1. Modding crafting_pieces.xml to turn all spears/lances couchable/brace-able

    I wonder if anyone knows how to make other lances to become couchable/braceable? The older mods such as "More Couch Spears" and "Couchable" were broken. The aforementioned mods used to add additional lines ( <PieceUsages unavailable_usages="Javelin" /> for "More Couch Spears" and <PieceUsages...
  2. Need More Info Nobles spawn without weapons

    Summary: not sure if a bug or an oversight, but some nobles from rebel or companion clans spawn without armour and sometimes without weapons, so I've got someone running around the battlefield in a merchant coat, punching people. Is there a way to equip them? Or will you be implementing...
  3. Snorri

    Weapons in customization (Multiplayer)

    The system is already in the single-player, why not just limit that (so players could not modify weapon specs, just a look of it) and add it to the multi? It of course should go with change of prices or gains of loot.
  4. DarthKiller

    Suggestion General Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  5. In Progress Some thing about pillum

    Summary:In the recent 1.6.3 beta patch the pillum and other throwing spears get a fix which fix the error as many people mentioned before. and after some test I found tarkans now use their triangular correctly as javelins, but legionaries still don't throw their pillum. is that a bug? and if the...
  6. In Progress Weapon usage doesn't work

    I press x 1h/2h weapon doesn't switch but throwing weapons as javelin etc. switch. I tried both modded and non modded, i also completely uninstalled and installed the game, i wonder what is the problem.
  7. Lornloth00

    Flails, Whips & Chains.

    Since Bannerlord has physiques its seems like the game engine can handle weapons like flails and whips. It seems like such weapons should exist in a late Roman-like setting. There are probably many weapons that fit into such a weapon class that have existed in real history it seems that could be...
  8. TheHangover

    Mod Request (Modern Guns)

    Can somebody make a mod that includes modern weapons like ak-47, ar-15, hand bomb etc. It will be fun also you can make unit overhaul with modern weapons as a seperate mod. I want this for fun and I hope somebody makes this mod. And tbh even one weapon is enough for me if it is hard to do.
  9. LyonExodus

    Best units in Bannerlord update for 1.5.9. up to 1.6.1.

    Just so you know fellow Lords: this post is still relevant in 1.6. & 1.6.1. as no much as happened to the units or AI. i will update this page when and if some changes happen, everything said below about weapons and Cavalry is still pretty much untouched. Another reason is, at the time i made...
  10. In Progress You can thrust with Rhomphaia but you do no damage

    Summary: From my understanding it should not be possible to thrust with Rhomphaia but you still can do it even when it does nothing. Usually with most weapons if they do not have a "swing" or "thrust" option you cannot preform the movement at all. How to Reproduce: Buy Rhomphaia from Battanian...
  11. Eagle'

    [MP] Sunucuda Çift Elli Silahları Engelleme

    Sunucumda çift elli silahları engellemek ve birlik sınırı koymak istiyorum fakat sunucu dosyaları arasından neleri değiştirmem gerektiğini bilmiyorum. Sunucumda yalnızca "Adimi Tools" yüklüdür.
  12. Resolved "Gang leader needs weapons" quest consuming wrong weapons - patch 1.5.7

    The "Gang leader needs weapons" quest seems to so far only ask for one-handed axes - however when i hand in the quest it takes swords/polearms/throwing knives/javelins and even bows and possibly other weapon types from my inventory instead of the actual axes. I only noticed this after...
  13. Norvell9

    Need More Info Floating weapon parts

    floating weapon parts are easily to see at crafting weapons,don't you think so ? for I just met them.
  14. Units not using their polearms

    Units like Menavlions, for example don't use their polearms unless their fighting Cavalry, they'll use their inferior swords instead. This is still an issue from 1.5.4 nobody has been talking about! How is this not an easy fix? This issue is present in Multiplayer as well, in Captain Mode...
  15. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.4] Tournament Sparing Weapons as prize

    Currently it can happen that you can win a sparing weapon as a tournament prize (something like the Norse Sparing Axe). Which has the same values as the normal version but has blunt damage instead. Is this intended?
  16. Bunduk

    How to get the Viking looking Engraved Backsword?

    I saw the weapon in this video: I wonder how to get it!
  17. Link69100

    BL 3D Art New weapon is in the inventory but not visible in fight

    Hey Calradia , I work actually on the finalization of my mod and I encounter some problems , Like you can see , my new blade is here (and I'm dead so 😂) But the blade just pop up on the ground when I died , it was invisible during the fight (in the right hand) : The blade just appear...
  18. Nonoloco

    New Combat Mechanic: Khuzait riders with whip

    I read once that the Mongols would use whips, and nets to ensnare and drag enemy soldiers from their lines. That seems like it would be really hard to implement, but could be super cool!!!
  19. BrokenOlive

    Additional weapon modes & possible gloved weapon. Plausible new unit designs.

    So lets start with weapon modes. To start we could simply make bladed weapons do blunt damage when you press X. To achieve that, and staying historically realistic, we can look at Medieval Europe where soldiers & most famously Zweihänder users would grab the blade of their weapon and use the...
  20. RichardtheCat

    One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, How about Double Handed Swords?

    In-game we've one-handed and two-handed swords/weapons but why we are not able to use two different one-handed swords at the same time? As I know this is historically acquired as well. One-handed and two-handed weapons have their separated skill tree and perks. So, as far as I understand devs...
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