Issue with Forging ID

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Ok, so I took a long time and eventually got both Master and Legendary Smith.
Obviously, the economy is a breeze when you can forge weapons worth 100k+ denars, so I gather up a lot of materials to make a magnum opus.

So I make the weapon I want, which of course has a certain configuration. Then I remake it until I finally get a Master/Legendary blade.

The issue is: when I finally get a legendary blade, it never gets the stat bonus it says it gets. The moment I leave the blade is a mundane weapon again. I double-checked every stat and they were returned to normal.

It is incredibly disheartening to see that after I have invested all this time into the crafting of epic gear that I have to reconfigure the weapon between each try.

I assume this error has to do with legendary gear not automatically getting its own ID or something, so when you leave the menu the item is automatically rewritten to the stats of the ID configuration.

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