, now i can.t find any server except 6 ones on native, and empty. i tried all, nothing works. Like if it was able to load only 6 servers. Normaly, i see all the servers marked (around 350) and only those compatibles with the filter appeared. Now it detects only the 6 i mentioned ( with or without filters). I really don't know what the hell is that issue. Thanks in advance for your help
My problem is that i am not abel to install mods for napolionic wars. THe erro message says that i dont have napolionic wars ...

I bought it in steam ....  (id: tyber00) so i wanna play blood and iron and north and south or other mods so pls help :smile:

thank you 4 helping and sry 4 englisch :smile:
So I tried downloading either the Warband or Napoleonic DLC from the links but it wont let me?
Both say 'C:\Users\Greg\Downloads\mb_warband_setup1152 (4) .exe is not a valid Win32 application'
Hey, my problem is that I've bought the game on a third-party site. It was advertised as the Steam version but I received the 4x4 serial key and Steam won't accept it when I try activating it there. So what I did was I downloaded the trial version from and activated it in-game. So far so good, the game works fine but I would need the game in hungarian language so that when I record my gameplay to my hungarian audience I don't need to bother with translating on the fly and maybe even do some improvised roleplaying. :smile:

Is there any way to convert my "ordinary" version of the game to steam version?

Thanks guys!
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