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  1. Woopzilla

    In Progress Captains are randomised when joining ongoing battles (with save file)

    Summary: When joining battles, captains are randomised. Joining ongoing battles will ignore the default pre-battle setup that the user has made. This affects helping lords, caravans, village raids, villagers, etc. How to Reproduce: Join an ongoing battle and then compare it against starting your...
  2. TheCrusader5

    NA Matchmaking (MMR Based) For Skirmish + Captains

    An MMR-Based Matchmaking System for Skirmish & Captains After an extensive beta testing period we at Bannerlord Matchmaking have decided to fully launch our NA skirmish matchmaking bot. The bot is in its 1.0v phase and will be started off with a clean slate for everyone that played during the...
  3. Ask

    Ranged captain perks bugged?

    I wanted a companion to work as a captain for my ranged units, I found one with high bow/crossbow stats that had captain perks. When starting a battle and getting to OoB, when I hover over him (or any other companion really) none of the bow/crossbow captain perks show up. I've only seen the...

    Summary: All NA Servers have been offline for 3+ hours at this point on multiple reports made in a steam group with +40 active Bannerlord players. Both East and West Captains Servers and a report of Skirmish group of 6+ players attempting to get a game going without success. Please check your NA...
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