Resolved I am from Korea. I'm having trouble with the admin password not working for the Napoleon Wars server.

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I've successfully opened the server with the dedicated server files, but even after entering the set admin password and trying to connect, the admin menu doesn't appear.

I added commands to the siege sample file for configuration, but when I try to connect to the server, none of the changes seem to apply. Could you help me figure out what mistake I made?


#WARNING: Make sure that you change the capital values with proper ones.
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid administrator password
#set_pass_admin 78512

#if you have premium members, set a password for them, otherwise delete/comment out the line below
#uncomment the line below when you set a valid private password
#set_pass_private 54774

#use the line below to set a valid server name
set_server_name [Korea]SiRangSiegeServer

#uncomment the line below when you set a valid welcome message
#set_welcome_message welcome you little ****

#Steam must be running in order to use valve anti cheat
#Also you must use the Steam version of the dedicated server in order to use this option
#set_enable_valve_anti_cheat 1

#setting siege (multiplayer_sg) mode
set_mission multiplayer_sg

#since default team point limit is 300, the line below is necessary for this mode
set_team_point_limit 3

#setting max players, first one is non-premium member limit, second one is premium member limit
set_max_players 200 200
set_num_bots_voteable 50

set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire 1
enable_bonuses 1

set_kick_voteable 1
set_ban_voteable 0
set_factions_voteable 0
set_maps_voteable 0
set_num_bots_voteable 0

set_map_time_limit 30
allow_renaming_server 1
allow_changing_mission 1
set_auto_team_balance_limit 2
build_points_team1 1000
build_points_team2 0
allow_multiple_firearms 1
enable_bonuses 1
bonus_strength 300
bonus_range 50
fall_off_horse 20
horse_dying 0
auto_kick 1
max_teamkills_before_kick 5
auto_horse 1
max_num_bots 500
custom_command1 1
admin_white_list_enabled 1
admin_white_list_key SiRang
custom_maps_enabled 100

set_map mp_fort_beaver_morning
add_map mp_fort_fleetwood
add_map mp_fort_refleax
add_map mp_fort_vincey
add_map mp_fort_al_hafya
add_map mp_fort_bashir_morning
add_map mp_fort_boyd
add_map mp_fort_brochet
add_map mp_fort_de_chartres
add_map mp_fort_george
add_map mp_fort_hohenfels
add_map mp_fort_lyon
add_map mp_fort_mackinaw
add_map mp_fort_nylas
add_map mp_fort_

#adding all nations to both sides just to randomize all of them
#adding less nations will reduce the randomization set (used in set_randomize_factions command)
add_factions fac_britain fac_britain
add_factions fac_france fac_france
add_factions fac_prussia fac_prussia
add_factions fac_russia fac_russia
add_factions fac_austria fac_austria
add_factions fac_rhine fac_rhine
set_randomize_factions 1

#if the bottleneck is your server's bandwidth, then make sure that you set a correct value for upload limit
set_upload_limit 30000000

#if you are running more than one dedicated server on the same computer, you must give different ports to each of them
set_port 7240

#if you are running the Steam version of the dedicated server, this port must also be set, and same limitations of set_port apply for Steam port
set_steam_port 7241

set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file ban_list.txt

set_add_to_game_servers_list 1


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