Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

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Very short patchnotes this time. Nothing too huge but perhaps a good step to prepare for the larger things from the future plans post.
But it´s not about the lenght (that´s what she said) but more about the real content. :wink:

I mean they could have added like 1 helmet for each faction and you would have like 5 more lines which won´t improve the gameplay at all.

The spear bracing alone is great if it works! How many vanilla troops have spears with the lenght to be able to use it?

This could be a real good update and only a short time after the last one, good job TW.
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What do you mean by that?
Sargot was misplaced in the latest revision of the map before the first EA release, it should be up north to match it's location in warband and all previous bannerlord maps.

The devs acknowledged the mistake and said it would be fixed when they did a patch that would break saves since moving the city's location wouldn't be savegame compatible.

We are still waiting more than a year later for it :razz:
Hell yeah spear bracing! Also like that you can now brace Spears / Pikes with 230 in length, pretty sure it was 285 before which was only the Level 5 Pike Shaft and a few loot generated Pikes IIRC.

UI/UX, Audio and Quest changes are always welcome too. Really looking forward to 1.6.3, this one came out pretty damn quick in comparison to 1.6.1.
It is very gratifying to see a patch coming out for the second time in a row for multiplayer that has some significant content in it. Thank you very much TaleWorlds! I hope 1.6.3 will continue the trend of useful and significant changes, good luck with your development.
I've seen longer hotfix patch notes. Would love to see patches like these biweekly, rather than waiting a month. Even if the content is small
"aserai_armor_02" - "Aserai Chain Mail"
"aserai_armor_02_b" - "Aserai Decorated Chain Mail"
"battania_light_armor_b" - "Battanian Tartan"
"battania_light_armor_a" - "Battanian Tartan with Chest Plate"

These should be the newly added armours guys.

Edit for you @Piconi

"khuzait_battle_crown" - "Khuzait Battle Crown"
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Dev team is working fast when it comes to Monetization i guess, where is the dedicated servers, observer mode, replay mode, battle, etc...

edit 2:

You guys announced the replay system in Sep 7, 2020 in a video and we didn't get that but when it comes to future monetization plans after 1-2 days we see its getting implemented in next patch nice job taleworlds.

Great... People are making up their own reasons to be angry now...

Next people will be blaming TW for Total wars performance issues.
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