A List of Small Issues

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Holy Shift

We are able to take weapons in battlefield that we dont match the requirements at the campaign map.
We are able to crouch after we start aiming with crossbow while we cannot keep crouching before aiming.
Character is still calling cavalry group 'Infantry' after i transfer horse archers into it.
If you changed tower places there are some oil lamps standing on air. (I noticed at Macaleova Castle)
Tournament master selling the bolts that must be used in arena at the market. (those corrupt people..)
Troops still move to ladders and siege towers just after they smashed gate with ram.
We still dont get any notification about peace and war until treaty and declaration comes from outside kingdoms.
There is no crossbow without requirement at the merchants. (How we can use the ones with requirement?)
All kind of shields are everywhere regardless of culture unlike weapons.
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