SP - Battles & Sieges Inability to assign formations and captains when "helping" is awful

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So when you join an existing battle, or help to defend a castle as a mercenary, your ability to assing formations and captains is taken away.

Its gimping your battle effectiveness and make your specially trained captains useless. Whats the point in that?

Its most awful in siege defence, when your army is split into 8 pieces and placed in a most weird places, like behind the walls, or inside towers, where they cant fire at the enemy.

There's no sense in this, because it forces the player to be evil - i'd rather wait friendly lord to be defeated, then to risk additional casualties because of a wrong captains, and i'd rather not help to defend a friendly castle, because of a awful position auto-setup puts me in.

Please give players ability to properly deploy troops and captains, regardless of whether they are "in charge", or "the help"
True that. To avoid it I usually wait for friendlies to get rekt before attacking myself if I have enough troops. You also get their prisoners as a reward. Does not work in all cases ofc
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