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In Progress Captains are randomised when joining ongoing battles (with save file)

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: When joining battles, captains are randomised. Joining ongoing battles will ignore the default pre-battle setup that the user has made. This affects helping lords, caravans, village raids, villagers, etc.
How to Reproduce: Join an ongoing battle and then compare it against starting your own battle.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No
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This bug was marked as resolved for the last patch/hotfix, but unfortunately, it is not fixed.

Save file: Google Drive

In this save file you can choose to join the nearby ongoing battle or choose to attack the 125-man party.

When you reload and join the other battle you can see that the captain setups have changed. The pre-deployment setup is not applied and your units lose captain bonuses and banner bonuses when joining ongoing battles.

The game also always makes the player the captain of mounted troops, even though I never spec my character for captain perks because that's what the wanderers are there for.

Infantry Captains: 'The Boar, 'The Wanderer'
Mounted Captain: 'The Ill-Starred'
Archer Captain: 'The Healer'

But when joining the battle they are all messed up. Example: My infantry captain 'The Boar' is made an archer captain (you can even see this in the group icons because there will be one infantry icon). Then my governor specced wanderer is made infantry captain, etc...

Try assigning different helmets or taking them off to make it easier to distinguish between the wanderers.
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Hey, i have forwaded the issue to the QA team for further inspection. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
This issue persists in the 1.2.4 patch.

Your troops lose banner and captain perk bonuses when joining ongoing battles of any kind because the captains are randomised.
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The issue unfortunately persists in the 1.2.5 patch.

I've not played Bannerlord since I reported this bug as it really kills the enjoyment of leveling and building your wanderers. The player's party is massively weakened due to this issue whenever you join an ongoing battle.
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