1. Holy Shift

    Oh Wait. No Head Hit Bonus for One Handed Weapons?

    Am i wrong? I got a feeling that there is not head hit bonus specially for blunt weapons.
  2. MinhTien

    Can we get a hotfix for the broken high-level 1h and 2h perks please?

    Reddit video link It's ridiculous. I'm pretty sure this just need a value change, why is nothing being done about it?
  3. Suggestion: "X" changes melee weapon animations

    I like the idea of stances, and the variation they add to animations, and thus the physics-based combat system. A couple quick thoughts on current stance system before detailing my suggestion: I'm still not completely used to the way they are currently implemented; the way they affect attack...
  4. BL Coding Adding new weapons, armor etc

    How easy is it to add new custom weapons, armor and so forth while still having good results in terms of how the soldiers use these new weapons? Combat AI is dependent on the exact usage of individual weapons - a long lance handles vastly differently than a knife - so I'm wondering what needs...
  5. Since we can now craft weapons, we should be able to improve existing weapons

    By which I mean use the crafting system to remove the negative 'cracked/rusty/bent' etc. modifiers from existing weapons, and even potentially add a positive 'balanced/tempered' etc. modifier.
  6. best short sword

    i have been avoiding shorter weapons thinking it was always better to have longer reaching weapons. however i have a character now that will be using mainly spear and a sword secondary. i need a weapon that can work close when the spear is down. im modeling everything on troy. but what is the...
  7. Holy Shift

    A List of Small Issues

    We are able to take weapons in battlefield that we dont match the requirements at the campaign map. We are able to crouch after we start aiming with crossbow while we cannot keep crouching before aiming. Character is still calling cavalry group 'Infantry' after i transfer horse archers...
  8. Issue with Forging ID

    Ok, so I took a long time and eventually got both Master and Legendary Smith. Obviously, the economy is a breeze when you can forge weapons worth 100k+ denars, so I gather up a lot of materials to make a magnum opus. So I make the weapon I want, which of course has a certain configuration. Then...
  9. Ruler Ruler

    In Progress Two handed Cleaver's graphics are bugged

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Go into any combat encounter with the two handed cleaver equipped Quest/Settlement Name (if related): none Media (Screenshots & Video): One handed use, two handed use Version: [e1.2.0 Beta] Installed community-made modifications: GayMarriage, BuyPatrols Computer Specs...
  10. Holy Shift

    One Handed/Two Handed Swords Doesnt Return to Two Handed Mode

    It doesnt return to two handed mode after i take out the shield even on foot.
  11. Jerezereh

    BL Coding Modify weapon stats during mission

    I am trying to modify weapon stats (specifically SwingSpeed, ThrustSpeed, and whatever controls ranged weapons' draw/throw speed) for each Agent during a battle. I have found a way to access and set the stats I want, but they don't seem to change anything, except make melee weapons unable to hit...
  12. BL Coding Changing shield texture

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to change the texture for the shield. So far I've been able to change the mesh. For example a square shield with an oval mesh will have the stats of the square shield but the look of an oval shield. I would like to have different texture on the wicker shield for my...
  13. BL Coding Alternative weapon mode for custom weapons?

    In warband it was possible to create a weapon with alternative weapon mode with one simple flag. However, I don't see possibility for this in Bannerlord. How can I add alternative weapon mode for my custom weapon? I'm talking about uncrafted items, actually.
  14. Gustafssonz

    Menavlion too good or Billhook bad?

    Comparing Billhook (T6) with Menavlion (T3) is a huge difference. The spear outperform the Billhook so much and it is only a T3 weapon.
  15. andycott

    Two-handed swords should cost more than one-handed

    🗡 Two-handed swords have an upper-hand comparing to one-handed, because two-handers have more flexibility in use, as they can be used both as one-handed (with shield) and two-handed (more damage). In my experience two-handed weapons are cheaper than one-handed with similar stats, which has...
  16. Ackdam

    Need More Info [Bug][Weapon]Triangular Throwing Spear listed as polearm

    Summary: Just noticed that the weapon Triangular Throwing Spear is listed as a polearm and not a throwing weapon in stats or usage: How to Reproduce: Check stats/use Triangular Throwing Spear Quest/Settlement Name (if related): None Version: Currently on 1.0.10. Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  17. Lord Badfox

    BL Coding change stats sword bannerlord

    I would like to change the statistics of a sword. Or create a new one. I basically want the sword of the Viking kings. Some help? something like the Warband item edit
  18. John Frederick

    [The Armory] Post your smithing creations!

    Hello everyone, I'm surprised that I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I wanted to make one location for everybody to share the fruits of their labor with the smithing skill. Discussions about the implementation and balance of the mechanics are not the objective of this thread, only a spot...
  19. LewdGeek

    Need More Info [Design] [Weapons] The Knives are too big and look unnatural/unrealistic.

    Summary: The Knives are too big and look unnatural/unrealistic. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Equip knives on a Character. Observe. Attachments: Picture 1 Note: N/A Actual Result: The Knives look ridiculous, not realistic and...
  20. Ryotarou

    Need More Info Craft weapons

    A bug is occurring that when the character is going to hold a craft sword he holds it by the hat instead of the handle
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